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    Philippa Avery

    Player: Amy
    Contact: Oh, you know.

    Character Name: Philippa (Pippa) Avery
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 15 198
    Current Location: Eddleton
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The Avery family has loyally served the Costas, a lesser noble house in Eddleton, for a few generations now. While not noble themselves, they work hard to make sure their family name carries a certain pride and weight.

    Played By/Face Claim: Rose McIver

    Appearance: Pippa wears her hair long, although by sheer necessity it's usually tied back in some way. Her figure has been molded by her profession, but while her strength is carried in defined muscles, she isn't heavy or bulky; there's still a femininity to her shape and a defined tuck to her waist. She wears whatever is appropriate for the situation she's in, and is equally happy in a dress or in her sparring gear.

    Personality: Philippa is, in a word, genuine. She’s never truly felt the need to change herself to fit the expectations of others; if something doesn’t feel right, she simply doesn’t do it. It is good, then, that she has a fairly strong sense of right and wrong, and a healthy amount of respect for others. Pippa was raised to help where she could, and especially to help herself - she doesn’t depend on others for things she can do on her own. She puts great value on self-improvement, and believes there’s always something new to learn.

    Friendly and quick to laugh, Pippa makes for good company. She listens well, but is somewhat reluctant to speak too much about herself, and things that are important to her are kept close to her chest. Although she’s found herself in a masculine profession, it doesn’t mean she’s rough or somehow hardened, but it does mean she’s grown to be somewhat unflappable; very little bothers her at this point, since from the beginning it was easier to let things roll off her back than be scandalized at every turn. That isn’t to say that sometimes things don’t get to her, but it takes more than some rough language or a degrading joke to bother her, and in most situations she doesn’t have a problem sticking up for herself if she’s had enough.

    Personal History: It could be said that Philippa's trajectory in life was a consequence of the fact that she was meant to be a boy. Every indication pointed to it - the way the baby was carried, the cravings her mother had, even the fact that the baby was born a few weeks early - and yet, into the world came a small but healthy girl. And so then anticipated 'Philip' became Philippa, and plans for the boy's future were rewritten for a girl.

    Her family was in service to the Costas, working as guards and tradesmen, and their employer's value of women carried over, meaning Philippa had a life that was fairly open. As a child she pursued what interested her, and while she dabbled in things like spinning and needlework, what she liked best was being outside. When her uncle wasn't off on a guard job for the Costas, she was the apple of his eye, and he ended up teaching her some of the martial skills he had. She took to it well, and loved the grace and power of it.

    When it came time to begin thinking about the girl's future, her potential made the decision easy for her parents: she would train to be a guard, just like others in her family. That she was a woman didn't make much difference; even without formal training she showed great promise, and what she lacked in size she made up for with quickness. She began training with the other guards, and with the occasional knight that would come into Eddleton, and it didn't take long before she narrowed in on a type of weapon she favored: the polearm. The length more than made up for her lack of reach, and she liked its versatility. Alongside, she gained a proficiency with small blades, and although she liked them less she saw the usefulness if a fight should get in close quarters.

    When she was old enough, Philippa found a job with the Costas, working alongside her uncle. She wasn’t given an easy time; many people thought this girl with a halberd was just there to take up space, but time and time again she proved her worth. In a relatively short period of time she went from working in her uncle’s shadow to getting selected for jobs in her own right, and along the way she learned whatever she could from whoever would teach her.

    Plague hit Tuneric, and did not spare Eddleton. Work for the Costas more or less dried up as trade ground to a halt, and not even Pippa’s family was spared; her beloved uncle, away with a caravan when the disease ripped through the land, never made it home. But, through tragedy came opportunity, as the retreat of the plague left The Beacon’s defensive line riddled with gaps. Philippa, having made a name for herself with the Costas, soon found herself employed by the Delarose family, at the bottom of the ranks, working as a harbor guard.

    It was not as easy this time to earn the respect of her fellow guardsmen, though, and Pippa was repeatedly passed over and given the simple and unpleasant tasks. She had not considered herself an ambitious person, but now that opportunity was denied to her based on something so simple as her gender, it was like a fire was lit within her. Without complaint, she worked harder and longer than her comrades, took on extra jobs whenever she was able, and continued training, bettering herself and biding her time.

    Once more, her chance came on the heels of tragedy; The Beacon was attacked, and although the assailant was alone, a number of men lost their lives. Pippa had just come off her shift when word of the attack came, and halberd in hand she ran out to the fields to see where she could be of use. The fight was over by the time she arrived, but there was still work to be done; there were plenty of injured that needed helping. Pippa lent her halberd to one soldier who had hurt his leg to lean on, and she fell in with another man to carry one guard who hadn’t managed to escape with his life. She returned to the barracks that night covered in another man’s blood, and maybe it was guilt, or maybe even arrogance, but she couldn’t help but wonder if things would have been different if she’d been there. The man whose body she’d helped carry had started at the same time as her, and had been promoted over her despite the fact that, in training, she had routinely bested him. In the morning she woke, more determined than ever. No more ‘women in the guard just isn’t done’. She resolved to make her case to Corran Torgood himself, to prove to him that she was just as capable as any of the men currently posted to the upper guard. If he genuinely didn’t find her worthy, then she would simply work harder, and if nobody in Eddleton was willing to take her seriously, then she would leave and find someplace where someone would.

    Family Genealogy:

    Uncle Avery -- Wife
         Cousin(m) Avery
    Aunt Avery -- Husband
    Cyrus Avery -- Lila Monterey
         Philippa Avery
    Jonathan Avery
    Aunt Avery -- Husband

    Writing Sample:

    Philippa sat alone in the yard. It was early still, in that quiet time between when the morning shift left and when anyone else needed to be awake, and it was a time that the girl was quite fond of. The world was still enough that she could hear the ocean crashing on the rocks, and she timed the strokes of her whetstone to them as she sharpened the blade of her polearm. The wood still bore bloodstains, from when a man had used her weapon as a crutch after the attack, but although they could easily have been sanded away, something had kept Pippa from doing it yet.

    Her mind had started to wander as she looked off into the mist of the morning. It hadn’t always been this way, but again she found herself feeling restless, and dreaming of impossible futures. She pictured herself as a Knight of the Sword, riding to the aid of some city in distress, halberd held to her side and dark blue cloak swirling behind her. There was a swell of pride as she imagined it, but a drip of oil on her thumb from the whetstone that had stilled as she daydreamed brought her back to reality, and she set back to her work. Knighthood was an impossible hope for her - she would have had to start as a squire over ten years ago, if anyone could even have been persuaded to take her on - but it was a lovely distraction from the frustration of feeling undervalued, as she so often did here.
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