Included in with the various papers, announcements, and reminders that were waiting for each noble family in their lodgings for the Coronation.

The Queen finds herself in a position to accept Ladies in Waiting into her retinue. Interested parties should write to the Queen with their recommendation, being sure to include details on the lady's qualifications and talents. All recommendations will be considered, bearing in mind that the number of ladies who can be accepted is somewhat limited.

Ladies who are accepted are to come to live in Hebron until such a time as they are dismissed, recalled by their lord, or upon their marriage. Duties will include planning and attending social events, at times on the Queen's behalf; attending to the Queen as required; delivering and receiving messages to and for the Queen; and in general representing the Queen's household in an appropriate, upstanding manner.

The Crown looks forward to accepting a number of noble ladies into the royal household.