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Thread: Henry Baptiste

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    Henry Baptiste

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Henry Baptiste
    Character Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 13, 185
    Current Location: South Huntswalk
    House: House Baptiste by birth.
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit to Amy for House Description.)

    House Baptiste earned its place doing the same thing it continues to do today: keep the populace healthy. Originally the private and personal physicians to the royal family, they earned land of their own through their service and loyalty. Over time Briarwatch Keep became a place healers and doctors were welcome to come and exchange knowledge, for the betterment of all the land.

    The Baptiste family earned and maintains a solid reputation for being skilled and discreet, and as such they still tend to the Royal family when the need arises. Most of the in-house doctors in the noble houses of Balfour were in some part trained by the Baptistes, and there are few cities and towns in which the name and good reputation of the family is not known.

    Played By/Face Claim: Matt Czuchry

    Appearance: A brunette with his hair always disheveled. Henry has a charming face and is always well dressed as he is an heir to South Huntswalk. If he looked any less than well kept than his reputation as one of the brilliant Baptiste children would go straight down in flames. As tall as his father, when they stand side by side anyone can see the resemblance and the charming pair always get their way.

    When at work, Henry always wears very simple clothing and makes sure his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. Otherwise he's a very clean individual and shaves his face every day. His hair is kept at no more than a finger's length and is generally a bit ruffled but it never takes away from his quiet charm.

    Personality: It's no surprise that he's a strange mix of his parents. Quiet and observant with a touch of weird excitement that bursts out every so often. When work situations arise he becomes completely focused, and in a frightening way, almost too willing to get elbow deep in someone's chest cavity. He loves any challenge thrown at him and is always willing to help someone who is injured or ill.

    His nose is always stuck in a book or some Healer's journal and he's often up until all hours of the night while reading in front of a fire. Henry can always be found in front of a stack of books, sprawled across the floor, and if he isn't reading them he's fallen asleep on their pages.

    He can be charming but in his own way. Growing up, surrounded by sisters, he's learned how to be polite and carry on conversation. It's always a matter of whether or not he wants to talk to the people around him. Only those close to him know his charming smile and his kind words.

    Personal History: The heir to house Baptiste, Henry was the first born and the first to dive into the family business as a result. He watched as his mother helped women deliver their children but it was his father's work that he was enthralled by. He would watch as Winston stitched men and women back together one moment and his mother taught him of illnesses and infections the next.

    It was his belief that if something became infected that one should be able to simply remove it. His mother quickly corrected him and set to teaching him the parts of the body that were needed and others that could be trimmed down to a small extent to help their patient survive. She would always remind him that the information she'd given him was to the best of her knowledge and he'd give her a nod to let her know that he understood. It was still a particularly sketchy situation, removing organs, and he knew his mother would never lead him down the path of comfort at the expense of truth and knowledge.

    As he grew, so did his family and he and his father were quickly outnumbered as the only men in the household. With each sister born, Henry learned alongside their personalities. He loved each of his siblings beyond comparison, and when Rebecca died he held his breath. Watching his parents cry was awful but trying to keep his emotions in had been the most difficult thing he had to do. While they grieved he tried to keep the house together and he watched as Evangeline left and hoped she did not find the same fate.

    When the war broke out his parents left to help the soldiers and Henry stayed behind to make sure their home did not fall to ashes while they were gone. As an heir he was taught these things already but at the same time he truly wished he could go and help the war efforts alongside his parents.

    After the war, came the plague. He heard commoners proclaim it was because a male heir was sacrificed instead of sticking to tradition. Due to King Lochlan slitting the throat of his brother, so many were convinced it was the reason families were losing their lives by the cartloads.

    Determined to prove that was untrue, Henry set to work on a different path. While his parents concentrated on curing it, eventually with Evangeline joining in the fight with the group she brought from Tuneric, Henry set to work to discover why this illness was spreading. He eventually surmised that due to the war, crops had not been handled correctly, and food that typically lasted ages had been tainted. As it was bought and sold, distributed through the country, the illness spread like wildfire.

    He made mention he was glad that the royal family had their own food supply or they would have been just as affected by the disaster as the rest of their country. If the King fell, so would the country.

    He spends most of his time stitching people back up, just as Eva and his father, but there are rare moments that he gets to use his skill at removing pieces of people. Be it simple amputations, peeling shrapnel and debris out of intestines, or attempting to patch wounded organs. This is when Henry truly shines.

    Family Genealogy:

    House Baptiste (Birth year)
    Archibald Baptiste (b. 104 d. 155) -- Corinne Morgan (b. 105 d. 167)
         Gerard Baptiste (b. 126, d. 182) -- Annette Kinney (b. 128, d. 181)
              Winston Baptiste (b. 152) -- Amelia Frost (b. 160)
                   Henry Baptiste (b. 185) **
                   Evangeline Baptiste (b. 187)
                   Rebecca Baptiste (b. 189)
                   Annemarie Baptiste (b. 190)
                   Yvette Baptiste (b. 193) **
              Samantha Baptiste (b. 155) -- Jonathan Ripley (b. 155) **
              Desmond Baptiste (b. 160) -- Lucille Porter (b. 162) **

    Writing Sample:

    He could hear his father shouting at one of his assistants again and he looked up from his book while he tried not to laugh. Henry marked his page, stood from his chair, and headed in the direction of his father's insults. As he got closer to the room in which Winston stitched people back together, his father's voice got louder.

    How the hell are you still here!? You can't even figure out which tools I need to get this job done! You're shit!

    Laughing from the doorway was a way that Henry often introduced his presence in a room when his father was shouting at people. Good. Get over here Henry. I need help. You, boy, get out. I've had enough of your stupidity.

    Henry did as he was asked and shook his head when the boy went to reply to Winston. "Just go. Quickly." With that, the boy ran away, probably to cry to Amelia. Good luck kid.
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    Henry so fancy. Stamp from me! @Rick

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    Good here too.

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