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Thread: Grayson Andreous Shellten-Chelan

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    Grayson Andreous Shellten-Chelan

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Grayson Andreous Shellten-Chelan
    Character Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: May 27, 179
    Current Location: Royalport
    House: Shellten by birth, Chelan by marriage
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    House Shellten
    House Shellten has produced four generations of kings, the original being Reginald Shellten, and have ruled honorably for a little more than a century. From the very beginning of history, the Shellten family has proved dedicated to preserving the rightful family line as well as the legacy of the true kings and queens of Tuneric.

    House Shellten is known for restoring the rightful ruler to the throne of Tuneric and purging their lands of cultists who threatened to destroy the progress that King Cecil had made in an effort to set Tuneric back to rights. Though Edmund Shellten was made Lord Protector for his efforts, four generations later, the name Shellten became known as the ruling family.

    House Shellten is situated in Hebron, the capital of Tuneric. From there, the ruling family administers land rights and collections of taxes to and from its subjects. Furthermore, they keep and house the largest military in Tuneric, allocating the troops across the land if and when necessary. In times of peace, the military is generally used as security detail in and around the main castle, Hebron and the surrounding roads.

    Just recently, due to visitors from over the oceans, House Shellten has taken a keen interest in the exploration beyond the waters. They wish to extend invitations throughout the land to those willing to adventure across open waters in the pursuit of knowledge and trade.

    House Chelan
    House Chelan was among the earliest houses to settle Tuneric and of the oldest houses to bow before the king and pledge their unyielding servitude to the crown. Settling in Royalport and laying the bricks of their castle on its highest grounds, they set to work to build a town and an economy that they could be proud of, in the hopes that people from all areas of the land would flock to Royalport for goods.

    Beginning as a simple fishing community, they were able to stay afloat monetarily, but not for long. Other cities along the rivers were doing just as they were and if they were looking to get their name on a map fishing wasn’t going to help them get there. After months, that slowly turned to years of trial and error they came upon textiles. And that was when Royalport would be changed forever.

    Their business boomed, shops for tailoring and shops for the sales of raw materials popped up overnight making Royalport the center of fashion. Affluent women rushed to shops to pick out the newest and best in fabrics, and tailoring shops allowed ladies to create their own designs and a few catered to women who wanted to stay and assist in all stages of dress making, giving the average pauper an opportunity to rise up in the financial world. Models were hired to stand outside of shops and show off the newest designs and latest in patterns for fabrics.

    While the men of Royalport still fish, bend metals, and carve woods, the textile business is what really keeps everyone moving in and out of the city, and keeps the city on the map.

    Rivers Bend, represented by Moritzburg Castle

    Built early on as a smaller structure, Rivers Bend was build on the inside bend of the main river so that three of the four sides overlooked the water. As time marched on, so did the structure, which grew in size, to accommodate the growing Chelan family and their guests. Finally, the castle was finished off by one of the Chelan patriarchs, brandishing a new form of wall, otherwise known as stucco. Where the rest of the Tuneric’s castles were made of stone or wood, Rivers Bend boasted a new form of art in stucco and a red roof.

    From the time of its original inception, Rivers Bend slowly became engulfed by the river, which gradually began eating away at the little peninsula that served as the castle’s foundation. Early Chelan ancestors realized what was happening and bulkheaded the estate against the river. Currently, Rivers Bend sits on a tiny island of its own, with a bridge connecting it to the mainland as well as an island that occupies the center of the river. The island serves as a fully staffed garrison, patrolling the river traffic as well as the city surrounding Rivers Bend.

    Played By/Face Claim: Jensen Ackles

    Appearance: Standing at 5’11” Grayson always is well dressed and well groomed. With his dark brown hair always well placed and cut short he barely sports more than a five o’clock shadow. He wears glasses to read and only then, he thinks they make him look much older than he actually is, and keeps them in his breast pocket when they aren’t being used.

    Personality: Always thinking before he speaks, Grayson’s father taught him to be reserved, to never speak out of turn. A quiet man always calm, he never loses his cool and has never even been heard yelling unless he was trying to speak over a crowd. At home, he always has his nose in a book, there is also always food nearby. When out in public, his posture is perfect, he eats very little, and always has a glass of wine when offered but doesn’t drink much of it. He’s always found being the model gentleman.

    Personal History: Growing up as the brother to a King wasn’t all that bad, at least not for Grayson. Being born the fifth child to King Abraham Shellten and Queen Flourence Shellten, he had everything he could have wanted and more, also no responsibility helped too! As long as he showed up to functions, respected his father and his brother, and behaved, the other days of the week he could do whatever he wanted.

    A brother’s love was tight, and between Aramis and Grayson, they were great friends. Though on Grayson’s end he truly respected Aramis, he was always with him, always helping his brother study his Kingly duties, and that was why he was chosen to be ambassador by his father. The combination of love, respect, knowledge, propriety, and he even could hold a sword, but all this came much later.

    When Grayson was born on a warm May morning, the castle bustled with news of another male born to the royal family. The throne was plenty secure, but another boy helped, and he then was raised in a life of wealth, respect, and love. It’s true, there was a good part of his life where he mistreated people, assuming that his standing in the social hierarchy gave him the right to be rude to others. However, once found out by the Queen, he was quickly punished and sent away to the main Swarenzite temple in Hebron to serve the god of light. He’d been so bad to the others on the castle grounds that his mother would not receive him back until three years later.

    While he was there, he was given the full punishment his mother meant him to receive. They made him do chores, morning, noon, and night. In between the work, he sat through all the lessons the other young boys were in. Grayson learned religion, manners, and his thirst for knowledge grew.

    He was ten when he returned home. His mother and father received him with open arms, and Grayson wasn’t bitter, he knew what he’d done wrong. As a final act of punishment, Queen Flourence made him walk the halls of the castle and apologize to everyone he had wronged. On this day, and during this punishment, his brother Aramis followed. He didn’t follow to make sure he did the task, he followed out of curiosity, the pair had been quite mischievous together over the years passed and he wanted to know what had happened to his brother.

    Later that night they spoke of what Grayson learned, what he’d done, what he’d had to do at the temple, and then finally landed on what Aramis was learning. The boys knew that Abraham made it clear, only Aramis was to be taking the classes to prepare him for his position, but that didn’t meant that Grayson couldn’t help his brother.

    Each night they would read together, write, study, and prepare for the classes Aramis had the next day. Maybe their father knew all along, and maybe he didn’t, but when he found out after a few months, he wasn’t as mad as the boys thought he’d be.

    That is when Grayson began taking classes of his own, not the same as Aramis, but the overall knowledge was there. The boy was to become an Ambassador, to stand by his brother’s side, and to help him make tough choices and keep the secrets of the crown.

    It was in the fall of 195, Grayson can’t remember which month just that it was cold, a steward came knocking on the door. He asked to speak with his father and of course Grayson, who had been functioning and shadowing the current advisor, had stuck around to find out the particulars.

    House Chelan had no male heir and their lord had fallen ill and needed someone of proper standing and sound mind to marry his daughter, to keep their family alive. It was a week or three later that the boys were finally told of the situation with house Chelan, in it’s fullest standing, and that it was Grayson that would be marrying this girl. Their father thought it would be a good idea to keep him so close to Hebron while giving him a chance to have a family and a life of his own.

    Aramis had been married for some time now, even had a daughter, he supposed it was his turn and Grayson accepted what his King had ordered and married Lady Elizabeth Chelan in January of 196.

    And so, they started a family, all while Grayson traveled back and forth to Hebron to assist his Kingly brother upon their father’s passing. Sadly he had to watch his brother’s passing as well, he’d fallen ill at the same time Aramis did, but he bounced back quickly and was at least able to see him one last time before he passed away.

    Having three sons, one who is old enough to take his place as Lord of Royalport, he had been able to take a position in the castle allowing him to assist the current King full time. Going through the murder of his brother, a war with his nephew, and an attempted murder of the aforementioned King, Grayson feels years older than he's lived. With his niece on the throne and his nephew sailing off to a new country to live out his final days, he wonders what his position will be in the new regime.

    Family Genealogy:

    Shellten (Birth Year)
    -Jeremy Shellten -- Daniella Evermane
         -Desmond Shellten
         -Jasper Shellten
         -Reginald Shellten -- Eleanor Mae Day
              -Abraham Shellten -- Flourence Ashby
                   -Aramis Shellten – Adabella Durand (175)
                        - Vivienne Irene Shellten (194)
                        - Cailen Darius Shellten (196)
                        - Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   - Grayson Andreous Shellten (179) -- Elizabeth Chelan (177)
                         - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                         - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                         - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                         - Emmaline Chelan (217)
                   -Tannis Shellten -- Jayne Minster
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Male Cousin Shellten
                   -Nanelle Shellten
              -Donall Shellten -- Sylvia Blackbane
                   -Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                   - Gabriel Shellten -- Wife
                         - Female Cousin Shellten
                         - Male Cousin Shellten
                   -Elspeth Shellten

    Chelan (Birth Year)
    -Leonard N. Chelan -- Saydien Cadogan
         - Jane Chelan -- Charles Hardwick
              -Nina May Hardwick
         - Leonard N. Chelan II -- Dinah Butcher
              -Winston L. Chelan -- Christina Maye
                   - Lucas Chelan (151) -- Nadine Elrod
                        - Elizabeth Chelan (177) -- Grayson Andreous Shellten (179)
                             - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                             - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                             - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                             - Emmaline Chelan (217)
                        - Thomas Chelan (178)
                        - Lorenna Chelan(179)
                        - Shae Chelan (180) -- Richard Hunter
                   - May Chelan(152) [MIA]
                   - Amelia Chelan(157)
              -Leyona Chelan (135) -- Norman Cagney
                   - Tanner Cagney (155)
                   - Anna Cagney (156)
         - Norma Chelan (114)

    Writing Sample: It had been a long day but he was finally home. His brother told him to take a week off and if there was something important he'd be the first to know. There were some great things about having a Kingly brother, and Aramis was the best, he'd always loved his brother and saw him as his truest friend.

    Taking a step inside the door, after what seemed like the longest ride in his life, he was tackled by his eldest son then his second son in succession. He couldn't help but laugh, and looking up he saw his wife, standing a few feet away and smiling. She wore a tired expression, maybe her tasks and the boys were wearing thin on her, he would have to find out.

    Until then it would be dinner time, and he was starving. Grayson approached his wife and kissed her softly, first on the forehead, then the cheek, finally the lips. He got a resounding "eeeewwweeee" from his sons, and turned around to see wrinkled noses and grins a mile wide. Shooing them off to get washed up for supper, he turned back to his wife and held her in his arms.

    "I'm sorry I was gone for so long, but I'm home for the week now, you'll find yourself so sick of me that you'll want to send me back to Hebron." he couldn't help but laugh, he heard her laugh too, and this was his family.
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