A part of Pippa wondered if it was true that she'd have to work harder to get him undressed. Was he the sort of man who would acquiesce, if she expressed interest? If she turned to him again, put a hand on his chest, and asked him directly to take her somewhere they could be alone? She wasn't going to find out tonight, but she was curious what he'd do. Had he run into a woman who could just ask for what they wanted? Or had they all been the sort she imagined most noble girls to be, reliant on hints and hopes? It wasn't for her to know.

She gave a shrug with a look that said she couldn't be blamed for trying, and then nodded, glancing to her empty hand. "It's a special sort of feeling naked," she agreed, although it might've been a stronger feeling with him. Her weapon wasn't as convenient to bring everywhere as his was, and while she had shorter versions to take with her when space was an issue, it still wasn't as universal as carrying a blade. But the pressure of the dagger sheathed on the side of her leg lessened the bare feeling.

"We're not," she confirmed without hiding her disappointment. "But maybe you'll have another free evening, in the next few days." It was true that they could have stopped now, stepped into some sheltered spot out of the wind, but it wouldn't have been right. Pippa wanted to hear the stories properly, and, more importantly, wanted to see Percy again, if she could. Who knows, she could go home and have Corran forbid her from seeing his son any more. Percival could easily not have another night off before she had to leave. Or he could go back to the barracks and decide this had all been a mistake and want not to see her again. But for now she would live in hope that none of that would be true.

Looking to the window, Pippa squinted as she pictured the layout as it related to where she stood now. "Your dad's study," she said finally. "His desk is by the window, but I'd put money on him being in the chair in the corner that faces out into the room." It was a safe bet, as that chair was more comfortable than the one at the desk, and the man often spent his evenings sitting there reading.

Acting on impulse, Pippa tightened her grip on Percy's hand and changed direction, pulling him into a side street out of the wind and out of sight from the window. She hadn't seen a shadow which would have indicated that Corran was at his desk, and the sheer curtain was pulled, diffusing the light and making it next to impossible to see out with any sort of detail. Coming to a stop, Pippa used her grip on the knight's hand to steady herself as she rose up, the fingertips of her free hand resting lightly on his collar, and pressed her lips to his. She lingered a little, memorizing how this felt - the warmth, the way he smelled, the electricity and sweetness and the thrill of the newness of it.

When she pulled back, her hand fell from his collar, but she didn't release her grip on his other hand. "I...wanted to do that before we got too close to the house," she said, her voice sounding almost bashful to her own ears. "To thank you for tonight. For everything."

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