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    Claudette Deveraux

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: RawrBiscuits22 [at] Gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Claudette Deveraux
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: July 7th, 196
    Current Location: Merignac, Astoria - The Country of Esquibel
    House: House Deveraux by birth.
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [All credit to Dara for the lovely House Description.]

    A family of sea-farers, the Deveraux found their old home-land a little confining. Obtaining permission to explore the far reaches of the seas, they formed a consortium of several interested families (Belmonte and Corteo) to send a fleet of ships out. As they sailed, a large island came into view, one that held the promise of a new home-land. In reaching it, they encountered the people of the mountain, the Rosenkrantz and the other tribes.

    Settlements cropped up quickly on various parts of the island. The Belmontes took the smaller island, the Rosenkrantz and tribes remained aloof on the large mountain while the Valliers settled on the southern shore and the Corteo took up the northeastern bay. Meanwhile, the Deveraux chose the gentle slopes of the northern peak, setting up their city.

    With time and the increasing spread of population, the families took to meeting regularly. There were concerns of mutual defense and trade to be discussed, marriages to arrange, and matters of diplomacy to negotiation. As the months wore on, the island soon found itself increasingly receiving the wrong sort of attention. The signs of prosperity signalled to those prowling the seas surrounding the islands that there was profit to be made in attacking more frequently and in greater numbers. Aware that unity was key, the Deveraux approached the mountain tribes to negotiate a pact.

    The mountain tribes, led by the Rosenkrantz, had already suffered considerably at the hands of the attacking marauders. Accepting that greater numbers might succeed in finally ending the attacks, the two sides agreed to ally. Rosenkrantz and the tribes would support Deveraux, and in exchange, no-one would try to take their mountain from them. In addition, they were invaluable at patrolling the area between the two islands and holding it safe.

    What started as raids soon devolved into a full-scale war that compelled the colonists to unite under the Deveraux banner to repel the unwelcome foe. Though it cost dearly in lives, homes and damage, Esquibel managed to emerge victorious, forcing their attackers to surrender and parlay under the white flag of truce. It was during these same parlays that the Houses agreed to unite under a single banner and elevate one family to rule the island. That family was the Deveraux.

    For the last century, Esquibel has been under Deveraux kings. Peace has settled across both islands, and the prosperity has remained steady, but like all lands, they know that more is out there. Soon they must look past their own borders to seek friends and allies… because no foe remains vanquished forever.

    Played By/Face Claim: Candice Accola

    Appearance: At only an inch taller than her sisters and just as blonde, she fits into the standard mold that was made for the Deveraux family. Her curves are slight but she makes sure to accentuate them with her wardrobe. Where she lacks in an area she makes up for with a push up there or a bit of tighter lacing around here. She loves rubies and pearls and is always wearing one or the other. Her hair is something she's very particular about and loves to wear it in curls. She adores the way they frame her fact and bounce around her shoulders.

    As a Princess she only wears the finest dresses and had found two words to live by: More lace. Pinks, greens, even burnt amber colors fill her wardrobe but each dress has some amount of lace detail to them. She does not buy her shoes with the intent to look taller, in face she is quite alright with her height. She is careful to make sure that her heels are manageable just on the off chance she ever has to run. It may be a silly thing for a Princess to worry about but Claudette will never agree.

    Personality: As fiercely does she love, so shall she hate. Claudette doesn't like to use the word 'hate' though, she thinks it to be a bit crude. She prefers to express an extreme dislike and leave it at that. Calm, quiet, proud, confidant and obedient. With her shoulders back and her spine straight, Claudette always makes it known that she is above other women. She is a Deveraux, never a catty gossiper, she prides herself on factual statements and honest conversation. She has a clear sense of duty and honors her sister as the Queen of their country and the leader of their family. She respects her completely and loves her unconditionally. When it comes to her sisters she respects and admires them and will always stick by their sides no matter what.

    One thing about Claudette is that she loves games. Her favorite is one of cunning and quick wit that she plays on her own. If there is ever a time when she finds truthful and factual conversation to be lost on another individual she tends to play with them like a cat plays with her prey. Very few people have impressed her and she is generally disappointed enough with her company to walk away from them.

    She only wears the finest clothes and the most elegant of jewelry. Silk dresses are among her favorites and she tends to wear dresses with less of a bell shape and more of a sheath style. Her hair is always styled carefully in the morning, even if she just wears it down, and she always makes sure she's in perfect order before even leaving her room.

    There are few times when Claudette has been made truly angry. Even when she is slightly annoyed she has a way of keeping her face straight but many fear what would happen when she's completely unhappy. If she has a good reason and she's aware that she's correct she'll evenly call someone out on what they've done whenever possible. If she knows that she's displeased for a reason deemed unworthy of acknowledgement she'll simply leave once the conversation is completed. Once she's gone she'll disappear for hours and only her family knows where she actually ends up.

    As a Lady and a Princess, she knows she shouldn't be outwardly seductive, but at the same time she finds it fun. If she catches a man glancing her way she can't help but smile back. She's never had any intentions of acting on anything or compromising her good name but she can't help it if they look as she walks away.

    Personal History: The third born to the crowd of daughters with the Deveraux name, Claudette could have sworn that her father had no desire to even look at her on most days. It wasn't until their father chose to name her eldest sister, Nicolette, Queen that he seemed to warm up to the idea of being surrounded by women.

    As a child her studies were the same as each of her sister's. The King made sure each one of his daughters had skills to not only rule the country, dance, have sophisticated conversation, but defend themselves and one another. When it came time to learn a weapon, her father insisted they learn to fight with swords, and Claudette did as she was asked, but she couldn't help it when she saw a bow nearby. Using some of her spare time to practice she found that she had become a pretty skilled archer but her father still pressed her to learn a 'close quarters' combat skill. He emphasized that if she were ever in trouble she may not have the distance needed to safely loose an arrow upon her attackers, though it was a skill he was proud that she had, he encouraged her to practice harder with a sword. Oddly enough she wasn't too bad with a sword and shield but she'd become even better with daggers, so much so that she took to carrying them around with her on a regular basis. The King was forced to compromise with his third daughter, she did ask he asked, and just a little bit more.

    When it became obvious that Nicolette would be Queen and there would be no need for a male heir, Claudette couldn't help but be proud of her eldest sister. She had also been very proud that her father had made such a controversial choice without a second thought or even a flinch. The loudest in protest was their uncle and there had been many occasions where the Princess made sure that Benoit knew exactly how she felt upon the situation as a whole and on his opinions.

    Claudette was not prepared for the loss of her parents. First her father had been taken by a sudden illness and then her mother was stolen away not too long after. She watched her sister become Queen and supported her every step of the way just as her other sisters had. They were one unit, the Royal Sisters, and they'd defend Nicolette until the bitter end.

    It had been an event that no one expected, least of all their late father's champion. He'd sat at a table, talking as if he were larger than life and invincible. It had been the prefect opportunity and Claudette jumped at the chance like a cat upon a mouse. She'd challenged him then and there, in front of every man of the King's guard, and laughter erupted among the witnesses. She assured him that he needn't think of her as a Princess as she would not go easy on him and expected the same in return. It was obvious that he did not feel the same was as she. He continued to brag, give Claudette the chance to recant her challenge, but it was he who ended up in pain upon the stone floor. It was a simple duel of swords and skills and yet the man did not give her credit where it should have been due. Queen Nicolette, as a result, named her sister as her personal champion.

    Idolizing her sister Nicolette has been something that Claudette has done her whole life. Her grace and poise were something she'd always mimicked. With Antoinette, Claudette can't help but stand in awe of her style and beauty. She has a sass and demeanor that she only wish she could pull off. Whlie her bonds with her sisters have always been strong there is something very different between her and Juliette. Always looking out for her, always helping her with whatever she needs, the pair are sometimes seen whispering in corners together. Her dearest 'Jewel', the pair are often communicating with each other just by glance or quick gesture. It is true that the sisters are a force that no one had ever expected to see but when the four of them put their heads together they make sure that everyone knows exactly how dangerous they can be.

    Family Genealogy:

    Deveraux: (Birth Year)
    Lucien Deveraux [129] --- Sophia Gardiner [131]
          -Alexandre Deveraux [152] --- Thérèse Valliers [159]
              - Queen Nicolette [190]
              - Princess Antoinette [193]
              - Princess Claudette [196]
              - Princess Juliette [199]
         - Benoit Deveraux [155]--- Spouse Belmonte? []
              - Stéphane Deveraux [186]
              - Emile Deveraux [190]
              - Martine Deveraux [192]
          - Gustave Deveraux [161] --- Natasha Romanov
              - Lucien Deveraux [190]
              - Olivier Deveraux [193 - Twin]
              - Olympe Deveraux [193 - twin]
         - Valentine Deveraux --- Xavier Corteo
              - Felix Corteo (30) -- spouse
                   - Vespasien Corteo (identical twin)
                   - Leopold Corteo (identical twin)
              - Claudette Corteo -- Brent Romanov
                   - Tristan Corteo
                   - Ophelia Corteo

    Writing Sample:
    "Let's go with the blue." Claudette pointed to a different fabric and the woman held it over the Princess's shoulder to display the fabric against her complexion. It took a moment, staring in the mirror, before the young woman furrowed her brow and shook her head. "No. No It just isn't popping out at me. I want something that says, I'm cute, NO! I'm BEAUTIFUL and witty and don't bother talking to me because I'm far too busy."

    The woman smiled and shook her head. "Your highness, no dress could make you more perfect than you already are." They were trained to say things like that and Claudette turned around to smile back. "Let's just get me a dress that says 'I'm unavailable' even if they're gorgeous I don't want any man thinking he can approach me." The seamstress smiled and simply replied. "We can arrange that."
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