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    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Quintin Tallis
    Character Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: March 17, 191
    Current Location: River Butte, Tuneric
    House: Tallis by birth.
    Crest Appearance: No house crest.

    House Description/History: Tallis is a well known name in River Butte. Although the family does not own land their name is always associated with the tavern that has been in their family for generations, The Horse and Carriage.

    Played By/Face Claim: Oliver Jackson Cohen

    Appearance: Quintin is several inches taller than his uncle at 6'3". As a Knight of The Sword he sticks to the dark blue and white of his ranks since his family does not have colors of their own. He keeps his hair just a bit longer than he had as a child and he attempts to be clean shaven though a five o'clock shadow can sometimes be found.

    Personality: The strong silent type, Quintin usually keeps to himself. After a few beers he may open up a little but he's always been told it were as if he had a wall built around him to keep others out. He rarely gets drunk, a tolerance he acquired while working in the tavern to help his family. Noble and kind, he may not speak but Quintin is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

    He's been told in the past, though he didn't let it offend him, that he was quite smart for his position in the world. Quintin can read, sign his own name, and is very well spoken. His uncle always took the time to remind him: "Better they think you a fool than to open your mouth and prove it".

    Personal History: It was a cold March day when Quintin was born in River Butte. The identity of his father was always a secret kept closed away to the Tallis family. Many family 'friends' thought it was becuase Hannah had been raped or the man was of ill standing and they didn't want any harm to come to their reputation. It is a secret still kept, only buy his aunt Lauren, to this very day.

    It was when Hannah found out she was with child that she'd told her sister, Lauren, who the father was. It was good that she had passed on the information as on the day of Quintin's birth, Hannah passed on to the realm beyond the one of the living. It was left to his aunt, Lauren, to raise him.

    As he grew older, Lauren taught him some lessons that their mother had taught her as she grew. Quintin learned to write his name and to read. He was a quick study and his aunt found some relief in that fact. He worked along side his uncle to make sure that the bar was always clean upon opening and do little odd jobs around the bar.

    When he came of age he wanted to make something of himself and it was when he found out the identity of his father that he knew exactly what he must do. Becoming a knight was the only way to get his foot in the door.

    Family Genealogy:

    Tallis (Birth Year)
    - Leland Tallis -- Terrah Norman
         - Daniel Tallis (169) -- Wife
              - Child
              - Child
              - Child
         - Hannah Tallis (171)
              - Quintin Tallis (191)
         - Lauren Tallis (176) -- Husband
              - Child

    (This house is built for story purposes and not for expansion)

    Writing Sample: The dirt rose up around him, a shuffle of feet, and his back hit the ground hard. His opponent had advanced on him in seconds and with all his might he used the knuckle guard of his sword to knock the man off balance. A right hook to the mouth and the other Knight was staggering backward so that Quintin could jump to his feet.

    "Great job Quintin! Remember, just because you have a sharp sword, it does not mean the blade is your only weapon."

    The opposing Knight was stepping toward him again, a bit of blood had spilled from the split lip he'd just received. Quin found himself smiling, welcoming the coming practice. "Try again." His challenge was just above a whisper as his adversary brought his weapon down upon him.
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