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    Winston Baptiste

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Winston Baptiste
    Character Age: 59
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: December 24, 158
    Current Location: South Huntswalk
    House: House Baptiste by birth.
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit to Amy for House Description.)

    House Baptiste earned its place doing the same thing it continues to do today: keep the populace healthy. Originally the private and personal physicians to the royal family, they earned land of their own through their service and loyalty. Over time Briarwatch Keep became a place healers and doctors were welcome to come and exchange knowledge, for the betterment of all the land.

    The Baptiste family earned and maintains a solid reputation for being skilled and discreet, and as such they still tend to the Royal family when the need arises. Most of the in-house doctors in the noble houses of Balfour were in some part trained by the Baptistes, and there are few cities and towns in which the name and good reputation of the family is not known.

    Played By/Face Claim: Ewan McGregor

    Appearance: Handsome. Men and women from all over have always comment on his age and compare his health to theirs. Always well groomed and even better dressed, Winston seems to give the impression that he's made his way to the fountain of youth and back countless times. The epitome of health, a clean muscular build, and handsome had always seemed to be his recipe for success and he never changes a thing. Even when tending to wounds he simply rolls up his silken sleeves and sets to work.

    Personality: Outgoing, intelligent, and generally said to be larger than life. Winston walks into a room and immediately draws the attention of the population that has filled it. He is straightforward, sometimes too honest, and tends to find room to still be a bit obnoxious when the mood strikes him. When it comes to his family he would stop at nothing to secure the happiness of his children. Winston's wife, the love of his life, is a woman he could and would die for. Never has anyone heard a bad word from him about any of his children, nor Amelia, nothing but praise is ever spoken. Steady under pressure when he needs to be, Winston has a steady hand and deft fingers with a needle and thread. If someone is bleeding from a wound they'd received in battle, they can call him day or night, but don't ask him for pointers. When people ask him questions about his profession, he attempts to answer the best he can but sometimes his answers are a bit too complicated for some to understand. He doesn't do it on purpose but his love for medicine is so great that he tends to get carried away and maybe a bit too excited.

    An excellent knowledge of medicine didn't help him in the political world and he, for his first few years as lord, had to scramble to understand. It would not be out of character to hear that Winston had made a fool of himself as he wears his heart very visibly on his sleeve. In his years, however, he learned the ropes and became very well versed in all manners of political conversation that he strives his hardest to avoid. When men and women bring up this war or that decree Winston has been known to bring up other, completely different, topics to steer the conversation away. Just because a man knows how to steer a political conversation and has strong feelings about something doesn't mean they should discuss it.

    Bloody wounds. Now that's conversation.

    Personal History: Winston was being groomed at a young age to take over the house when his father was done being a Lord but he had no desire to do such tedious things. He was usually out getting cuts and scrapes and learning to bandage them himself. The skill of healing he'd never had a problem with learning but it was sitting still and listening to a debate on who to trade with that drove him to run off and play in the mud. His Lordly lessons were never as interesting as the dissection of a frog or the birth of a calf. No one ever would have thought that a dirty little boy who enjoyed nothing more than to run through the fields would become the man he was today.

    He'd met his wife, before he'd even learned her name, on a conversation filled ride and he'd be honest that he was on his best behavior that day. She had been so beautiful and smart as well as the right amount of funny and he couldn't keep her out of his mind. Winston had fallen in love the moment he'd met her. True love aside the family had invited Amelia to study with the Baptiste family after gaining knowledge of her skills. Their time together was blissful and as they worked side by side, stitching wounds and curing illnesses, they grew more fond of one another with each passing day.

    It would have been hard for his parents to miss his infatuation with the young woman and after some time they agreed that they could marry. Soon enough they had five children and each one of them had a special place in the hearts of their family. While Amelia chose to stay at home, train new nurses, Winston set out to help a wider array of customers. Anything from a drunken bar brawl to an elderly woman who'd fallen, he was the man for the job.

    They had made an accord with house Romanov and in exchange for them taking Annemarie into their home, they took in one of the boys and taught them all they knew. They traded children and with that came the promise of knowledge for each of them. It was an interesting situation and the boy seemed to have a thirst for knowledge. As a result, Winston taught him what he could and hoped that his Anne was receiving the same in return.

    Their family seemed to have a perfect life. The children grew up and each found their little niche in the world but it was when news of Rebecca came about that Winston found himself thrown off course. It was hard for Amelia, and he was sure of it, but there was something in the father's heart that hurt more than ever. He'd lost a daughter, an accident the Royal family said, but then he was watching another leave to take her place. He worried, as he waved goodbye to his child, that they too would meet same fate. Evangeline would be leaving them to treat the royal family's ailments, to tend to the youngest Princess. He had to do his duty to his country and trust that he'd see his daughter again.

    Winston found he had little time to grieve. He'd heard word that there had been a resistance forming and, if he wanted to join, Fort Chestbrook Springs was the place to be. Packing up just enough to get himself and Amelia to where they needed to be they headed out in an attempt to help where they'd be needed most. They'd met with so many people that day but they'd met a new King. A man from Tuneric, so he said, and he'd be helping Prince Lochlan to remove his brother from throne.

    House Baptiste joined the fight that day, standing behind two Kings, they made their way across fields and assisted all of the fallen. Winston could not have been more proud to work along side his wife for a cause they truly believed in. Real freedom.

    In the wake of the plague that destroyed many honorable families, the family Baptiste set to attempt to make a remedy. They'd come close, but not close enough. They simply could not heal the illness. They were able to help with the pain but not defeat it entirely. That was until their eldest daughter sent a letter from Tuneric, announcing she would be returning with the cure and assistance to help produce it.

    It was a second time that the family had found themselves at the center of the action and once Evangeline returned from her journey, they set to work saving Balfour.

    Family Genealogy:

    House Baptiste (Birth year)
    Archibald Baptiste (b. 104 d. 155) -- Corinne Morgan (b. 105 d. 167)
         Gerard Baptiste (b. 126, d. 182) -- Annette Kinney (b. 128, d. 181)
              Winston Baptiste (b. 158) -- Amelia Frost (b. 160)
                   Henry Baptiste (b. 185)
                   Evangeline Baptiste (b. 187)
                   Rebecca Baptiste (b. 189)
                   Annemarie Baptiste (b. 190)
                   Yvette Baptiste (b. 193)
              Samantha Baptiste (b. 155) -- Jonathan Ripley (b. 155) **
              Desmond Baptiste (b. 160) -- Lucille Porter (b. 162) **

    Writing Sample:
    "Hand me a cloth." Winston held out his hand and waited for his assistant to fumble around. He hated taking his eyes off a wound once he started working, he felt it was how mistakes were made, but he turned just enough to glare at the young man who was assisting him.

    "You have got to be kidding me? How long have you been here? Do you have no idea what you're doing?" For once Winston was getting angry and he had to separate himself from the boy his anger was stemming from. "Get my wife. I'm sure you'll be able to find her. I need someone who knows what they're doing. This is clearly too challenging for you."

    Winston knew the boy didn't hear most of what he just said before he ran out the door with fear in his eyes. It couldn't be helped, the boy was more dense than the rock he used to build his hearth, it was appalling. He shook his head in disbelief. How many children would he have to work with before he found someone who actually wanted to learn?
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