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Thread: Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby - 11/14 Evening, Royal Theater - Guy/Eliza/Grant/Rubianne

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    Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby - 11/14 Evening, Royal Theater - Guy/Eliza/Grant/Rubianne

    Grant was thankful for the chance to stretch his legs. He was discovering that his attention spans for things like plays was far more limited than he had given himself credit for. But Rubianne seemed to be enjoying the production, and in the end that was all that mattered to him. The bonus of having reached the intermission meant that the play was likely close to, if not more, than half over. Hepburn was relatively certain that he could survive as much as he already had, once more over.

    The open room of the theater lobby was one that was well suited for its purpose. Servants circled the room with trays of beer and wine, pastries and smoked meats. As Grant reached for one of the glasses, his need for expedience got the better of him and he nearly clotheslined a shorter passing woman who was looking back to her escort. Holding his breath as he arched his arm, hoping not to drop any of the liquid onto the lady's head, he was about to make a comment about paying attention until he noticed that said companion was the Knight of Autumn. Whether it was his appearance distracting her, or simply the push of the crowd, Grant nearly lost the entire glass as she bumped into his back.

    "Eliza," he asked with more surprise than he wished he would have had. Grant had not seen the woman since the last time he had been in Brassford to see her about breeding additional Hobbies outside of the Reach. They were friendly, having met years ago when her father had come to Maple Glade to visit James Hepburn's wife, who happened to be Eliza's aunt. What she was doing in Guy Durand's company, and why Grant didn't hear about it, was a mystery for later.

    When she turned to look at him, he gave her a smile and bowed. "I wasn't aware you were in the capital," he lied pleasantly. Not knowing she had been in the company of the knight was one thing. To be oblivious to who was numbered in Rhett's retinue would have been gross negligence on his part. Turning, he looked at the taller knight, who seemed less comfortable than Grant if that were possible. "I wasn't aware you had so many friends in the capital," he added, just as pleasantly but far more honest.

    Rubianne must have noticed the run-in by this point, because she was silent for a moment. Durand was looking at her, and ignoring his comment about Eliza's company for the time. In fact, it wasn't until Grant cleared his throat and motioned to his own date in introduction to Lady Morgan that either of them seemed to come around. "Lady Remington, late of Laurie Hill and her majesty's service," Grant said, indicating the brunette at his side. "Lady Morgan," he told Ruby in the same manner. "Presently of Brassford, or so I thought," he said with a small smile.

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    Guy had to admit that he was actually enjoying the play and the spectacle of the production. He had not seen anything from the gallery in more years than he could remember, having been in either the Durand Balcony or the Royal Suite for every tragedy or comedy since he was five years old. And while it was far more crowded down among the masses, the knight had to concede that the interactions and observations were far different than the controlled atmosphere of the private setting he was accustomed to.

    There was however, a distinct relief that came with the intermission. The gallery was cramped, and while his view was unobstructed it was also much warmer than the less crowded upper floor. The outer rooms of the amphitheater were connected to the outside, and nobody who had made their way toward the reception area seemed to mind the draft from the cool night that was seeping into the room. Instead, audible sighs could be heard from people who were pleased to bring down their own internal temperature for a few moments.

    The press of the crowd made it easy for Guy to steer Eliza from behind. Even though she was technically leading him, it was far easier for her to travel through the spaces created by his presence, both physical and familiar. It appeared that she was attempting to negotiate to an open patch of the floor, where they could converse in lower voices and stretch out just a little. But on their way, Guy heard a man's voice call out over the din of the crowd, and the knight looked with unexpressed horror to see that the man who was trying to get her attention was Grant Hepburn. And he was with Rubianne.

    Guy hadn't been aware that Eliza had known Hepburn, but the Commander of Dawn was quickly learning that Grant knew quite a few people who he hadn't realized were acquainted with him. It was a credit to the other man, actually. He had managed to build quite the web of associations while remaining mostly off of his and Vivienne's radar. No doubt, the other man had seen Guy and had realized that he was in Eliza's company, but he made no move to add him to the introductions. That in and of itself made it clear that Hepburn was aware that Guy was familiar with Remington, but that wouldn't do much for Lady Morgan's understanding.

    But Durand was not the kind to wait for someone to ask. "Lord Hepburn," he said to Grant with a nod. "Lady Remington," he added in the woman's direction, with a soft smile. He didn't add anything after that, because he didn't want to intrude on the conversation between Eliza and Grant just yet.

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    While watching the play from the gallery was what was making the experience novel for the Knight of Autumn, Eliza found herself impressed with the whole thing. She'd never seen a production on this scale before; in fact, she couldn't remember having seen a play since she was a child, when traveling shows would stop over in Brassford. They hadn't been through in recent years, even before the plague had stopped all unnecessary traffic, so along with just being a pleasant experience, the play was giving her a sense of happy nostalgia, as well.

    Of course, when she was a child she hadn't had such nice company, it must be said.

    When intermission came, though, Eliza found herself keen for the chance to stretch and get some cool air - just like everyone else in the theater, it seemed. She wasn't the best at navigating crowds, but Guy's presence seemed to work like a field around them, pushing people out of the way without any effort. And yet, despite that, Eliza still managed to nearly get clubbed with a hastily-extended arm in a moment of distraction as she looked back to make sure Guy was still close behind her. With a quick duck and a little spin she managed to avoid spilling anything, but did bump into the man, and she had been about to apologize when she was surprised to hear her name. Only then did she look at the face of the man, and she smiled in recognition.

    "Grant! I'm sorry I almost ran you down, but it's good to see you." She curtsied to him, wondering if she should have used his proper title, since technically he was higher up the social ladder than she was, but for now she didn't worry too much about it. It was easy to laugh off his comment on how many friends she had, and she shrugged one shoulder. "Always happy to make friends wherever I find myself!" She didn't need to advertise the fact that the number of friends she had in the capital was, at present count, two, if she included Grant himself. Although perhaps she could consider her competitors in the tournament as friends, too? But probably they were more like acquaintances.

    Offering Rubianne a genuinely warm smile and a curtsy, Eliza determinedly ignored the awkwardness that was so thick in the air. "Still of Brassford," she clarified, "Just in town for the Coronation. It's lovely to meet you, Lady Remington, and may I just say, your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Those colors work so well with your hair." It sounded, perhaps, like a heavy-handed compliment, but Eliza meant it, and she even remembered to leave off the part where she thought that the beautiful chestnut color of Remington's curly locks reminded her of her favorite horse back home.

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