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Thread: A Change in the Stars - 11/12, morning, Delarose residence, Corran/Pippa/Vicky?

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    Pippa watched as Corran rose from his seat, a half smile on her face. Knowing that she didn't know may have been enough, but it didn't make her feel any more prepared for the coming days. So many times she'd dreamed of knighthood, but they were the sort of dreams where everything was going right and well. Triumphant victories, satisfying sparring, duty and honor. She knew the reality would be much different. But, to her credit, she was ready to face days of being kicked into the dirt, as she knew at the end she would be better for it.

    The guard had noted the trunk a few times, but it not being hers she'd never thought much about it until now. She didn't lean to try and see more of its contents, curious as she was; she was too keen on what Corran wished to show her. The fondness and pride on his face when he displayed Percy's tabard was endearing, and Pippa couldn't help but try and picture Percival as a young lad wearing it. Guy's was another matter, and she smiled. Even as Corran criticized the man, she still thought she could detect a fondness in his voice. She did marvel a little at the tabard's condition, though, and she wondered just what someone had to do to get that level of wear on something such as that.

    The last that he pulled from the chest clearly had the most significance to the man, and Pippa smiled to herself to see him seem to get nostalgic. The smile grew as he held it up, and she wondered how old he'd been when that had fit him. It had clearly been before his shoulders and chest had become broader, even without the muscle that he'd have developed during training. It was odd, in a way, to think of the man she'd been training under as a squire. She almost couldn't picture him without the confidence and experience that so shaped him now.

    Shifting so that Corran could more easily lift Vicky, Pippa shook out her arms for a moment before standing. With care, she lifted the tabard from where it had been set, and she looked down at it, her thumbs running over the fabric that was smooth and soft from being worn. "Thank you," she said, and she looked up into Corran's eyes as she did. She wasn't going to get sappy, but she knew the man would understand what she meant. She stepped forward and wrapped an arm around him, resting her head on his shoulder as she hugged him for a moment, before she stepped back and bowed her head and taking her leave. She had some time before she was due to meet Percival, and she needed to let the morning sink in more fully before she saw him again.

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    The hug didn't really surprise him, but Corran did welcome it. His life recently seemed to be full of second chances, and even though he had been in Hebron when Percival had become a squire, he had hardly been the guiding hand or emotional support that the young boy needed. He would not make the same mistake with Pippa. There was no place within these walls for the gruff old man that Corran used to be. For as long as Victoria was in his custody, then he would learn to be the father he had never been. And even though Pippa was not his daughter, she was his ward in certain ways. Most days neither of them would know what to do without the other, and they would both be lost without the girl.

    Corran shifted the child on his hip, and smiled as Pippa stood back. "Philippa," he said, his eyes blinking away the mist that might have been starting to form there. "I know I've already said it, and that it isn't like me to repeat myself or be overly emotional. But I am proud of you, and I know that you will represent me well. But more importantly, I'm confident that I can say without question that your uncle would be proud of you as well. And I know that you will represent him well too," he said to her.

    The child stirred, and Corran patted her back lightly. "They say that you can't choose your family," he said wistfully. He nodded his head in Vicky's direction and shrugged. "I was never good at being told what I can't do," he added with a soft chuckle. "Let this family be a reminder for you, that nothing is impossible. And what they say, is but a whisper compared to the roar of the wind that is your potential."

    Motioning toward the door with his head, Corran smiled. "Now fly, girl," he told her, even as he laid Victoria down on the cushioned chaise that was in the far corner of the room.

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