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Thread: Lochlan Niclouse Philippos Farrand-Calhoun

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    Lochlan Niclouse Philippos Farrand-Calhoun

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Lochlan Niclouse Philippos Farrand-Calhoun
    Character Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: August 18, 190
    Current Location: Moorford Estates, Balfour
    House: Born to the Royal and most honored house of Farrand-Calhoun
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Written by Amy]

    Malbork Castle

    So many generations ago that none quite remember exact dates, House Farrand-Calhoun was two separate houses. Both major ruling families, each boasted prosperity and happy, content people. There was plenty for everyone, be it food or houses or jobs, and on top of it all there was enough extra that Calhoun and Farrand both had coffers that were filling more and more every season. It only seemed a natural next step that they join together, and a wedding between the young Calhoun lord and the eldest Farrand daughter sealed the union.

    The houses, now joined, now faced a new problem: they had become as successful as they could, within the restraints of their land. Of course they could continue on as they had, filling their treasuries and being content, but both houses had a great sense of adventure, and now that they were joined they agreed that something must be done. In a calculated move, they began sending out ships to explore surrounding lands, while at home they put resources into building a military. In time their expeditions proved fruitful with the discovery of a new land, uninhabited but ripe with resources. It didn’t take long after that for house Farrand-Calhoun to strike out in pursuit of a new home.

    The colony they founded they named Balfour, and under the watchful eye and steady hand of the Farrand-Calhoun family it grew steadily. They maintained their military, but they also encouraged the development of everything from art to industry. It did not always go smoothly, of course, but within a few generations the small colony had become a formidable presence. In a bold move, Balfour named itself a kingdom of its own, with the Farrand-Calhoun family as the monarchs. Their policies grew from the problems they’d observed over the years, and a strong and stable government was the result.

    Since the day that they declared independence, Balfour continues to be successful. The Farrand-Calhouns guide their land well, managing their resources well and keeping trade relationships open with the lands around them. Even as Balfour’s rulers watch over their lands, however, it is always said that one eye searches the horizon for the next opportunity to explore new lands.

    Played By/Face Claim: Misha Collins

    Appearance: Lochlan is Left handed and stands at 5' 11", the second tallest in his family. He's always quite well dressed as he's from Royalty and wears the finest that money can buy. Though he's not a fan of the jewelry he wears his uncle's ring that matches his brother's, Langston, who received his from their father.

    He wears simple chains, one that has a beautiful ring on it, given to him by the woman he's set to marry. The ring showcases a giant ruby in the center that is surrounded by diamonds, half it's size, and all brought together with yellow gold.

    His dark brown hair is usually ruffled, he doesn't do much with it, though he always makes sure to cut it when it starts to grow too long.

    Personality: Preferring to be called Clouse, as he finds his first name quite annoying, he is the strong and silent type. He has a very high opinion of his family and it's obvious he knows his bloodline is peerless. Of everyone in the family, he speaks the least, but when he does his tone proves his indifference to everyone who he doesn't love.

    He tends to be short and to the point, sacrificing delicacy for facts, and ignores whether or not his words hurt others. The only time he ever seems to be completely genuine and emotional is when he is with his sister Nataliah. Clouse can be described as a bit of a womanizer, it makes it difficult for him to take any woman seriously, even if he wanted to.

    His only hobbies involve combat, though oddly enough he has studied medicine, he'd rather inflict pain then help cure it. He's an excellent swordsman and not a bad archer either, and his hand to hand skills are superb. He couldn't love anything more than drawing blood on another human.

    Personal History: The second Lochlan was old enough, he was thrust into lessons, just as his other siblings. He took classes on politics, manners, combat, the whole kingly curriculum as per his father's orders. He wasn't as serious, for the first few years, and was lax in his studies. That was until he truly learned a thing or two about his eldest brother, Luther, the next day his tutor reported a change in his attitude. The situation is still even foggy to Lochlan, it was something that Luther had said to him that set him off, it convinced him that his eldest sibling was not deserving of the crown. The next day Lochlan's tutor reported to his mother that he'd noticed an increase in the boy's participation in his studies and every day the young man became more and more intent on mastering the topics handed to him.

    It wasn't until he learned of the generational sacrifice for each King or Queen that Lochlan found himself traveling with his mother to visit his sister, Nataliah, at the convent where she lived since birth. The first few visits he always had a ton of questions for his mother, but he noticed that even though it was the Queen's duty to give up her youngest daughter, the questions were hard for his mother to answer. After Lochlan realized how much it upset his mother, he quit asking her questions, he couldn't imagine how it made her feel. He'd started growing attached to Nataliah too, he looked forward to visiting his sister each week, he'd always bring her a new story or tell her something new that he'd learned every time they met.

    It seemed like a blur, his childhood, and before he knew it he had a younger brother and then another younger sister. At some point there was a swap of sisters who were made to be sacrificed, a situation which Lochlan didn't know how to feel about. He was excited that Nat was coming home, but there was Tatianna who was heading out the door just as his eldest sister was heading in. He helped Nataliah warm up to her new environment and jump into her new studies, he even offered to go with her to visit their newest family member, he attempted to help his sister out the best he could but he couldn't imagine that it was easy for her.

    Growing up in Luther's shadow, he was used to following a few steps behind, silent and agreeable. For the most part, there were days where he was neither. It is noted that when Luther chose his wife Lochlan became the man he is today, silent and broody, aggressive and oddly well dressed.

    As a result of the stress that the young Prince had been under, only his sparring partner knew of Lochlan's mounting frustration, there was never any discussion, just increasing violence. There had been times where his teacher has had to step in, along with a guard or two, and very unceremoniously peel the prince off of his friend. Concern grows for the prince but no one claims to be confused by the mounting tension he had held.

    The moment his brother was able, he sent Lochlan and Langston on an errand to travel to Tuneric. Unbeknownst to them Luther would use that time to murder their father and take his seat upon the throne of Balfour. A storm had washed the youngest brothers to the shores of Tuneric, their ship in tatters. While Langston was able to keep his wits about him, Lochlan was less fortunate and had received a head injury which wiped his memory of his past. It was after a long ordeal that they were able to meet with King Cailen, and after regaining his memory, they were able to obtain passage home.

    It was during a conversation with King Cailen that Prince Lochlan convinced the man to assist him in taking back his country. The young King promised him an army to fight behind him and delivered upon that agreement tenfold. With the assistance of Tuneric, and what army Lochlan was able to free from the clutches of his eldest brother, they were able to free Balfour from the rule of Luther. With the war won, Luther detained, Lochlan was free to take the throne and lead his country toward prosperity.

    During a grand ceremony Lochlan not only beheaded his eldest brother upon the most sacred ground of their country, but he also declared that his blood would be the last spilled in sacrifice to the gods of their country. With this revelation, Tatianna was freed and so would be any daughter born of Balfour royalty until the end of time.

    On the heels of these events, Lochlan took his true love as his wife, and married Jacquelyn Ramona Quaintance. With the pair as the country's ruling family, the people of Balfour would only look toward the future. Toward hope and prosperity.

    Family Genealogy:

    Farrand-Calhoun (Birth Year)
              Wainwright Leonard Farrand-Calhoun(110) -- Abagail Kadance Farrand-Calhoun (118)
                        Luther James(133) -- Dahlia Kai-winn Penswick (134)
                             Kirkland Lawrence (150) -- Bianca Suzanne Westcott (156)
                                  Gabriella Octavia Morganna (172) -- Logan Kenneth Allaker-Jeannot III (168)
                                       Luther Kirkland Wainwright (189)
                                       Lochlan Niclouse Philippos (190) -- Jacquelyn Ramona Quaintance (190)
                                                 Rylan Leonard (218)
                                       Nataliah Quinn Suzanne (192) -- Cailen Shellten (196)
                                                 Child Name
                                       Langston Emanuel (197)
                                       Tatianna Abagail Mae (200)
                                  Odette Doreen Quintina (174) (Sacrificed)
                                  Quentin Pierce Owen (175)
                             Leyland Germaine (159)
                             Toneia Danielle (Sacrificed)
                        Torrance Daniel -- Zarah Goullee
                             Dorreen Mae (Murdered)
                             Tabitha Jane (Died of illness)
                        Taliyah Abrielle (Sacrificed)
                        Jacinta Mae (Stillborn)

    Writing Sample:
    Lochlan rolled over, the dry grass prickled against his skin, even through his cotton pants he wasn't immune to the stab of the drying landscape. His unexposed back turned to the sun and the warmth flooded over his body. He decided that shirtless sunbathing was what he'd do today, someone had mentioned relaxing, and he hadn't even invited Nat to join him. No, today was for him, and the silence was beautiful. There was only one thing still bothering him, every time he closed his eyes, her face was before him and clear as day.

    Taking a deep breath in, he folded his hands on the ground, then rested his forehead on his knuckles, and tried to think of other things that wouldn't make him angry. He decided maybe spending some cash would be fun, but he couldn't gamble as that would make their mother angry, he could always have a few more suits made.

    It was then that Madeline crossed his mind, if his eyes were open he would have rolled them, he should take her shopping and he knew it. Lochlan pushed himself up, off the ground, and dusted himself off before heading back into the castle. He needed to put on a shirt, something decent, call upon his fiancee, and go blow some money on gems and silks.

    That sure would be fun. This time his eyes were open and he did roll them.
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