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    Bryony Olivier

    Player: Lorelei
    Contact: PM (Gtalk, Skype, and Discord available upon request)

    Character Name: Bryony Amarose Olivier
    Character Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: October 27, 202
    Current Location: Valley Haven
    House: Olivier
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Loyal to the Shelltens from the beginning, House Olivier's fealty was rewarded when their patron house committed a treasonous act against the crown. After Jaquen Orvailles attacked King Cailen Shellten at his coronation in the summer of 216, Isaac Olivier was granted the lordship of Valley Haven. He took over that September and had the castle completely remodeled to reflect his family's patronage of the arts. He renamed it Amary Keep after his only surviving child, Bryony Amarose, who is also his heir.

    Painters, musicians, sculptors, actors, and other artisans were inspired to move to Valley Haven to live and work. Beautifully sculpted fountains soon decorated the city, paintings adorned the walls of many buildings, and music constantly danced through the air. A theatre was built to host plays and concerts, and studios specializing in many forms of art flourished. The production of Olivier musical instruments, considered the finest in the known world, was also relocated to Valley Haven.

    Nearly two years after the Oliviers took over, the plague ravished both Tuneric and Balfour and they were given the honor of housing the royals and nobles of Balfour seeking refuge from the disease. Now that it has been eradicated, life has returned to normal and music fills the streets once more.

    Played By/Face Claim: Madelaine Petsch


    Bryony is a lovely young women with fair skin and eyes the unusual color of aquamarine. She has long curly red-gold hair which tends to frizz in the heat. With her short stature, a girlish figure, and a look of innocence, she is usually thought to be no more than a child. She finds this annoying, but has learned to use her youthful appearance to her advantage.

    Her style of dress is fashionable and her favorite colors are green, purple, blue, and gold … hues that go well with her fiery hair. She loves lace and ribbons and fabric rosettes. Her jewelry usually consists of delicate pieces with small precious gems or pearls. Even her attire adds to her innocent appearance.


    Bryony is an intelligent, clever, and capricious young lady who believes in living life to the fullest. As her father denied her nothing, she is spoiled and accustomed to getting her way. When she does not, she can be quite temperamental. Otherwise, she is not very easy to anger, but when someone does raise her ire, her wrath is rather memorable. She is quite fond of throwing things, generally at someone's head.

    With a mind ruled by logic rather than by emotion, Bryony has a good head for numbers, politics and strategy, the latter which she put to use in games of skill, developing a quirky approach that keeps her opponents on their toes. Whether in games or in other areas of her life, she thinks out her moves in advance, and she never gives up, even after she exhausts all her options. Devious, cunning, and inventive, she simply comes up with new ways to achieve her goals.

    She is also subtly manipulative in a pure and guileless way. Her infectious smile, her cute little pout, and the endearing way she tilts her head like an inquisitive little kitten … all this is designed to entrance those who can help her get what she wants.

    While she is quite intelligent, she prefers not to show it, pretending to be silly to convince people that she is not the sharpest sword in the armory. People usually think she is younger than she is, as well as childish and immature. Because of this, they tend to think that she is too foolish to understand what they're saying and are more likely to be careless while conversing around her.

    She is spontaneous, impulsive, and a bit reckless, and this sometimes gets her into trouble. Usually, though, she is clever enough to get out of it … generally by pretending she's not clever enough to get out of it. As boy-crazy as any girl her age, Bryony is just learning how to flirt and use her feminine wiles. Because she is the heir of Valley Haven, many young noblemen are interested in her, but so far she believes they are more intrigued by her wealth and status than in her.

    Bryony has a gift for music. She can play several instruments and has a beautiful singing voice that has been described as pure, sweet, and clear. Music is her greatest joy and she delights in singing at parties, balls, and banquets. She can hardly wait to sing at court and hopes to become renowned all over Tuneric for her voice. Bryony loves to be the center of attention and basks in the flattery and compliments she receives.

    Personal History:

    The third child and only daughter born to Isaac Olivier and his wife Rosalind, Bryony came into the world on a colorful autumn afternoon, a healthy fair-skinned baby with a head full of vivid red curls that she had inherited from her grandmother. According to the midwife, she was special, for she had been born with a caul, which was considered a sign of good luck and meant that she was destined for great things … assuming that one believed such superstitions.

    During her first three years, it seemed that Bryony was destined for nothing but trouble. She was a sneaky little thing and had a habit of wandering off whenever her nurse turned her back on her. On one occasion, she was found in the stables and on another, she climbed upon the rim of one of the sculpted fountains in the garden and fell into the shallow water. Her nurse found her sitting in the fountain soaking wet and with a big grin on her face as if she had no idea that she had done anything wrong.

    During that year, sickness swept through the village and castle, taking many lives. Bryony's mother and her two brothers passed away within a week of each other, and though her father survived, the illness left him sterile. The only other members of the Olivier family who had not succumbed were two aunts who had long since married and moved away.

    Bryony remembered none of this and was left with no memories at all of her brothers. All she could recall of her mother was the smell of her perfume, the softness of her arms wrapped around her, and the way she had often sung her to sleep. Maybe it was the memory of her mother's voice that inspired her own interest in singing, or perhaps it was because her family was renowned for crafting the finest musical instruments in the known world, and music had always been a part of her life.

    Artists of all kinds lived in the village surrounding the castle, many of them supported by Lord Isaac, a very generous patron. He hired the best musician in the area to train his daughter's voice and also to teach her how to play instruments. The last child left to him, he cherished Bryony and gave her everything her little heart desired, which resulted in her becoming quite spoiled.

    She was also capricious, rebellious and independent, and a succession of governesses quit in frustration until one was found that was able to handle her willfulness, her endless questions, and to instruct her on how to be a proper and demure young lady.

    As she matured, she channeled her rebelliousness into her education, soaking up everything she was taught like a sponge. Her persuasive abilities came in handy when she wanted to learn something that her father wouldn't approve of, such as acting, a profession that was suited only to commoners. Bryony charmed the local theatrical group into letting her practice with them, and the skills they taught her came in useful in many ways.

    When she was thirteen, she went to her first social event … a ball held in Valley Haven by House Orvailles, her family's patron House. She was thrilled when she was asked to sing, and delighted by all the compliments she received. It was at there that Bryony discovered that people thought that she was younger than she really was and that by acting silly, she could fool them into thinking that she had fluff for brains by using some of the acting techniques she had learned.

    After her debut into society, she attended parties more often and she found out that those who believed she was foolish was more likely to speak of important matters when she was nearby instead of lowering their voices or moving away. And so she cultivated her frivolous attitude, occasionally gathering information that was useful to her father.

    In August of her thirteenth year, Lord Orivalles betrayed the crown by attempting to assassinate the new king at his own coronation. The House was stripped of its wealth and titles and Bryony's father was named the new Lord of Valley Haven. She was overjoyed at her family's promotion and helped to redecorate the castle so that it reflected the Oliviers' personal tastes. The artists under her father's patronage moved to the city and it became a center of artistic inspiration, with sculptures and fountains adoring the streets and music constantly trilling through the air.

    It took several months for the castle to be ready for habitation, and the Oliviers celebrated with a grand ball, a play at the newly-opened theatre, and a plethora of other festivities. Bryony thrived in her new surroundings. One day Valley Haven would be hers, as she was her father's only heir. He even named the castle Amary Keep in her honor.

    The next year was a flurry of social events and various studies. Bryony's voice continued to improve and was often praised by those who heard her sing. She loved exploring the city and trying out new things at the many art studios there. Her father still spoiled her and gave her everything she asked for.

    She lived a charmed life until the plague hit Tuneric when she was fifteen. Suddenly the world was terrifying and she was afraid that her father would succumb to it and leave her all alone. Her depression lifted a bit when Valley Haven was chosen to host the royal family of Balfour, who were fleeing the plague in their homeland. As the lady of the house, Bryony was kept busy making sure her royal guests had plenty to do.

    When the plague was finally eradicated, she felt as if she cold breathe again. A few months later, her father informed her that he was taking her to Hebron to attend the coronation of Queen Vivienne. A new wardrobe was made for her and she looked forward to going to court at last. Now that she's there and having a good time, she has not noticed her father's sadness and has no idea of the plans that he is making for her.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Isaiah Olivier (96) -- Unnamed Wife
         -Dhalia Olivier (115) -- Unnamed Husband
         -Orion Olivier (119) -- Emily Rein (121)
              -Unnamed Son(137)
              -Ezra Olivier (139) -- Amaranda Lake (135)
                   -Ellerayne Olivier (162 ) -- Unnamed Husband
                   -Corwina Olivier (165) -- Richard Haymitch (170)
                   -Isaac Olivier (168) – Rosalind Ainsworth (171)
                        -Lyle Olivier (191)
                        -Corwin Olivier (195)
                        -Bryony Olivier (202)
              -Pember Olivier(144) -- Unnamed Wife**
                   -Jeanne Olivier (167) -- Unnamed Husband
                   -Antoinette Olivier (172) -- Unnamed Husband
         -Armand Olivier (120)Unnamed Wife**
              -Claire Olivier (146) -- Unnamed Husband
              -Philippe Olivier (149) -- Unnamed Wife
                   -Therese Olivier (177) -- Lucian Dawning
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