Player: Lorelei
Contact: PM (Gtalk, Skype, and Discord available upon request)

Character Name: Bryony Amarose Olivier
Character Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 27, 202
Current Location: Valley Haven
House: Olivier
Crest Appearance:

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Played By/Face Claim: Katherine McNamara

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Family Genealogy:

-Isaiah Olivier (96) -- Unnamed Wife
     -Dhalia Olivier (115) -- Unnamed Husband
     -Orion Olivier (119) -- Emily Rein (121)
          -Unnamed Son(137)
          -Ezra Olivier (139) -- Amaranda Lake (135)
               -Ellerayne Olivier (162 ) -- Unnamed Husband
               -Corwina Olivier (165) -- Richard Haymitch (170)
               -Isaac Olivier (168) -- Unnamed Wife
                    -Lyle Olivier (191)
                    -Corwin Olivier (195)
                    -Bryony Olivier (202)
          -Pember Olivier(144) -- Unnamed Wife**
               -Jeanne Olivier (167) -- Unnamed Husband
               -Antoinette Olivier (172) -- Unnamed Husband
     -Armand Olivier (120)Unnamed Wife**
          -Claire Olivier (146) -- Unnamed Husband
          -Philippe Olivier (149)[/s] -- Unnamed Wife
               -Therese Olivier (177) -- Lucian Dawning