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Thread: A Large Crate - Queen Vivienne Shellten - 11/14

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    Post A Large Crate - Queen Vivienne Shellten - 11/14

    A crate was delivered to Shellten castle after being offloaded from a trade ship from Balfour. The crate was unpacked and it's contents were delivered to Vivienne's study.

    The box contains rather large, ornate, maps which are framed. One map is of Balfour and the other, Tuneric. Each are designed with keys, in a flowing script, along with a compass rose. The wood of the frames are a dark and are carved in the most decorative fashions. There is a letter that has accompanied them that bears the wax seal of the King of Balfour.

    Queen Vivienne Irene Shellten of Tuneric,

    It is with great pleasure that I send you such gifts to mark the beginning of your reign. Let it be long, happy, and prosperous! I hope that under your guidance, Tuneric shall flourish and continue to be the great country we know it to be.

    I look forward to receiving your Prince brother, though I do hope that his health improves, I shall promise to keep him well until his final days. He is a dear friend and a great ally and I am glad to have met him and by that same chance, to have met you.

    Here is to a great future and a continued alliance between our great counties.

    May the Gods keep you well,
    Lochlan Niclouse Philippos Farrand-Calhoun
    Royal King of Balfour

    @Vivienne Shellten
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    A reply was penned the very night the crates were received, with the Queen writing it even as the maps were being hung in the official royal study. It went out on the next ship taking mail and goods to Balfour a few days later, sealed securely with both the official Shellten seal as well as Vivienne's personal one.

    King Lochlan Niclouse Philippos Farrand-Calhoun, Royal King of Balfour,

    I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous gifts and your kind words. The maps are beautiful, and even as I write they are being put up across from my desk so that I might see them always. The craftsmanship is magnificent; every aspect is as finely crafted as I have ever seen. The people whose talents went into making them are truly to be praised.

    The alliance between our countries is one I value immensely, and I have have every intention of building on the strong foundation of trust and cooperation that my brother built. Our great countries are stronger for the friendship between our people, and is truly something to be treasured.

    I must, on a very personal level, thank you for giving refuge to my brother. It is my dearest hope that the change in scenery does him well, and that he might even improve in health and happiness with time. I am gladdened to know that, although he is far from his home and his kin, he will nevertheless be surrounded by great friends and, in no insignificant way, family.

    May the gods smile upon you, your family, your people, and your country, and keep them all well,
    With greatest thanks,
    Vivienne Irene Shellten, Royal Queen of Tuneric
    @Lochlan Farrand-Calhoun

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