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    Larson Stylianos Caldoran

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Larson Stylianos Caldoran
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: September 23, 196
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Caldoran by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (As written by Keiren with assistance from Skye)
    A House with it's beginnings in it's very name, the Duchy was given to Almos Caldoran, and when allowed to name it, he chose the most lovely name he knew, that of his only heir, Heather. Called Heather's Moor, it passed to her, her spouse adopting the name Caldoran as a mark of favor and respect. Since that time, generations upon generations of Caldorans have added to the city of Heather's Moor, and castle that bear their banner, that of a lion, gold, on green and purple. Their House Motto, Action not words, ironically, speaks volumes to their manner. A House of focus and drive, they have forged out a goodly existence in the wilds of deep forests, with their Castle, Taldorach, a fantastical creation, spanning a small tributary, called Caldoran's Branch, of The Darnelle River. Never sacked, the castle is surrounded by walls, towers, a hunting park, and deep, large gardens, providing fall back positions as needed for defenders. The river has large movable iron gates both up and downstream, to prevent ships without proper passage rights, from getting too close. Also downriver is the town, where all trade ceases from moving upstream, as a rule. Pleasure barges, moderate sized supply boats, and small private craft are about all that can navigate Caldoran's Branch.

    Known for lumber and trade, their city, walled and fortified, is acknowledged for safe passage, and well tended architecture, a meeting ground of several trade routes, coin changes hands swiftly here, right alongside information and ideas. Largely insulated from the outside world by the thick deep forests, Heather's Moor is only reached by caravans or large numbers, by two main roads, or by the river.

    Called The Hospitable House as a nod to their famed hunting parties, the Castle Taldorach has many times hosted the elite of the kingdom for week long celebrations and engagements. Loyal to the crown, they are iron clad in their support of the crown.

    Played By/Face Claim: Adam Levine

    Appearance: Standing at 5’11”, Larson is shorter than his twin, but only by a few inches. He is thinner, but still muscular, and took advantage of every chance he got to get a tattoo. When needing to be dressed Larson wears fine silks and cottons, always matching, always expensive. If there is no need to be formal, like his twin, he'll toss on a pair of cotton trousers and call it good. When on duty he can be seen in his uniform adorned in the dark blue and white colors of the Order of the Sword. Larson always wears his dark hair a little longer than his twin and messy, and makes no extra effort to shave his stubble, always giving him the 'just rolled out of bed' appearance.

    Personality: Larson projects confidence but he doesn’t brag, just in case there really is a better man in the room, he really likes to be the last guy in the pack to make a fool of himself. As honest as he can be, he’ll be the first person to admit he’s wrong, but not unless it’s obvious.

    As part of a whole, he’s best in most situations with his brother at his side, there are few challenges that he can’t meet with his twin. Larson is proud of what he and his brother have accomplished so far. Proud of being able to be a Knight of the Sword, a Caldoran, a brother, and a son.

    He tries to have a positive outlook on every situation, and if he doesn’t have anything good to say he won’t say it. Regardless of the facts, in all situations he attempts to keep his calm. Part of a steady practice he tries to be more analytical, preferring puzzles and word games, and archery helps him clear his mind. Larson has a passion for animals, especially horses, he loves to race and riding to his favorite places to camp or just sit and think.

    Personal History: Larson, born a few hours after his brother, is the second born son to Carrence and Rosalita Caldoran. Growing up as a twin had it’s challenges, just as any brotherly relationship, they had their ups and downs as a pair. Though they sometimes fought like a pair of prize fighters, they could never deny their bonds, and could even feel the pain of one another. It was awkward at first but after some time they were able to get used to their connection and sense each others moods.

    Though they had two younger brothers, it's true that the twins were only close to one another, maybe their bonds isolated them but they at least could rely on each other. Larson may not have been close to the rest of his family, but he had always been kind and respectful, it was more of an implied love sort of relationship that they had. As a tight knit pair if one got in trouble the other did as well and one was always just as guilty as the other. Doing everything together, they took classes, ate lunches, even competed while learning combat skills, they became a perfect working pair.

    Since their family were loyal supporters of King Shellten, it wasn’t uncommon for the pair of them to hear their parents speak proudly of their leader, and as they grew up they came to completely agree. At the age of fourteen the pair announced their interests in the knighthood to their parents and they couldn’t have been more proud. Going through their training every so often they were separated. Though they weren’t pleased with it, the pair agreed it was a necessary evil, and trained their hardest with the idea that once they knew how to fight apart they would be unstoppable as a duo.

    Shortly after they became Squires, rumors began to start up about them; some were harmless, but others hinted at more dangerous aspects of their personalities. They were knighted and joined the Order of the Sword some time after their seventeenth birthday, quickly being immersed in the business of patrols, that is until the King was poisoned. Once the situation was discovered, the pair were immediately dispatched, ordered to head out and look into the visitors as well as who they had contact with. The twins had been tracking the foreigner's travels from the point in which they landed until they’d appeared in Hebron and had supper with the royal family. It wasn't until later that they discovered that Jaquen Orvailles had been behind the plot all along.

    Personally guarding the King of Tuneric was rewarding for him. He made a name for himself but more importantly he gained a good friend in Cailen. Through the time guarding their ruler he learned more than he could ever imagine regarding politics and the houses of their country. He grew in more ways than his knighthood alone would have ever afforded him.

    Larson had found himself truly important in the years following his acceptance of his position in the Knights of The Dawn. He assisted in rescuing the Princess Vivienne and Lady Remington during Dexter Remington's attack. The young Caldoran was also assigned and was instrumental in assisting in Queen Nataliah's escape from Hebron's dungeons.

    Through these achievements, or desperate situations, Larson grew as a man and as a knight. With a new ruler on the horizon, Larson looks to the future and thew new experiences it may hold.

    Family Genealogy:

    Carwyn b. 131, d 199 -m- Constance Miyer, (Hunt winner, Local Girl)b. 130, d. 200
          Brendan b. 150, d. 208 -m- Therese McJennis b. 159
               Teruss b.177, d. 209 -m- Geneva Mayfleur b. 177, d. 209
                    Keiren Ryon b. 194 -m- Skye Blue Pellen b. 198
                        Camberlie Mai(Illegitimate, born prior to marriage to Skye) b. 213
                    Kalissa Joanne b. 194
                    Kivennah Beth Caldoran b. 196
                    Kellavyn Ma'lee b. 198
                    Kellan Anne b. 198
                    Karenna Caldoran b. 199
                    Kelwes John Caldoran b. 202
              Calla Elyse Caldoran Remington b. 178 -m- George Remington [b. 177]
                     William Remington [b. 194 ] (22)
                     Charlotte Remington [b. 195] (21)
                     Callista Claire Remington [b. 197 ] (19)
                     John Remington [b. 202 ] (14)
                     Melinda Remington [b. 205 ] (11)
                     Arthur Remington [b.207 ] (9)
               Ellistra Genevieve b.180 -m- Raymon Riethert (b. 182)
                    Ardella Riethert[/url]
               Carrence Robert b. 181 -m- Rosalita b. 180
                    Lexington Giovanni Caldoran b. 196 (Twin)
                    Larson Stylianos Caldoran b. 196 (Twin)
                    Llewellyn Alonzo b. 199
                    Liam Demetrios b. 200

    Writing Sample: Larson had been pacing all day, it seemed like he was in a perpetual state of thought, it was sort of unbearable. He finally removed himself from his room, tired of waiting for Lexington, and after tossing on a shirt he headed for the stables.

    His habits kicked in, after opening each window and leaving the barn doors wide open, he extracted his steed from it's stall and walked with him out into the sunshine. After some time, he brushed down his companion, tending to his mane and tail with extra care, and then he walked his steed back to his stall. After locking the gate, he shook it three times, and then when he was satisfied with the latch, he closed each window and then the gate behind him.

    Just as he turned, a servant appeared directly behind him, and he jumped when he came face to face with him. "Never. Do that." Larson said with his hand over his chest. The servant apologized and told him that lunch was prepared and that his brother was looking for him. He simply nodded in response, turned to make sure the doors were latched by shaking it three times, and then followed the servant back up the hill.
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