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Thread: Cailen Darius Shellten

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    Cailen Darius Shellten

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Cailen Darius Shellten
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: June 4, 196
    Current Location: Old Oxlawn, Balfour
    House: The royal house Shellten of Tuneric by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Credit to Amy]
    The Shelltens of Balfour are cut from the same stock as those of Tuneric, and are the most recent direct transplant between the two countries. When the ailing King Cailen abdicated his throne, he and his wife sought a fresh start. Being that he’d married a Princess of Balfour, they wrote to her brother, King Lochlan, and he granted them a small holding - the city of Old Oxlawn. As the Shelltens packed and set sail, renovations began on what would be their new home.

    Old Oxlawn was a city that had been under the protection of the crown for generations. Once a home to great architects, a few still remained, and it is their families that provide a backbone to the city. The small population meant that the plague had little effect, and when renovations began in October of 218 in anticipation for the new family’s arrival, the land saw some much-needed rejuvenation.

    Renovations lasted through the end of the year, but finally in January of 219 the Shelltens were able to move into their new home. With a baby on the way, and the former king’s health finally on the mend, it looks like the sacrifices were all worth it. The future for the family, and for the city of Old Oxlawn itself, looks bright once more.

    Oxlawn Palace, represented by Englefield House

    Played By/Face Claim: Matthew Lewis

    Appearance: Cailen has an athletic build, relaxed posture, and doesn’t really worry about his appearance unless he has to. He tries to keep his hair cut short and doesn’t allow much more than a five o’clock shadow to grow before having it cut away.

    When there is no call for being formal Cailen generally wears a simple tunic and trouser outfit made of cotton but he can dress for the occasion when it’s called for, though he'll dread it thoroughly. He tends to go towards more neutral colors, always complimented by jewelry appropriate for his station and in his house colors, and even though he hates dressing for formal occasions he always feels proud and confidant when he does so.

    Personality: Cailen is more of the strong silent type, and he takes plenty of time to think before he speaks, he may have learned a lesson or two as he's usually outnumbered by women. He has a mischievous streak in him and partnered with his cousin the pair of them have a habit of feeding off each other's ideas until someone ends up with a frog under their pillow.

    He does pretty well in his sword fighting and jousting lessons, he also likes to go hunting, but none of those even compare to how much he enjoys horseback riding. If he isn't found in the castle he can always be found in the stables or out in a sunny field with his favorite horse.

    He tries his hardest to be humble but he truly proud of his family and his position there in. Cailen never is rude or unkind to anyone who works on his lands and never feels like he is entitled to any particular thing. He also tries not to get angry or blame people, rather he attempts to look at the situation as a whole, feeling like solving the issue is much faster when you don't try to seek out more than it's root cause and solution.

    Personal History: As the only son born to the king and queen, Cailen had always been treated differently, and at a young age he did allow it to get to his head. Often he was kept away from the general public but when he did get the chance to meet others and try to make friends, he ended up ruining his chances, as in his social inexperience he was quite rude and smug. It wasn't until one of his teachers sat him down and, while reprimanding him, opened his eyes to exactly how much of a fool of himself he was making.

    It was from that day on that he buried himself in his books, spent tons of time with his mother and eldest sister, and took his combat lessons more than seriously. He did all this in an attempt to ignore the fact that he'd become lost, though he was still young and didn't quite know what that meant, he just knew that he had no idea what he liked but his oldest sister Vivienne did these things so he would too! Everything his teacher told him was important and everything that he was told to study was studied.

    One milestone of his life was when he was eight he met his cousin, Guy, and they became fast friends. Always getting into little bits of trouble, never much more than the occasional pranks, a mud pie or two. They were bound to one another and always stuck together from that moment on.

    At the age of twenty his father, King Aramis Shellten, was murdered and shortly after Cailen became King. Overwhelmed by grief and expectations of those around him, the young Shellten stepped up and took his father's place. Not long into his reign, at a tourney held in his honor, the same man who murdered his father attacked Cailen and his family. Suffering from extensive wounds dealt to his left forearm and right shoulder, Cailen allowed himself to be patched up and moved on with his duties to protect Tuneric.

    In December of the year 216, King Cailen agreed to aid the royal family of Balfour in taking back their country after it fell into the wrong hands. In just a few months they'd set sail for the country in question and it was in January of 217 that the war began. He proved himself as a strong warrior to himself, his men, and to the royal family of Balfour. It was seven long months before that war was over, finally ending in August, and the victory was in their favor. The Usurper was sacrificed and the true King took his crown. Cailen was honored in a ceremony they held to celebrate the end of the war but the greatest honor of his life was yet to come.

    It took him some time to be able to speak to Princess Nataliah but when he did, he did so as an honest man. It took time and patience but after some conversation and Cailen's persistence, the young woman agreed to marry him and become his Queen.

    Once Cailen had returned home, new wife on his arm, he'd found out that while he was gone the Remington family attempted to usurp the throne of Tuneric. Stripping the family of title and lands he ended up only pardoning three members of the family while the rest of the house seemed to either be dead or in hiding.

    In February of 218 he and Nataliah Farrand-Calhoun were married. The ceremony, crowning her as Queen, too place the following day and Cailen and his Queen made sure to keep up to date on the progress of their country. By this time repairs had been made to the cities and the storm that had hit in 216 was just a distant memory but it wasn't long before they had something new to worry about.

    After opening a bit of trade with Balfour people started falling ill in March. The two countries, Balfour especially, closed themselves off and suffered many casualties as a result of the plague. It was Cailen's country that first found the cure, three months after the illness spread through Tuneric, but it was a healer from Balfour that made it possible. In June Cailen gave all his healers orders to follow the instruction of Lady Baptiste and produce the cure for his country with the intention to send it to Balfour once the cure was proven effective.

    Just as the King began to prepare for a trip to Balfour an attempt on his life was made. The wounds he sustained that August were life threatening and his life was saved by the same healer that saved his country. Two weeks after the attack he woke to find out that his wife, the Queen, had been imprisoned and accused of this attack. His mother had taken over the throne and disbanded the Knights of Dawn in his absence. When he was able to, his sister helped him dress and present himself in the throne room to all those involved. He sent his mother on a permanent vacation, cleared Nataliah's name, and reinstated the Knights of Dawn.

    Attempting to move on with his life as he normally would proved to be difficult. It took him a while to realize that he was not healing and his health was not improving. In October Cailen sat down with his wife and discussed with her the possibility that he could be dying and the fact that he did not want to leave their plane without being sure she was well cared for. After a long discussion he and Nataliah, after speaking with his sister Vivienne, decided it was time for him to step down as King and live out the rest of his days in peace.

    Cailen stayed in Tuneric just long enough to see his sister crowned as Queen of Tuneric. Before he passed on his title he made it clear that Vivienne did not have to marry if she did not wish and she would rule the country without being question. Once he was sure that his sister was as comfortable as she could be in her new position, he and Nataliah set sail for their new lives in Balfour, or as far as he knew it would be the end of his own.

    House Genealogy:
    -Jeremy Shellten -- Daniella Evermane
         -Desmond Shellten
         -Jasper Shellten
         -Reginald Shellten -- Eleanor Mae Day
              -Abraham Shellten -- Flourence Ashby
                   -Aramis Shellten – Adabella Durand (175)
                        - Vivienne Irene Shellten (194)
                        - Cailen Darius Shellten (196) -- Nataliah Quinn Suzanne Farrand-Calhoun (192)
                        - Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Grayson Andreous Shellten (179) -- Elizabeth Chelan
                         - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                         - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                         - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                         - Emmaline Chelan (217)
                   -Tannis Shellten -- Jayne Minster
                        - Marianne Shellten
                        - Jonathan Shellten
                   -Nanelle Shellten
              -Donall Shellten -- Sylvia Blackbane
                   -Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                        - Female Cousin Shellten
                        - Female Cousin Shellten
                   -Gabriel Shellten -- Wife
                         - Female Cousin Shellten
                         - Male Cousin Shellten
                   -Elspeth Shellten

    Writing Sample: It was difficult to say if he'd felt worse in his whole life than he did at that moment. Giving up his seat, his crown, was the hardest choice he'd ever had to make. Though he passed the position onto his eldest sister, a woman among the very few people he knew he could trust, he felt off about the whole thing. Maybe it was because he was raised to rule? This was to be his destiny.

    He wasn't worried about Tuneric as much as he was his wife. She'd agreed with his decision but he could tell she did so with a heavy heart. In the end he hoped she wouldn't regret the choices they'd made now, or the choices she'd made in the past. Cailen supposed none of it mattered now. He was dying. This is the end.
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