"You must be kidding."

The look on Jenner Pavon's face made it clear to Jax that he was decidedly not kidding. The mercenary was between his regular trips from Tuneric and Balfour, and even though he was in no great rush to be home, he couldn't help but think that what the Lord of Lawnbury proposed was not a valuable use of his time. "You want me to teach one of your girls to fight?" He was shaking his head before he had the words out. "No, let me rephrase. You want me to essentially train a girl who you have kidnapped, to be able to kill you at any moment, and then you are going to hand her the weapons to do so?" It didn't sound any less preposterous after he had rephrased it. In fact, it sounded more so.

Jax had to stand up for this conversation. He moved from his seat and paced about the room, the thin flute of champagne dangling by his fingertips as he walked. "First off, do you know how much work this is going to be? No offense, Jenner, because I do so enjoy the view when I am here, but have you seen the girls you employ? They are small and soft and shy, and hardly the things that make for warriors. The weight training alone what would be required for them to lift a sword would take weeks, and even then, to teach women who have been subservient their whole lives to be assertive enough to go toe to toe with a guardsman, or heaven forbid a knight?"

The Shade had paused to sip at his wine, his foot tapping audibly in the center of the room. He was silently calculating how long this silly plan would take to come to fruition, even if he could be persuaded to take the job. Kendrick would be furious at his extended absence, but Jax didn't concern himself with that. He could always blame his delay on the tides or storms or incompetence from the captain he had commissioned for his return.

With a scowl that he didn't even realize he had on his face, he turned back to the relaxed man with his feet up on the desk and asked, "What are you paying?"

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