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Thread: Jedrek Calloway II

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    Jedrek Calloway II

    Ready to Review. Crest still pending!

    Player: Taia
    Contact: Gchat or PM

    Character Name: Jedrek Calloway II
    Character Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 10, 191
    Current Location: Dawntown Castle, Chatlawn Hills
    House: Calloway
    Crest Appearance:

    ** Waiting for Crest**

    House Description/History: House Calloway has been a vassal for House Yarwood since the first walls were erected by Lord Lincoln. They favored the fishing lifestyle above all else and settled in closely to their liege. When Yarwood turned to the trees, Josiah Calloway turned his attention to a wealthy iron mine guarded by a circle of natural standing stones. They quickly became skilled with a forge and began supplying House Yarwood with axes to chop their wood and iron spearheads to farm the bounties of the sea. The two families remained close in trade and relations over the years, resulting in a handsome land grant and richly moated castle on the river.

    Played By/Face Claim: Sam Heughan

    Appearance: Jedrek stands tall at 6’3”, a tower of a man that is as intimidating in stature as he is in fitness. His pronounced, set jaw foreshadows the scowl that is usually found on his features. Though his crystal blue eyes might seem like an enchanting invitation, rarely do they sparkle with good humor. His curly ruddy brown hair brushes his shoulders when let loose, though he often wears it pulled back with a leather thong.

    Years of physical exertion working in the Calloway mines and on their many fishing vessels has left Jedrek in peak physical condition. Having been sent by Lord Yarwood to the front lines of the most recent war left Jedrek with quite a few battle scars to prove his worth as an adversary.

    Personality: Jedrek very rarely portrays any sort of emotion. Excitement, happiness and sadness are all foreign to him. More often than not he simply is - he prefers the seclusion of his work to any sorts of company. When bothered by social events, his humor is often dry and unapproachable, though he has been told numerous times that if he is to take his father’s place at the head of the table one day, he must work on his social skills. His manners are quite good, and he follows the social norms in all except dancing and small talk. Jedrek has no interest in inheriting his father’s position. The work is too tedious, too political and he prefers working with his hands. He plans to hand off the family title that is warranted him as first born to his younger brother should his father pass.

    Personal History: Jedrek can almost remember what it was like to be carefree and, dare he say, happy. While he grew up with a firm grasp of who he was and his family’s duty, he was spoiled by his parents. It was expected, as he was the first born. He learned his family’s trades with ease and fervor, diving headfirst into the river’s current with a net in hand at the ripe age of 4. By his 10th year, he was a master fisherman and quickly turned his attention to the anvil and bellows.

    At the age of 16, though he was perfectly content to continue with his mastery of the forge, his parents announced his marriage arrangement to Belle Yarwood, the 4th born daughter to Lord Elston . He was less than thrilled but his hands were tied- it was the way of things. He was far enough away in the family lines that he would never have to worry about lineage.

    Jed and Belle were married at the age of 18 and she relocated to Castle Calloway, though often at Lord Elston’s request, they would stay at Dawntown Castle. Jedrick continued with his crafts, though he took up sword play at Elston’s request.

    As the years passed it became more and more obvious that Belle would not conceive. She lost three children and after each pulled further and further away from Jed. Their relationship had never been strong but soon she stopped speaking to him or joining him and their family for supper or events. All light left her eyes and she grew wane and hollow eyed. For his part, Jed kept to himself. Rarely did he visit a brothel and he found no other woman to keep him company. Instead, he focused heavily on physical training and his metal working.

    It seemed as though fate would have the last laugh, for dark times quickly fell upon the kingdom. Rumors of uprise against their deranged king Luther spread quickly. The Houses were preparing for the worst and Lord Elston was at the forefront. By his orders, Jed had already recruited a small army of men and began training immediately following the first whispers. By the end of the second month, they were prepared to face even the best armed guards the King could supply. Though Lord Elston himself could not join them on the battlefield, he supplied Jedrek with sound strategy that could only come from knowing the land and rivers as well as the Yarwood Lord did. In the end it was enough to defeat the monarch and put King Lochlan on the throne, though not without foreign help.

    Sadly, the punishment of uprising was plague and it swept through their lands like wildfire. Lord Elston was the first to go and soon each member of House Yarwood began falling victim as though they were dominos and he was the catalyst. Once again, rumors spread of a cure, brought to them from the Kingdom of Tuneric, but it was too late. The night before Belle’s death, a courier came bearing vials of the cure but the disease had taken its toll on his wife and no amount of the potion would have been able to save her. With her death, House Yarwood had fallen.

    Jed returned to Calloway Castle with three vials on his person, which were quickly divided between his family. The banner houses folded in amongst themselves, mourning yet watching… waiting to see who would take the Yarwood legacy.

    Calloway (Birth Year)**
    - Josiah Calloway I (120) -- Danielle De Clairemont (122)
         -Josiah Calloway II(141) -- Annabelle Yarwood (154)
              - Tomas Calloway(150) -- Gwen Yarwood (153) -
              - Jedrek Calloway I (173) -- Cora Romanov (174)
                   - Jedrek Calloway II (191) -- Belle Yarwood (203)
                   - Avrile Calloway (193)
                   - Devin Calloway (195) (Stillborn)
                   - Son **
              - Bastille Calloway(148)(Twin) -- Husband
                   - Daughter **
                   - Son **
              - Seline Calloway (148)(Twin)

    Writing Sample: After war and death, a lesser man might have turned to the bottle and lost himself in the amber liquid. But not Jedrek. His soul was weary for the riverbanks. The water that weeks before had turned red with blood now ran cool and clear once again. The fish were practically jumping into his tangled nets, offering themselves up as sacrifices to the greater good. They reminded him of the men he'd lost in battle for they were almost as eager.

    He stepped into his small paddle boat before dawn rose over the river and it was well past noon now as he cinched he rowed to shore with his bountiful net flowing behind. The catch did little to soothe his soul, for he still pictured her blue in the face, covered in bloody sores. How many times had she called out for him in her hallucinations... not once, he was sure.

    "Lord Calloway," a voice broke through his silent lament and Jedrek turned his blue eyes to the banks where the Calloway steward stood. Jed said nothing, but held a hand up to shield his eyes from the sun. He must have looked a mess, with his long hair soaked with sweat and the river's waters. "M'lord," Jasper called once more, his voice quieter now that he had the young Lordling's attention. "Your father has requested your presence in the main hall. We have...Royal visitors."
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