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Thread: Coralie Macari

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    Coralie Macari

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Coralie Macari
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: January 1, 192
    Current Location: Chatlawn Hills, Balfour
    House: Thornton by birth, Macari by marriage
    Crest Appearance: None.

    House Description/History: House Macari has always been a strong and noble lesser house. Primarily fishermen, they are the primary source of seafood in Chatlawn Hills. Built of strong men and women, it is always said that if ever someone is in need, they can turn to house Macari for assistance. As far as lesser houses go they are an honorable one and have always been known for their courage and kindness

    Played By/Face Claim: Lana Parrilla

    Appearance: Coralie is an impressive 5’5” but it’s most likely her attitude that makes her seem taller. Her dark hair, kept short as of late, falls in unruly curls around her face. Her skin is pale, but not sickly so, and it gives her the appearance of a woman who has never done hard work in her life. She’s always had an eye for fashion, even if she can’t afford to wear finer things, she can pick out the work of different designers around Balfour.

    Personality: Strong willed, honest when it suits her, but known as a quiet woman. She has never been one to spread gossip but she’ll certainly listen to it and store the knowledge away for a later date when it might be needed to gain the advantage. She is not below threats, and she is a woman of means to be sure, Coralie will always get her way no matter what she must do.

    A driven woman, when she desires something she works hard to obtain it. Whether it be knowledge or a possession, once her mind is set she can’t be stopped. Loyal, she always defends her kin and country, often times she’s a bit too fierce even if she knows she’s wrong in the conversation. Aggressiveness was a trait she’d had since the day she learned to speak, being told it was unladylike only made it worse.

    Personal History: Born of house Thornton, her father was a calculating man, they were lower on the Balfour hierarchy and had always been trying to make good connections and marriages to better their family’s position. As she grew up she was her father’s shadow, which some would say was a bad thing. Though she learned a lot of her father’s bad habits, she grew up learning what it meant to be a political figure and the head of a house.

    Though she would obviously not grow up to be anything more than a Lord’s wife, she still absorbed as much information she could to please her father and, someday, her husband. She made sure she learned how to knit and sew, all the things that young ladies should learn, but politics was her bread and butter.

    It was when she turned sixteen that she had learned of her arranged marriage. James seemed like a nice enough boy, two years older than she, but he just wasn’t an interesting man. She truly believed that as much as one should physically love they should mentally love as well. It was one moment in her life that she felt a flare of anger for her father but she did as she was told since that was her position in life. She moved into her new husband’s home at the age of eighteen and there they began their lives together.

    Coralie would never say she was happy, but she never says much at all.

    Family Genealogy:

    Thornton (Birth Year)
    - Terrance Thornton -- Bethanie Horn
                   - Samuel Thornton (190)
                   - Coralie Thornton (192) -- - James Macari(188)
                   - Connor Thornton (200)

    Macari (Birth Year)
    - Dontanion Macari (168) -- Norrah Fontaine (170)
                   - James Macari(188) -- Coralie Thornton (192)
                   - Thomas Macari (192) -- Tarrah Marsden (192)
                                  - Unnamed Son (217)
                   - Jackson Macari (195)

    (These houses are built for story purposes and not for expansion)

    Writing Sample: Her arms were folded in front of her as her brother was lecturing her on the finer points of book keeping. Coralie nodded while he gestured to a stack of books, she had better things to do today but she would assist him in their father’s absence.

    “And are these the good books? Or are these the books we show when taxes are collected?” Her voice didn’t carry any judgement, it was a simple question of what she was dealing with. Sam’s face turned red and he sounded shocked when he replied, “these are the only books Cora.”

    She smiled and nodded after sitting down in front of the ledgers. “They shall be completed and balanced before supper, brother.” Since she had plans for after they ate.
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