Baldur was unaware just how long he had been separated from Jean-Luc's hunting party. Weeks perhaps? Months? It definitely had not been a year as the season had not changed that drastically. At the very least he was not alone. He had been joined by members of the various tribes. Stålhammars, Von Ammondts, Sterlings, and even Landviks were in his small company. All of them were people that he could trust, all had been loyal to his mother, but most importantly they were all highly skilled warriors. They were no Links of Pygarg, but Baldur knew that he could count on each of them to have his back.

The journey up to this point had been a long one. It had started as a covert mission to find illegal traffickers on the island. Jean-Luc Valliers had approached him about volunteering and he in turn hand picked volunteers to join up. His group had stayed with Valliers until they found something interesting. A man amongst a group of smugglers that claimed to know someone that knew someone that had been involved with the ambush of the last tribal high lord. Baldur knew that his chance for revenge had been a long shot, especially considering that the man was trying to use such information as leverage for his freedom, but he had to take the chance.

With Jean-Luc's leave, Baldur hunted down lead after lead, torturing and threatening his way to more information. He crossed lines that he never thought that he would cross all in the name of revenge. He had broken bones from the feet up, watching his victims try to crawl away. He had threatened to let his group ravage the wives of men that had been involved in the murder of Zarkana. He had even threatened to cut open the bellies of their children so that he could nail their insides to a tree and watch to see how many times they could run around until death took them. Yet, his fellow tribesman stayed with him, often watching and staying out of his path.

All except Ariel Landvik that was. She had kept his rage from completely overtaking him, stopping him from killing most of the men before getting information out of them and actually carrying out the threats against their family members. He was surprised that she stuck around, considering that her mother had never been very fond of him. It made him respect the Landvik woman, that she would follow her own path and stand against him. The Landviks hadn't been known to do such, at least not the ones that he knew. She was definitely the brains in a sea of brawn, often giving sound advice along the way until the information that Baldur needed was found.

When he finally came upon the knowledge of who was truly responsible for his mother's death, it came as no surprise that Varekai had arranged the whole thing. He had always suspected as much, but to have evidence gave him all he needed to confront the new high lord. Of course Ariel had advised him not to simply rush in challenging Varekai, but Baldur refused to listen to reason. He was going to have his revenge. It was going to be swift and violent. She had pleaded that he take necessary precautions, suggesting that he bring the information to his siblings first or at least deliver the information to the Queen in the capital, but Baldur wasn't having any of it. He knew that his siblings wouldn't believe him. His sister would think that he was mad and Loki would probably just figure he was creating wild accusations to make him uninterested in the high lord romantically. As for bringing forth the evidence to Merignac, the Stålhammar warrior simply did not want to wait for vengeance, and so his group marched on the Falkensklold settlement.