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Thread: Genevieve Fairfax

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    Genevieve Fairfax

    Player: Maya Firebane
    Contact: Gchat (or hangouts or whatever they calling it this week) Beth Rauch (

    Character Name: Genevieve Fairfax
    Character Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 16, 194
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Fairfax
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Fairfax
    Country: Tuneric
    Region: The Fertile Plain
    Seat: Suffolk
    Castle(s) (DoE Name, Actual Name):
    Ferrers Court, Hampton Court

    Suffolk Castle, Rochester Castle

    House Background:
    House Fairfax dates back to the Cult of Mink-Asa crisis. Originally a group of family ran farms in Suffolk, the Fairfax were one of the first to rise up against the Cultist following the boy King's rescue. The Fairfax family nearly died out from the purging of the lands, and for their reward, they were elevated into Nobility. Loyal servants of the new Monarchy, they ruled Suffolk and it's surrounding farmlands, keeping the kingdom supplied with food and resources from livestock such as wool, leather and milk. Their control of the Suffolk has lasted since then, but relations between Fairfax and the rest of the realm have all but disappeared. The speculation is that Robert Fairfax II, was outraged at other lower families advancing beyond Fairfax, despite nearly 200 years of loyal service and their part in the forming of the new Monarchy. Suffolk for a brief period became an isolationist, only speaking beyond their own territory for marrying off their sons and daughters to other noble families and for selling their wares.

    In 211, Thaddeus Fairfax died leaving his four orphaned children to keep the Fairfax Dynasty going, without their mother who had died in childbirth with Victoria. Thaddeus however, was a shrewd businessman and left his children with a large amount of wealth. The eldest Thomas Fairfax, despite being heir, did not want the responsibility of being the Lord of Suffolk. His younger brother Edward, at 26, took the reigns of House Fairfax and has spent the last 5 years totally modernizing their assets and pumping money into their industry. To this day, Fairfax remains a hold of agriculture and livestock raising. But beyond that, Edward Fairfax has constructed the large palace of Ferrers Court (in honour of his late mother's family). With Edward's love of music, drinking, feasts and eating, tourneys, hunting and of course women: Suffolk has become newly popular with the Gentry. Noblemen and women alike, often come to the Edward's court which almost rivals that of the Royal family. Some see it as a getaway from their duties, some as a great place to meet potential lovers and spouses and some to network with other members of the Gentry. One thing they can all agree on, is if you want fun: you head to Suffolk; and Ferrers Court.

    Now once again, the Fairfax family are finally being pushed back into the hearts and minds of the common people and of the Monarchy. Edward Fairfax intends to bring back the honour and glory of House Fairfax and to claim the recognition and reward that this historical family are owed.

    The crest of Fairfax was originally a golden griffin upon a red shield, but when the family had multiple marriages in a short period of time, with the Loren family: the Loren golden fleur de lys upon blue was quartered with the Fairfax crest; and it has remained so ever since.
    Credit: Azza

    Played By/Face Claim: Felicity Jones

    Genevieve Fairfax may look like a waif of a girl standing 5’3” tall and weighing a little over 120 pounds, but she is stronger than she appears thanks to the stamina she has built up riding and caring for horses. She is very much the opposite of her older sister Aaliyah, with dark brown hair and green eyes that change depending on her mood and her clothing. Where her sister is very much the lady, Genevieve is the wild child. More often than not, she can be found wearing the clothing of a boy – trousers and tunics, boots and over jacket – than the fine gowns she dons during family gatherings and outings to the capital. Her long hair is typically tossed up in a messy bun as she doesn’t have the patience to sit while her handmaiden fusses with it. But when she does present herself as the lady she is, she has been known to turn a head or two, especially with her boldness.

    Personality: While her sister presents the image of a lady – quiet, polite, disliking of confrontation – Genevive is vivacious and bold. She is constantly being corrected by her siblings, reminded that a lady does not invite criticism, that they are to be demure in order to attract a husband. Genevieve is not looking for a husband. She enjoys her freedom too much and because of it, she tends to be closer to her brother Xavier than her sister Aaliyah.

    Genevieve, being the youngest, has had the benefit of watching her elder siblings grow up and align themselves with strong families. She has a head for money and the running of a household. She is determined to remain unattached in the hopes of one day having her own home and no one telling her what to do. She wants to raise horses with the dream of becoming known as the finest horse breeder in Tuneric. She loves cats and quite often can be found sitting outside with one in her lap and book in her hands. She has a fear of dogs, however, thanks to be cornered by a large wolfhound in the stables when she was a small child, being rescued from the brute by her brother.

    That, of course, does not mean she doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life, such as good fabrics, fine livestock, and a rousing political discussion.

    Personal History:

    The youngest daughter of Edmund Fairfax and Delia Courtenay, Genevieve was the bane of their mother’s existence and the source of much of her brother’s amusement whenever he was home. She was raised at the family home in Suffolk by a nanny after proving to be a headstrong and willful child. Delia had her hands full with Aaliyah as it was and could not handle two daughters that were a bit wild. At the age of fifteen, Genevieve was a gifted a fine mare by her brother and sister, and the horse became her constant companion for the next five years. On her 20th birthday, Genevieve returned to the court in Hebron in the hopes of the family finding a suitable match for her. While Aaliyah had calmed her wild ways, Genevieve had not, much to her sibling’s consternation and frustration. Her one redeeming quality, as far as a wife goes, is her ability to run a household and make it fruitful, something she learned from the staff in Suffolk growing up.

    When her sister Aaliyah married Atlas Armistead the previous year and became the lady of the house, Genevieve accepted the offer of becoming a lady in waiting to Marianne Shellten, remaining in Hebron.

    Family Genealogy: House Genealogy:House Genealogy:
    - William Fairfax (30) -- Elizabeth Lucan (33)
         - Paul Fairfax (65) -- Hannah Lemoine (67)
              - John Fairfax (89) -- Katherine Shellfeld (92)
                   - Harold Fairfax (115) -- Mary Windsor (117)
                        - Elayne Fairfax (139)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (121) -- Anne Loren (130)**
                        - Henry Fairfax (134) -- Maria Fitzgerald (133)
                             - Edmund Fairfax (162) -- Delia Courtenay (164)
                                  - Xavier Fairfax (187) -- Sophia Marie MacHeath (195)
                                  - Aaliyah Fairfax (192)
                                  - Genevieve Fairfax (194)
                        - William Fairfax (137)
                        - Jane Fairfax (138)**
                   - Roger Fairfax (122) -- Samantha Price (121)**
                        - Charles Fairfax (141) -- Sarah Cobb** (142)
                             - Thaddeus Fairfax (161) -- Catherine de Ferrers (165)
                                  - Thomas Fairfax (183)
                                  - Edward Fairfax (185)
                                  - Catherine Fairfax (196)
                                  - Victoria Fairfax (201)
                   - Bryce Fairfax (126)**
              - Margaret Fairfax (92) -- Phillipe Loren (114)
                   - Francois Loren (143)**
              - Edward Fairfax (96) -- Rosalie Loren (99)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (120) -- Anne Loren (121)
                        - Lawrence Fairfax (139) -- Nicole Smith (141)
                             - John Fairfax (164) -- Aislynn Sheridan (186)
                                  - William "Will" Fairfax (205)
                                  - Henry Fairfax (208)
                                  - Christian Fairfax (204)
              - Godwin Fairfax (98) -- Matilda Cromwell (103)
                   - Richard Fairfax (136) -- Mary Wolsey (138)
                   - Elizabeth Fairfax (138) -- Hans Von Claussen (134)**
                        - Otto Von Claussen (159)**
                        - Ludwig Von Claussen (172)**
              - Jane Fairfax (102) -- Harold DeWinter (100)**
                   - Anne DeWinter (143)**
         - Logan Fairfax (68) -- Yvaine MacBaxter (72)
              - Robert Fairfax (94)**
              - Alistar Fairfax (97)**
              - Oliver Fairfax (99)**
              - Thomas Fairfax (102)**

    Writing Sample:
    So, this is an excerpt from my second novel, The Legend of Captain St. Pierre. All rights reserved. This is copyrighted to Beth A. Freely (that’s me), etc. etc. yada yada yada. It’s a bit long, but this is one of my favorite scenes in the first chapter of the book.

    Branwyn looked up towards the night sky for a brief moment before she went back to cleaning her nails with the tip of her dagger. She hated to be left waiting and her mood was even fouler when Mako Jon managed to haul his captain outside. She had stood there long enough to be propositioned by several drunken sailors that she wouldn’t have even considered for her crew. She had expected Fletcher and his first mate to follow immediately. Obviously, the two men did not realize that she meant serious business. She took one look at Ayden Fletcher and snorted. “How can you be nefarious when you can’t even walk?” she snapped as she sheathed her dagger. She grabbed him by the back of the neck, an easy feat since she was only a few inches shorter than him, and shoved him face first into the horse trough before his befuddled, rum soaked mind comprehended what had just happened. She gazed up at Mako Jon as she held Ayden under the water. “This man has caused me quite a bit of trouble.”

    Mako Jon rubbed a finger over one eyebrow, glancing towards the people that paused to watch. He waved to them, shooing them on their way. “He’s good at that,” he commented. He winced in sympathy as she let Ayden come up for air then forced the sputtering man back into the trough.

    “He’s also cost me quite a bit of money,” she continued conversationally, as if dunking a drunken pirate in a horse trough was an everyday activity for her. She pulled Ayden out and looked at him before shoving him back under with a disgusted sigh.

    “I’m sure.”

    Branwyn let Ayden back up and looked at him again. His eyes were still a bit hazy with rum and she tossed him under, this time with a little more effort since he had planted his hands firmly along the trough’s edge. “And if he costs me my sister, he will be paying with his life,” she continued. When she saw the look of shock cross Mako Jon’s face, she looked down to see Ayden had stopped struggling and she let him surface. Without even blinking an eye, she tossed Ayden completely into the trough. She wiped her hands on her britches as he thrashed a bit before disappearing under the water. Removing the pistol from her sash, she reloaded the weapon, glancing at Ayden as he surfaced again, sputtering and coughing. Wiping his eyes, he glanced at her for a moment in confusion, water streaming down his face.

    “Now, see here, lass! Ayden hasn’t done anything to cost you your sister!” Mako Jon protested. He looked at the man he considered his best friend suddenly questioning him, “Have you?”

    “If I may,” Ayden said as he lifted himself from the water, shifting to peer over the edge of the trough. He cleared and blinked his eyes before turning to the two, his face a mere inch from Branwyn’s crotch, “Who are you?”

    Mako Jon shook his head at his childhood friend. When the man was drunk there was no telling what kind of trouble he would get into. He stood back, leaning against the stable wall to wait for Ayden to get himself killed. Considering the look of total and complete aggravation on the woman’s face, it probably wouldn’t take long.

    Branwyn stared down at Ayden before crouching, their noses almost touching. “You don’t be remembering me, Fletcher?” she asked softly. She rose the same time he did, standing face to face with the pirate. “Let me refresh your slightly clouded memory. The name happens to be Captain St. Pierre.” She raised one eyebrow as she waited for his reaction. “Cat got your tongue, Fletcher?”

    Ayden’s eyes drew across her face when his brow suddenly furrowed. He swayed forward peering into her eyes. “You’re a woman?” he exclaimed in surprise. He suddenly pulled the vest and white shirt from her chest and gazed down to see the swell of her breasts hidden within the folds of the soft fabric. “Blimey!”

    “You lecherous swine!” Branwyn pulled back her right hand, curled into a fist, and landed a solid punch right across his jaw. Ayden went flying backwards from the horse trough to land in the dirt at Mako Jon’s feet. “Aye, I’m a woman! And you should be remembering me! We met a little over a week back.” She gazed down at him with her hands propped firmly on the curve of her hips. “Right after you were done sacking me ship and leaving me sister and me without our hard and legally earned cargo!”

    Ayden shook his head as he shuffled his feet on the ground, trying to gain a foothold, his hand rubbing his jaw. “Blimey, but you pack a punch, lamb.” Leaning forward he slowly stood up, working to regain his equilibrium. With a quick glance to Mako Jon he furrowed his brow in sudden confusion. “What ship might we be talking about?”

    Mako Jon pinched the bridge of his nose before he rolled his eyes at his friend. He was as bold as brass at times. “I think she is talking about the Sassenach’s Ban, mate.”

    “That ship?” Ayden barked in question looking to his first mate.

    Mako Jon nodded, his grin growing. “Aye, that ship.”
    Rubbing his jaw gently, Ayden stared at Branwyn. “That was your ship?” he questioned as he tried to remember the events of the past week.

    “Aye, that ship. The Sassenach’s Bane. That was me sister’s and me ship. Now, thanks to you, it is sitting at the bottom of the Caribbean with some of King George’s Royal Navy’s 8-pounders in its hull. At Governor Jacoby’s order, I might add.” She approached him, closing the distance between them in two strides. She poked Ayden in the chest. “You have cost me my cargo, a great deal of money and, quite possibly, the life of me sister.” She propped her hands on her hips. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

    Ayden winced at every accusation that flew from her mouth. He cringed, trying to appear smaller and smaller when he looked up at her, wondering if she was finished. Staring at her as the last question escaped her mouth, he just opened his own and raised his hand to make a point. But the glare that came from her caused him to wince again. He bit the side of his lip in thought and looked to Mako Jon. “In the advent of such unfortunate of circumstances, I say we rise up a flag of truce. What do you say to that?”

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    The only thing I can see that needs a tweak is her age, and that's entirely down to the profile template being out of date. Current game year is 218, so if she was born in 194, she'd be 24. Other than that, though, you've got my stamp, and I'll...just be going to fix the template. >.>
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