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    Victoria Fairfax

    Player: Lorelei
    Contact: PM (Gtalk, Skype, and Discord available upon request)

    Character Name: Victoria Elise Fairfax
    Character Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: July 14, 201
    Current Location: Suffolk
    House: Fairfax
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    House Fairfax dates back to the Cult of Mink-Asa crisis. Originally a group of family ran farms in Suffolk, the Fairfax were one of the first to rise up against the Cultist following the boy King's rescue. The Fairfax family nearly died out from the purging of the lands, and for their reward, they were elevated into Nobility. Loyal servants of the new Monarchy, they ruled Suffolk and it's surrounding farmlands, keeping the kingdom supplied with food and resources from livestock such as wool, leather and milk. Their control of the Suffolk has lasted since then, but relations between Fairfax and the rest of the realm have all but disappeared. The speculation is that Robert Fairfax II, was outraged at other lower families advancing beyond Fairfax, despite nearly 200 years of loyal service and their part in the forming of the new Monarchy. Suffolk for a brief period became an isolationist, only speaking beyond their own territory for marrying off their sons and daughters to other noble families and for selling their wares.

    In 211, Thaddeus Fairfax died leaving his four orphaned children to keep the Fairfax Dynasty going, without their mother who had died in childbirth with Victoria. Thaddeus however, was a shrewd businessman and left his children with a large amount of wealth. The eldest Thomas Fairfax, despite being heir, did not want the responsibility of being the Lord of Suffolk. His younger brother Edward, at 26, took the reigns of House Fairfax and has spent the last 5 years totally modernizing their assets and pumping money into their industry. To this day, Fairfax remains a hold of agriculture and livestock raising. But beyond that, Edward Fairfax has constructed the large palace of Ferrers Court (in honour of his late mother's family). With Edward's love of music, drinking, feasts and eating, tourneys, hunting and of course women: Suffolk has become newly popular with the Gentry. Noblemen and women alike, often come to the Edward's court which almost rivals that of the Royal family. Some see it as a getaway from their duties, some as a great place to meet potential lovers and spouses and some to network with other members of the Gentry. One thing they can all agree on, is if you want fun: you head to Suffolk; and Ferrers Court.

    Now once again, the Fairfax family are finally being pushed back into the hearts and minds of the common people and of the Monarchy. Edward Fairfax intends to bring back the honour and glory of House Fairfax and to claim the recognition and reward that this historical family are owed.

    The crest of Fairfax was originally a golden griffin upon a red shield, but when the family had mulitple marriages in a short period of time, with the Loren family: the Loren golden fleur de lys upon blue was quartered with the Fairfax crest; and it has remained so ever since.

    -Credit to Azza

    Played By/Face Claim: Holliday Grainger


    At barely five feet tall, Victoria looks like a dainty little doll with porcelain skin and exquisitely sculpted features. Her flaxen hair is so thick and heavy that it is difficult to style and she usually wears it loose to cascade past her waist in a gentle tumble of perfectly formed curls, sometimes topped with a chaplet of beads, pearls, or jewels. The only thing she envies about her elder sister is her burnished gold hair. Victoria's tresses are so pale that they barely possess any color at all.

    Her blue eyes appear to change hue according to her moods. They can be cool and icy, the color of the sky on a perfect summer day, or the tumultuous shade of a stormy sea. She has an hourglass figure and a regal poise. Victoria walks with a natural grace that makes it appear as if she is walking on air and her head is always held high.

    She dresses in the height of fashion, as befits a member of such a distinguished family. Both pastels and jewel hues appeal to her, but she doesn't like dark colors because they make her look washed out. Precious gems, beads, and pearls often adorn her gowns and her jewelry always matches her attire. Victoria loves jewels of all kinds, but she is particularly fond of diamonds and wears them in some form almost every day.


    Victoria is a vivacious, smart and ambitious young lady who believes she should be able to follow her own dreams rather than meekly accept the expectations society has placed on the fairer sex. She wants more than to marry and bear children, and has no liking at all for being wed for political advantage rather than mutual fondness and respect. Victoria doesn't want to be at the beck and call of any man. She wants to make her own mark upon the world and live an exciting life like her favorite cousin, Xavier.

    However, she is loyal to her family and would never do anything to embarrass them. In public, she is the epitome of what a young noble lady should be … refined, sophisticated and elegant, if perhaps a bit arrogant. She is accomplished in the social graces and is able to discuss most subjects with intelligence and insight. Victoria is friendly and compassionate, with a natural and innocent charisma that draws people to her. Witty and charming, she possesses the ability to make whomever she is speaking with feel that they are important to her.

    In private, she can be stubborn, willful, insolent, and sassy. She tends to speak her own mind and damn the consequences. Victoria doesn't like to be told what to do or how to think, and she often clashes with her elder brother Edward. Though she loves him, she thinks he can be obstinate and set in his ways and unwilling to see her point of view.

    Victoria is insatiably curious and thirsts for knowledge of all kinds. Her education sparked a life-long love of learning that follows her always. Prone to researching any subject that takes her fancy, she is knowledgeable about many things and understands more than she usually lets on. All knowledge is worth having and Victoria believes that with all her heart.

    Yet she is still young and naïve and inexperienced in the ways of the world. She is just beginning to discover who she really is and where she wants to go in life. At the moment, court life delights her and she believes it is where she belongs, but maybe she will eventually find another path that appeals to her more. Only seventeen, Victoria is on a journey of self-discovery and still has a lot of growing up to do.

    Personal History:

    Victoria Elise Fairfax burst into the world on a beautiful summer morning, squalling at the top of her lungs. Even in the earliest weeks of her life, she was a social child and only content in the company of others. When she was left alone in her cradle, she would wail until one of her parents or her nurse picked her up and entertained her.

    By the time she was three, her favorite activity was to follow her older brothers and sisters around, asking endless questions that inevitably began with the dreaded word 'why.' Victoria was an insatiably curious little girl and wanted to know everything about everything.

    She loved to explore the world around her and found wonder in the simplest things, like a raindrop clinging to the petals or a flower or a cocoon that would one day turn into a lovely butterfly. Victoria loved to pick wildflowers and sometimes she jumped into the air trying to catch the sun. When it it disappeared behind a cloud, she thought it was hiding from her because it was afraid that she would snatch it from the sky.

    Sometimes she loathed being the baby of the family, and sometimes she loved it. Thomas, Edward and Catherine always got to everything before she did and Victoria was rather envious of them for that. They all had horses before she was old enough to ride and they were able to read when all she saw was strange scribbles written upon a page. She was impatient to grow up so that she could do everything they did.

    When her formal education began, she took to her lessons like a fish to water. There was not a single subject that she found boring, and … inspired by her favorite cousin, Xavier, who was a knight-scholar ... Victoria charmed her tutors into teaching her more than what was considered appropriate for a young lady from a fine noble family. She studied arithmetic, philosophy, history, science, politics, and foreign languages as well as the singing, dancing, needlework, and managing a household.

    Even at a young age, she knew that knowledge was important and she passionately devoured everything she was taught, often reading long into the night, at least until she accidentally set fire to her bed-curtains when she fell asleep and knocked over a candle. Luckily, she wasn't hurt but she was forbidden to read in bed after that, a rule strictly enforced by her governess.

    By the time she was thirteen, she realized that society's expectations for her future … and her brother Edward's … differed drastically from her own. Proper young ladies married gentlemen of their family's choosing and spent their lives bearing children and doing their husbands' bidding. This seemed like a dreary and miserable existence to young Victoria, who longed for freedom and adventure. Xavier encouraged her to follow her dreams, much to Edward's chagrin. Headstrong and rebellious, she and her brother often clashed but she refused to give up her own desires.

    Her relationship with her sister had its ups and downs. Victoria considered Catherine as somewhat of a rival and she strove to be better than her in all things, silently competing with her on every level. She was livid when Catherine received opportunities she craved but wasn't yet old enough to participate in, and when her sister was complimented, Victoria tried to outshine her so that she would be complimented too. Yet she was fond of Catherine as well.

    One thing she did much better than Catherine was entertaining, as she was much more outgoing and wittier than her sister, She often served as hostess at the many events that were held at Suffolk and she thrived in that role. Her social skills improved and flourished. She learned how to make their guests feel welcome and to diffuse unpleasant situations to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Victoria listened avidly to stories about other places, and decided that more than anything, she wanted to make a splash at court and enjoy everything it had to offer. Perhaps she would even become a lady-in-waiting to one of the royals..

    She began paying more attention to her etiquette lessons, which had never interested her before. Now she threw herself wholeheartedly into cultivating a refined and sophisticated demeanor that she believed would serve her well if she could convince Edward to let her go to court. She also started to behave herself in his presence so that he would think well of her, although she still got into mischief from time to time.

    When Edward started taking her with him to other cities, Victoria was delighted, but a bit anxious as well. Now of marriageable age, she suspected that he didn't desire her company as much as he wanted her to be seen by prospective husbands, a notion that didn't sit well with her at all. She didn't want to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, a pawn in a political game that she wasn't even allowed to play. Victoria wanted to be in charge of her own destiny, to forge her own path in the world.

    At a gathering at Welch Run, she met a woman named Gisela Darktide who told her about a group of women who called themselves the Willows and shared her views. Victoria went to one of their meetings and was quite impressed. She discovered that she wasn't the only lady who was dissatisfied with the standards society placed on them. These women wanted equality and freedom, but they all agreed that it would take time to bring men around to their way of thinking and that their goals were best accomplished by subtle methods.

    Eventually, Edward spoke to her about becoming a lady-in-waiting to the queen, basically serving as his eyes and ears in the capital city. This prospect thrilled Victoria because going to court was one of her primary ambitions. Everything seemed to be going her way until he took her on to River Butte where he had business with Lord Einar-Isael. Their host was kind to her and she absolutely loved his library. Though nothing was said to confirm her suspicions, she wondered if her brother was considering marrying her to the older man, a match she had absolutely no interest in.

    Now there is a new queen on the throne, and Victoria has finally arrived at Hebron for the coronation. She has taken to court life as if she was born to it. There is so much to do and see, so many people to socialize with, so many events to attend. This, she believes, is where she was always meant to be, and she hopes that Edward will find her a position with the royal family so that she will never have to leave.

    Family Genealogy:

    -William Fairfax (30)Elizabeth Lucan (33)
         -Paul Fairfax (65) -- Hannah Lemoine (67)
               -John Fairfax (89) -- Katherine Shellfeld (92)
                     -Harold Fairfax (115) -- Mary Windsor (117)
                           -Elayne Fairfax (139)**
                   Robert Fairfax (121) --Anne Loren (130)
                         -Henry Fairfax (134) -- Maria Fitzgerald (133)
                              -Edmund Fairfax (162) -- Delia Courtenay (164)
                                    -Xavier Fairfax (187) -- Sophia Marie MacHeath (195)
                                   -Aaliyah Fairfax (192)
                                    -Genevieve Fairfax (194)
                        -William Fairfax (137)
                        -Jane Fairfax (138)**
                   -Roger Fairfax (122) -- Samantha Price (121) **
                        -Charles Fairfax (141) -- Sarah Cobb (142)
                             -Thaddeus Fairfax (161) -- Catherine de Ferrers (165)
                                  -Thomas Fairfax (183)
                                  -Edward Fairfax (185)
                                  -Catherine Fairfax (196)
                                  -Victoria Fairfax (201)
                   -Bryce Fairfax (126)**
              -Margaret Fairfax (92) -- Philippe Loren (114)
                   -Francois Loren (143)**
              -Edward Fairfax (96) -- Rosalie Loren (99)**
                   -Robert Fairfax (120) -- Anne Loren (121)
                        -Lawrence Fairfax (139) -- Nicole Smith (141)
                             -John Fairfax (164) -- Aislynn Sheridan (186)
                                  -William “Will” Fairfax (205)
                                  -Henry Fairfax (208)
                                  -Christian Fairfax (204)
              -Godwin Fairfax (176) -- Matilda Cromwell (103)
                   -Richard Fairfax (136) -- Mary Wolsey (138)
                   -Elizabeth Fairfax (138) -- Hans Von Claussen (134)**
                        -Otto Von Claussen (159)
                        -Ludwig Von Claussen (172)**
              -Jane Fairfax (102) -- Harold DeWinter (100)**
                   -Anne DeWinter (143)**
         -Logan Fairfax (68) -- Yvaine MacBaxter (72)
              -Robert Fairfax (94)**
              -Allistar Fairfax (97)**
              -Oliver Fairfax (99)**
              -Thomas Fairfax (102)**
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