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Thread: Bryony Olivier

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    Bryony Olivier

    Player: Lorelei
    Contact: PM (Gtalk, Skype, and Discord available upon request)

    Character Name: Bryony Amarose Olivier
    Character Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: October 27, 202
    Current Location: Valley Haven
    House: Olivier
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Loyal to the Shelltens from the beginning, House Olivier's fealty was rewarded when their patron house committed a treasonous act against the crown. After Jaquen Orvailles attacked King Cailen Shellten at his coronation in the summer of 216, Isaac Olivier was granted the lordship of Valley Haven. He took over that September and had the castle completely remodeled to reflect his family's patronage of the arts. He renamed it Amary Keep after his only surviving child, Bryony Amarose, who is also his heir.

    Painters, musicians, sculptors, actors, and other artisans were inspired to move to Valley Haven to live and work. Beautifully sculpted fountains soon decorated the city, paintings adorned the walls of many buildings, and music constantly danced through the air. A theatre was built to host plays and concerts, and studios specializing in many forms of art flourished. The production of Olivier musical instruments, considered the finest in the known world, was also relocated to Valley Haven.

    Nearly two years after the Oliviers took over, the plague ravished both Tuneric and Balfour and they were given the honor of housing the royals and nobles of Balfour seeking refuge from the disease. Now that it has been eradicated, life has returned to normal and music fills the streets once more.

    Played By/Face Claim: Katherine McNamara

    Appearance: Please provide a brief physical description of your character. Ideas on things to include that may not be visible in posted images: eye color, hair color, height, general build, normal choice of clothes, etc.

    Personality: Please provide a brief character personality. What does he/she like, hobbies, hates, etc.

    Personal History: Please provide a brief history of your character.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Isaiah Olivier (96) -- Unnamed Wife
         -Dhalia Olivier (115) -- Unnamed Husband
         -Orion Olivier (119) -- Emily Rein (121)
              -Unnamed Son(137)
              -Ezra Olivier (139) -- Amaranda Lake (135)
                   -Ellerayne Olivier (162 ) -- Unnamed Husband
                   -Corwina Olivier (165) -- Richard Haymitch (170)
                   -Isaac Olivier (168) -- Unnamed Wife
                        -Lyle Olivier (191)
                        -Corwin Olivier (195)
                        -Bryony Olivier (202)
              -Pember Olivier(144) -- Unnamed Wife**
                   -Jeanne Olivier (167) -- Unnamed Husband
                   -Antoinette Olivier (172) -- Unnamed Husband
         -Armand Olivier (120)Unnamed Wife**
              -Claire Olivier (146) -- Unnamed Husband
              -Philippe Olivier (149)[/s] -- Unnamed Wife
                   -Therese Olivier (177) -- Lucian Dawning
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