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    Cordelia Kendrick

    Player: Lorelei
    Contact: PM (Gtalk, Skype, and Discord available upon request)

    Character Name: Cordelia Leanna Kendrick
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: February 28, 200
    Current Location: Tarreston
    House: Kendrick
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    The history of House Kendrick is a muddled one. Rising to prominence in the service of the Redleaf family, Jarrad Kendrick was a distinguished knight who defended the quarries in Pyre's Cliff from bandits and rival families. He was promoted and granted the town of Tarreston to hold for the Redleafs. Building Mountain Rose from the ground up, he settled down and began to form a family.

    Jarrad's wife was not suited for proper noble breeding, and their children were not very hearty stock. The family suffered a number of miscarriages and young deaths, and very few of them survived to adulthood.

    When Jarrad eventually passed, Mountain Rose passed to his eldest son, a ineffectual man named Collin, whose knighthood had been purchased by his father, and who was content to rest on his laurels until there were none left to rest on. He had four children by two wives, only two of whom have survived, and the younger daughter had barely done that.

    When his estate fell to nothing, Collin committed suicide, leaving his second wife and child in the lurch until his only surviving son Carson returned home to restore order to the family holdings, rebuilding them from the ground up.

    Played By/Face Claim: Katherine McNamara


    Cordelia is a pale, ethereal beauty with alabaster skin, ice-blue eyes, and white-blonde hair that only holds a hint of the softest gold. Before being sent to the healing hot springs at Day's Death and suffering a concussion that gave her amnesia, she was sickly and severely underweight, her delicate face often contorted in agony.

    Now she has gained quite a bit of weight and her figure can be described as willowy instead of gaunt. There is a hint of color in her cheeks and she no longer experiences pain, shortness of breath, or trouble walking. Her shoulders used to be slumped with fatigue; now she stands straight and moves with grace. Although still not in perfect health, she is stronger than she has ever been, and her energy and stamina continue to improve.

    Before her accident, Cordelia never cared much for fashion. All that mattered to her was that her clothing kept her warm. Now, though, she has taken an interest in stylish apparel. New gowns had to be made for her when her old ones became too tight, and she has a selection of dresses in pastel hues that go well with her pale coloring. She usually wears her hair loose or braided, often woven through with ribbons and flowers. The only piece jewelry she currently owns is the locket that she was wearing when she was found.


    Intelligent, well-mannered, and compassionate, Cordelia tries to see the best in everyone. Although she is usually kind and respectful, she can be quite fierce when anyone criticizes her brother Carson, whom she idolizes. She is quick to point out their own flaws and to remind them that no one is perfect. Carson can do no wrong in her eyes and she believes that everything he has ever done, no matter how questionable or shady, was necessary for the good of the kingdom.

    Growing up in abject poverty and perpetual frailty, she developed a practical outlook on life and takes nothing for granted. However, she has a fanciful side as well. Delia likes to make up stories, which she illustrates with her sketches and paintings. She has a gift for art and a flair for capturing the essence of her subject, whether that subject is a person or a place, real or imaginary. Her overactive imagination and her creativity kept her entertained when she was too ill to leave her bed.

    She can't remember smiling much until Carson returned and replenished her family's fortunes. With anything she desired only a request away, she was happy for the first time in her life. When she felt well enough to travel to the nearby village, Delia always gave coins to the poor children she saw on the street, for she knew first-hand what they were going through.

    After her mother died, she became more quiet and pensive. For some reason, she felt guilty that her mother had succumbed to an illness that she had survived. Her health declined and she was often moody and sullen, unless Carson was home. He never failed to cheer her up and made her laugh.

    Now that she has amnesia, she is free from the burdens of her past. She is more curious than she used to be and not as shy when meeting new people. Delia has had to learn to be self-reliant, for she has no family that she knows of to rely on. Generally, she has a positive attitude, but sometimes her blankness of mind makes her angry and impatient. Why can she not remember who she is or where she came from? Every now and then, she has flashes of memory which confuse her, but she keeps her bewilderment to herself.

    She is still intelligent, well-mannered, compassionate, kind and respectful. Delia does not remember that she was once too sickly to do much but draw are read, and now she enjoys outdoor activities that used to be impossible for her to take part in. Grateful to all of the people who have helped her since her accident, she is trying to find her place in a world of which she has little recollection.

    Personal History:

    A delicate, feeble baby, Cordelia hovered on the brink of death for her first few months and her mother feared that she would not live to celebrate her first birthday. Yet against all odds, she did recover, although she remained weak and sickly. Her father, who was disappointed that she was a girl, didn't acknowledge her existence at all. As he was rarely at home, his neglect was hardly noticeable. He preferred to spend his time out gambling with his friends and he had already accumulated a great deal of debt before Delia was born.

    Of his four children, only Delia and her older brother Carson survived early childhood. Ten years older than she, Carson was the child of her father's first wife, though his stepmother loved him as if he was her own. He left home to become a squire when Delia was very young, and her memories of him were vague but pleasant. She knew that she had adored him and that he had cared for her too. Every time she thought of him, she felt a sense of loss without really knowing why.

    Cordelia's mother did her best to raise her daughter, but it was difficult with money in such short supply and dwindling by the week. Cold and hunger became the child's constant companions and she was always in poor health. When she was unable to leave her bed, she entertained herself by drawing pictures and making up stories about them. She had a talent for sketching, and she continued to improve as she grew older.

    She was taught to read and write, but received no further education because hiring a tutor was too expensive. Her mother taught her good manners and how to sew. Most of her gowns came from servants whose children had outgrown them and they often needed mending. She came by her shoes the same way and none of them were the perfect size. Delia limped when she walked, which was attributed to a physical affliction instead of ill-fitting shoes which pinched her feet when they were too small and hard to walk in when they were too large.

    As the years passed, the castle became emptier and emptier as the furnishings were sold off to pay her father's debts. She managed to conceal a few books and sketching supplies in the space under a loose floorboard in her room, but otherwise she had no personal possessions, not even a brush to get the tangles out of her hair. Food became more scarce and both Cordelia and her mother suffered for lack of nourishment. The little girl grew weaker until she was only able to draw for a few minutes at a time before she tired.

    When there was nothing left to sell and the family's coffers were depleted, her father killed himself. Neither Delia nor her mother shed a single tear for him, and they were glad that he was gone. Her mother had hidden most of her jewelry away years ago, and now she sold it bit by bit to keep them alive. Most of the castle had been shut down and they were living in one small room. The only furnishings were an old table, a couple of rickety chairs and a pallet where mother and daughter huddled together at night for warmth, covered only by a thin blanket. Only a couple of their servants did not abandon them, caring for them out of loyalty and refusing to accept payment for their services.

    Although they lived as frugally as possible, the jewelry didn't last forever. Now twelve, Delia became seriously ill and drifted in and out of consciousness. Sometimes she could hear her mother crying and instinctively knew that she didn't have long left in the world. Then a new strong voice pierced the air and she dreamed that a tall, blonde man was bending over her, barking orders at people she couldn't see. At some point, she felt strong arms lift her into a warm embrace and she sensed that she was being carried up a staircase. Soon, she was lowered onto a soft bed and covered by a thick blanket.

    More dreams followed, of her being poked and prodded by strange hands, of broth being spooned into her eager mouth. Coherency gradually returned, and she realized that she had not been dreaming at all. Her brother Carson, now wealthy, had returned and taken charge of the household and the finest physicians had been called to tend to her while the castle was being refurnished and repaired. As she recovered, Carson often sat by her side and she became reacquainted with the brother she barely remembered. He sometimes carried her outside so that she could enjoy the sunshine and he was the one who supported her when she took her first fragile steps. They became very close and Delia considered him her hero.

    Soon she had a new wardrobe, new books, new art supplies, and a new little niece whom she adored. Cordelia enjoyed reading to Victoria and drawing pictures for her. Carson hired tutors to give her a fine noble education, her mother's health was improving as well, and things were looking up. Yet about a year after Carson's return, Cordelia and her mother both fell victim to a sudden illness that also swept through the local village.

    With the assistance of the same physicians who had attended her before, Delia pulled through, but there was nothing that could be done for Darniese. As she lay dying, she pressed a locket into her daughter's hand that had been in her family for generations. After she passed away, Cordelia wore the locket on a ribbon and never took it off. She mourned her mother deeply and she felt a profound sense of guilt that kept her in ill health for the next several years.

    The physicians could find nothing to explain her fatigue, her shortness of breath, or the coughing spells that often plagued her. She was also prone to fainting, particularly when she pushed herself too hard and was often in pain from various ailments. Her stomach was sensitive, causing her to sometimes throw up her food and giving her stomachaches.

    Cordelia made the best of her situation, though. Her body was weak but her mind was strong, and she took great joy in her lessons, excelling in most of the subjects she was taught. She was particularly fond of philosophy and astronomy and enjoyed debating with her tutors and watching the stars at night from her balcony when it wasn't too cold.

    She had an art tutor as well and her sketching and painting skills improved dramatically with instruction. When Carson was away, which he often was, she wrote letters to him and sent him some of her sketches. Delia knew that he was in charge of a mercenary band called the Knights of Shade and that his wealth had come from unscrupulous acts, but she didn't hate him for it. She believed that everything he did was for the good for the kingdom and that it was sometimes necessary to use unsavory means to get the desired results. He was still her hero and always would be.

    The years passed and her health remained fragile. Recently, Carson decided to send her to Day's Death so that she could benefit from the healing waters of the hot springs there. Before she left, he gave her a little pug puppy to keep her company. She called him Ambrose after the main character in one of her favorite books and he became a treasured companion.

    The hot springs did help Delia's frail constitution and she wrote Carson every day about her progress. After a week, she felt well enough to do some exploring, but while chasing after Ambrose, she fell down a hill and hit her head against a rock.

    When she awakened, she was at the temple of the Sisters who maintained the hot springs and she had no idea who she was or where she had come from. The locket she wore around her neck bore the crest and name of the long extinct House of Camorelle, which only added to the mystery surrounding her identity. The Sisters called her Camorelle for lack of a better name, but it never felt right to her. She assumed that she would regain her memories soon and it didn't matter what she was called until then.

    Grateful for being rescued, she tried to help the Sisters with their daily tasks, but she wasn't very good at domestic chores. She was able to assist them with sewing, though, which she did quite well. By her refined voice, her fine clothes, and her soft hands, the Sisters believed she came from a wealthy family. Yet she was much thinner than most upper class girls and seemed to be perpetually hungry, devouring every bite of the meals that were set before her.

    The day after she was found, Delia had a strong urge to draw and asked the Sisters for some paper and a piece of charcoal. She surprised herself by her own talent and wondered why she remembered things like sketching and sewing, but not her own name or even the name of the little pug who stayed constantly by her side.

    She had been staying with the Sisters for less than a week when a man came looking for them. She was the only one at the temple at the time, and when she told Lord Grant Hepburn that she had lost her memories, he claimed that he could help by taking her to Tuneric to see a physician. Feeling that she had overstayed her welcome with the Sisters and not wanting to impose upon them any longer, she went with him to a boat that would take her to Aston, where his brother would be waiting for her.

    Sir Seamus Hepburn came to collect her when the boat docked and took her to Aston Castle, where she met with the physician Augustus Lereaux. He didn't think her concussion was anything to worry about and told her that her memories would return in time. He was very kind to her and told her that she could stay with him until she remembered who she was and could be reunited with her family.

    While in Aston Castle, Delia took advantage of its library. On one of her visits, a book looked familiar to her and she took it out and started reading, surprised that she could predict what was going to happen ahead of time. She must have read it before. When she said the main character's name aloud, her little pug started jumping up and down and wagging his little curled tail. She had called him by several names since her accident, but he seemed to recognize 'Ambrose' and that was what she called him from then on.

    Another book gave her a name for herself. She had never been comfortable going by the name of an extinct house, as it was a surname instead of a given name. When she read about a character named Aurelia, it just sounded right, and so she began to call herself Aurelia Camorelle. It seemed to fit her well, and she was content with it.

    The bump on her head healed, although she sometimes suffered from horrible headaches. Other than that, she was fairly healthy, and she put on enough weight that a new wardrobe had to be made for her. She promised to pay Augustus back for his generosity once she found her family or a way to support herself, perhaps by selling her sketches and paintings.

    Augustus took her to Hebron with her and that is where she is now. With so many people flocking to the capital city for the Queen's coronation, Delia/Aurelia hopes that her long lost family will be among them and she will be reunited with them at last.

    Family Genealogy:


    - Jarrad Kendrick -- Louisa Perault
         - Collin Kendrick -- Melinda Burnes
              - Carson Kendrick
                   - Victoria Kendrick
              - Dawson Kendrick
              - Melanie Kendrick
                         -/- Gretchen Cavanaugh
              - Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick
                         -- Darniese Camorelle
              - Cordelia Kendrick
         - Nannette Kendick
         - Bryce Kendrick -- Marlene Dallence**
              Harrison Kendrick

    ** This branch is open to expansion.
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    Genealogy needs to be updated to include her other brother. Not a big deal though.

    This looks good to me on first reading, but I'm sure @Amy will let me know if I have missed anything.

    Approval from me, pending her stamp.

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    Yeah, gotta fix the geno, but other than that it looks good to me! I'll save you some searching and put the updated geno below for you, and once that's done you're all good!

    PHP Code:
    - [s]Jarrad Kendrick[/s] -- [s]Louisa Perault[/s]
    space][/space]- [s]Collin Kendrick[/s] -- [s]Melinda Burnes[/s]
    space][/space][space][/space]- Carson Kendrick
    [space][/space][space][/space][space][/space]- Victoria Kendrick
    [space][/space][space][/space]- [s]Dawson Kendrick[/s]
    space][/space][space][/space]- [s]Melanie Kendrick[/s]

    space][/space][space][/space][space][/space][space][/space] -- [s]Darniese Camorelle[/s]
    space][/space][space][/space]- Cordelia Kendrick
    [space][/space]- [s]Nannette Kendick[/s]
    space][/space]- [s]Bryce Kendrick[/s] -- Marlene Dallence**
    space][/space][space][/space][s]Harrison Kendrick[/s]

    space][/space][space][/space][space][/space][space][/space] -- Gretchen Cavanaugh
    [space][/space][space][/space]- Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick

    ** This branch is open to expansion

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    Okay, so as it turns out the geno I gave you was wrong. >.> Sorry about that! Genos are the bane of my existence sometimes.

    I'm going to edit it in your post so you don't have to worry about it, and you're good to go!

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