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    Rubianne Remington

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: Email is best. RawrBiscuits22 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Rubianne Remington
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 21, 198
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Remington by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Credit to Dan & Amy for the following description.]

    The fertile plains of Tuneric are a part of the country that has truly been washed in blood, time after time. Long before the golden age of Nascutul, long before Swaren gifted the unified nation with enlightenment and peace, back when men fought amongst themselves to seize and hold various bits of the island, the lush, rolling, fecund eastern half was a prize which many sought, and many more died for. Each region of the island had its own valued resources – fish and ports of trade along the coast, timber from the forests, metal and gems from the mountains – but the plains produced the bulk of the island’s food. Grains of many different varieties, vegetables and fruit, dairy, beef, pork and mutton, wool and cotton and linen – all of these came from the plains of the east. This source of commodities was the draw – he who held the breadbasket of the land had a mighty weapon to wield against his foes. But another feature of the plains contributed as well to the constant warring that went on there – the topography itself. The land was flat, or gently rolling hills. There was no dense barrier of forest, no hard to scale mountains, no ocean to provide natural protections for whoever held the plains from the next guy who came along and wanted them. Before the first Day king came along, wave after wave of armies fought and roiled over this fertile ground, literally watering it with their life’s blood.

    And so it was that, when, at last, one king was able to unite the land under his golden rule of peace and prosperity, the people of the plains heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, the farmland and fields were carved up and distributed to three lords, with three seats of power to oversee the main bulk of agricultural enterprise in Tuneric. For two hundred years, agricultural science forged ahead, as men found better techniques to reap the most of nature’s generous bounty from the land. The lands of the east and south were a bit more laid back, a bit less cultured and scholarly than say the interior and the low coast. But barns and granaries were full and there was always surplus for trade with the other parts of the island and with those who came in large ships from over the sea. For two centuries, the plains rested and prospered.

    Alas, those days were numbered, with the rise of Mink-Asa and her toady, Vernus Tallworth. Once again, war raged over and across Tuneric, and though short lived, the plains were caught dead in the middle of the conflict and its noble houses were swept away on yet another tide of blood letting. Soon enough, the traitor Tallworth had a taste of his own foul medicine, and the island nation was plunged into a long, dark night of misery – epidemics of the plague alternating in a macabre dance with famine. The cult of the dark goddess ruled the plain cities through puppet lords who groveled and cringed to gain favor with those who held the real power. What food could be produced was barely enough – and sometimes not even enough – to keep the local population fed – and trade with other parts of Tuneric ground to a halt. In isolation and fear, the fields waited for light and warmth to return.

    It was a very long wait indeed. But finally, near two hundred years ago now, the boy king, Allistair Day, emerged from the rocky outcropping in the grey sea to reclaim the island. The lords that were in place in the plains, tired of being only figureheads for the Cultists, rallied to his cause, and soon enough, darkness had been banned and the Day kings once more ruled over Tuneric. In return for their loyal service to his cause, the young king invested the lords of the plain with the cities which were just then beginning to wake and stretch and rediscover life and renewal. In the city of Laurie Hill, Damon Remington was the young lord who had called his men to follow and support Allistair Day. His family had only held the city for two generations, having wrested it from another family with the backing of Mink-Asa’s so called priests. But though Damon was young, he had an eye to the main chance, and he had no stomach for being lorded over by the Cultists and being forced to kiss their asses in order to maintain his grip on the city. Far better, in his mind, to answer to an honorable king and not an oligarchy of debauched and depraved villains who passed themselves off as holy men. So with no qualms whatsoever, he had turned on those in his own city and made short work of them, and then proceeded to assist the king’s men as they scoured the country for any others who had fled into hiding. In fact, Lord Damon was so ruthless in his endeavors, that he earned the sobriquet of ‘Reaver’ and his sword he christened, ‘Bane of Darkness.’ His hatred for the dark lady and her followers became the stuff of legends, and that tradition has passed down now through many generations of the Remington family. Even to this day, it is death to be caught and proved a worshiper of the dark lady in Laurie Hill, the Remington’s seat of rule, or any of the lands where the Remingtons hold sway.

    Laurie Hill is an ancient city that has both grown and diminished and grown again over countless centuries. Rising from the plains surrounding it, the Hill is an anomaly – jutting up out of the flat earth, and wearing Hill Tower castle like a proud crown on its summit. Over time, man has added to the height and circumference of the hill, which bears a name so old that its origin has been lost forever. On the lowest slopes of the hill, and all around its base, the city proper spreads out, sectioned off into various quarters which house differing markets – such as Poultry Lane, the grain warehouses, the stockyards, Mill House, Cider Row, the vegetable market, and so on. Despite the current atmosphere of peace in Tuneric, Laurie Hill and the castle are well defended and armed to the teeth, with a standing military force of its own and a well trained militia of all men of fighting age that live anywhere that the Remingtons have rule. Why? Any five minute study of the history of the area shows exactly what has been stated above – Laurie Hill sits in a rather indefensible spot, as far as the lay of the land goes. Since being invested as the lords of the city by King Allistair Day, the Remingtons have been determined to hold onto their seat and lands, whatever that takes. So a good deal of Remington time, effort and money goes into the training, housing and arming of this small army, and the maintenance of the high, thick wall that encircles the city. Additionally, their lands are constantly patrolled by armed men, keeping crime to an almost non-existent rate, and keeping the citizenry in line. If the troops sometimes act a little pushy, a little bit above the law or entitled, well, it’s a small price to pay, for peace and security. No-one’s complaining – at least, not out loud . . .

    Shortly after Damon Remington’s investiture as Lord of Laurie Hill, he ordered the construction of another residence for himself. It began as an elegant hunting lodge, for when he wished to retire to the forests that comprised the northwestern borders of his lands. Referred to first as simply ‘the Lodge’, it nestled between the swift flowing Redwine River and the beginnings of the great tracts of oak that led into the lands of the Lords of Lovelyn, sometimes referred to as the Lombardy Forest. This proximity to his own lands was seen as something of an encroachment by the Lord of Lovelyn, and many said it was meant to be just that, as Damon Remington was known to be a rather grasping young man, pushing the envelope as it were. Lovelyn at first asked politely that the lodge not be constructed, but it was thrown up so quickly there was scarce time for that request to even be acknowledged. He then asked Remington to refrain from crossing over onto his lands whilst hunting. But Damon replied that was hardly feasible as in the heat of the chase, who was to know where the boundary exactly ran – who owned one tree and who the other? Well, Lord Lovelyn wasn’t about to accept that answer, so he began erecting a fence, running the whole length of his southeastern border, right down to the beach. Funny thing about fences though – they tend to fall down in spots. This one certainly did. And so began a minor feud that eventually grew into something of a major point of contention, such that even the king was dragged into it – several generations after both the original lords were long moldering in their graves. By this time, the luxurious hunting lodge had grown into a chalet, and thence to a chateau – a kind of in-your-face show of bravado to the Lovelyn clan, and came to be called ‘Lombardy Lodge’, or more succinctly, ‘Lombardy.’ The chateau was so elegant and well appointed, not to mention so irritatingly close to Lovelyn land, that the then Lord Remington basically made it his summer home, and escaped there with his family throughout the hotter months. As for his descendants, some of them – the more unhappily married ones or the more lecherous ones – practically lived there year round, and it became somewhat notorious for being a place of quite . . . lusty parties and fetes and entertainments, as well as where many of the lords kept their mistress of the moment ensconced, away from prying eyes and baleful wives who were stuck back in the cold and drafty Hill Tower. Ah well, such are the privileges of being a lord.
    Credit to Dan

    The Remington family's ambition was one not easily quenched. Not content with Laurie Hill, and perhaps motivated by other nefarious sorts, the family grew restless. When war broke out in Balfour and King Cailen went with his army to assist, Dexter Remington made his move. He launched an attack on the capital, backed by his massive and treasonous family and what other forces he could gather. The revolt was unsuccessful, though, and the family scattered. Those who were not killed in Hebron were tracked down later, while still others met their deaths in other ways, as if the fates themselves hunted the usurpers. It is said that some members of the family went mad, and that it was that madness which claimed some lives, but it can be said that madness itself is what made Dexter Remington think he could overthrow the crown in the first place.

    There are a few remaining members of the Remington family, ones who refused to take part in their family's crimes. They have been formally pardoned by the crown, but they have lost any claim they might have had to the lands in Laurie Hill their family once occupied. Every day they must contend with the shadow their last name casts over them, as they fight to reclaim dignity and respect for themselves in the eyes of society.
    Credit to Amy

    Played By/Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

    Appearance: Ruby is always well dressed, as the eldest daughter she prides herself on wearing the finest of silks and linens she can obtain. For the Remington family, standing at 5' 6" isn't out of the ordinary, she doesn't wear heels often because other women are much shorter than she. Donning flats, she usually has her dresses cut to hide her lack of heels, only a few dresses that she owns are made for extremely formal situations where she'd have to wear tall shoes. Her brown hair is usually curled or straight, but never worn up in a bun or ponytail unless she's heading to bed.

    Personality: Being raised in the Remington household isn't easy, no one would tell otherwise, however one would never be caught speaking about it. Thankfully for Ruby she spent very little time around Dexter's sons, and the Lord himself, but she had always been aware of their personalities and mannerisms. Her parents attempted to teach she and her siblings a simple way to live. Their lessons were their own attempt to make sure their children were not raised the same way as Dexter's. Ruby's mother never voiced her opinions about their Lord's behavior but she always seemed to know what Diana was thinking.

    Rubianne is a "down to earth" young lady. She is well aware of her faults and keeps them a secret. To her dearest friends, she is honest and open, funny and outrageous. She does attempt to keep an upbeat outlook, considering her situation in life, and is generally cheerful to most people who bump into her. There have been times she has been questioned by others. they think she might be touched, but maybe that was a mark of her house. A girl an only do so much to avoid the stigma that can come with a last name.

    Personal History: It was a beautiful day in April, the sun was the highest in the sky, and then Rubianne Keenly was born. Her mother and father were proud, to a point, she wasn't a boy but they could keep trying. Her mother saw her as salvation, a girl to keep her busy and she was able to concentrate all her efforts in raising her child, and she brought joy into her life as well as hope.

    As Ruby grew, she learned what it meant to be of noble blood, and lived by her lessons every step of the way. Devoted, quiet, proper, pleasant, and never sully the family name. She was her mother's shadow, teas and dinners, the whole nine, she learned everything. Her lessons were even given to her by her mother, as Diana didn't really trust anyone else to teach her beloved daughter, and she made sure that anyone who tried to argue with her lost the discussion. She was literally glued to her mother's hip, and never left her side. By living this way, many people commented that they were so much a like.

    It was a cold August night, a few months after her brothers were born, the eldest of the twins was ill and Ruby was taking care of him. She overheard her parents arguing, all she could hear was her mother who kept saying "Please, don't, you know what he'll do!", but she never made any sense of it and didn't ask as she knew better than to get involved in the affairs of Lord and Lady at her age. Her father left in a flurry of motion, slamming the door behind him, and her mother arrived in the nursery with nothing more to say on the subject and no facial expression to give her opinions away.

    That was the last night she saw her father, he never came back, innuendo was passed around but her mother never said a word. It wasn't even two days and Diana changed her children's, and her own, last name to Remington. She expunged all remains of their father in their home and he was never spoken of again.

    Sadly, a month later, the eldest of the twins passed away. It was the only time Ruby's seen her mother cry. That night, Diana had turned to her daughter and asked her something that she could tell pained her mother very much, something that she would have explained a little later in life. Her mother asked her to take care of Macarius for a few nights, losing Maarten was too much, and she couldn't look at his twin just yet. With a furrowed brow, Ruby nodded, but couldn't completely understand why her mother hated to ask her this. It seemed understandable that her mother would grieve the loss of a son, in private, but it was later that Ruby was told that her mother had to raise her own siblings. While it was normal for a daughter to help, apparently the bulk of the motherly duties were pushed off on Diana as she grew, so she never exactly saw childhood. Her mother didn't want the same for her, and Rubianne smiled simply and shook her head. She told her mother she understood, that it was fine, and they were a family no matter what.

    To this day, her brother now the age of seven, Diana praises her daughter on how well she has taken all the situations that life has thrown at her. Even down to the time she fell down the stairs when her mother was sick, spraining her ankle, and she still rode into town to get supplies when her father was away on business. She even chuckles when she remembers how defensive Ruby was when a servant insisted she go instead, stating that she wouldn't have anyone other than herself run such an important errand.

    In October of 216, Rubianne found herself standing in Hebron with an opportunity no one would ever pass up! She was to be a Lady in Waiting to Princess Vivienne and she couldn't have been happier. It was finally time for her to strike out on her own and find her place in this world, a place where the name Remington wasn't all that bad. She'd made many friends and even fell in love but her time of peace would not last.

    Almost a year after Ruby came to live in Hebron and serve the princess, she thought everything was going well for her but she was wrong. In July of 217 her Uncle, finally growing restless at home, saw his time to strike while the King and crew had headed off to Balfour to make quick work of an illness that had been plaguing their lands. King Cailen had not taken the whole of the guard though, thankfully, for when Dexter Remington struck it was the few who were left that saved the Royal family. Many efforts were made to clear Ruby's name and while she was pardoned after it was proved she had nothing to do with the attack, many still look upon her as a traitor to The Crown.

    What is in a name, one would ask? Everything.

    House Genealogy:
    Geoffrey Remington [b. 112] - - Adelia Remington [b. 116]
          -Charles Remington[b. 137] - - Fidelma Sheridan Remington (first wife; no children) [b. 140]
                      - - Cherise Langdon Remington (second wife) [b. 157] (59)
                            - Dexter Remington[/url] (twin) [b. 175 d. 217](41) - - Lenora Place Remington [b. 178] (38)
                                - Errol Remington [b. 196 d. 217] (20) -- Lorna Lovelle Remington [b. 197 d. 217] (19)
                                - Dane Remington [b. 198 d. 217] (18)
                                - Harry Remington [b. 201 d. 217] (15)
                                -Dulcie Remington [b. 204] (12)
                                -Abbey Remington [b. 208] (8)
                            -Diana Remington – (twin) [b. 175] (41) - - Rushford J. Keenly
                                - Rubianne Remington [b. 198] (20)
                                - Maarten Remington [b. 209] [Twin]
                                - Macarius Remington [b. 209] [Twin] (7)
                            - George Remington [b. 177 d. 217] (39) - - Calla Caldoran Remington [b. 178 – d. 212] (first wife) - - Christine Spencer [b. 194 d. 217] (22) (second wife)
                                - William Remington [b. 194 ] (22 )
                                - Charlotte Remington [b. 195 d. 217] (21)
                                - Callista Claire Remington [b. 197 ] (19 )
                                - John Remington [b. 202 ] (14 )
                                - Melinda Remington [b. 205 ] (11 )
                                - Arthur Remington [b.207 ] (9 )
                            -Nolan Remington [b. 180] (36) - - wife
                            -Harriet Remington [b. 182] (34) - - husband
                            -Therese Remington [b. 185] (31) - - husband
                            -Sharon Remington Hunter [b. 186] - - Hamilton Hunter [b. 180] (36)
                                -Hamilton Hunter II [b. 208] (8)
                                -Patrick [b. 212] (4)
          -Edward Remington - - wife
                            -Children and grandchildren*
          -Francis Remington - - wife
                            -Children and grandchildren*
          -Elizabeth Remington - - husband
                            -Children and grandchildren*

    *available for expansion

    Writing Sample:

    It was a ridiculous example of modern art and she thanked the gods that her mother agreed. They were trying to find a new piece or two to hang in the halls of their home, it was just too bad nothing was really jumping out at them, just a sculpture a few stands back but the artist just wouldn't let go of it. What a fool.

    Her mother shot her a quick elbow jab to her ribs, a soft blow to get her attention, and she followed Diana's eyes to something hanging above a woman a few feet away from them. It was beautiful, Ruby agreed, and the team approached the artist slowly. It was a horse in a field, a young boy tending to the steed, brushing him down in the field. They'd seen paintings like this before but it was the detail that caught their eye.

    The boy's right hand was placed, fingers spread, on the beast's neck as he was depicted running the brush down the horse's back. The steed himself, well he was of a beautiful chestnut color, which offset the boys light tan riding vest and back pants. The boy was looking up to the horse while the animal beneath his palms held his head high, a proud animal to be sure, and rightly so. He was beautiful.

    A scene was set in a deep, lush, forest. One unlike anything Ruby had ever seen, and it took a few moments before she even found the energy to blink let alone pull her gaze away from the piece of work before her. After a few moments, even the woman before them was silent as they looked over her works, she finally heard her mother speak.

    "How much for the one above you, of the horse, if you don't mind."
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