What an odd day it was shaping up to be. Mail had come from Tuneric, bearing with it the usual updates on trade and suchlike, but also word from Jacquelyn's sister-in-law, Nataliah. It was good to hear from her, as the last letter they'd had was the one which Tatianna had carried home with her which had explained the tragedy that had sent her home early. But alongside well wishes had come heavy news and an equally heavy request. Even having read the letter herself she wasn't sure how to feel about it, and her husband had given it to her to bring to his sister without giving away how he felt about it, either.

The place it was most likely to find Tatianna this time of the afternoon was the library, and it was there that the queen went to find her. Pushing the door open, she was glad to see the young woman in her usual spot, looking for all the world like a golden ray of sunshine amongst the muted shades of the room. She had almost expected her to not be there, considering Tatianna and the king were to leave in a couple days on a tour of the country. Jacquelyn crossed to her, coming quite near before she spoke to preserve the quiet of the surroundings.

"Do you mind if I interrupt you? There's been a letter from your sister, and Lochlan has sent it along for you to read."

Settling beside the young princess, Jacquelyn pulled out the letter and handed it to her, undeniably curious as to what her reaction would be.


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