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    Delaney Stormshand Hepburn

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    *_[Public Application]_*

    *Character Name*: Delaney
    *Character Age*: 46
    *Gender*: Female
    *Birthday*: January 29th
    *Current Location*: Maple Glade
    *House*: Hepburn
    *Banner Appearance*:

    *House Description* - Castle Claim: Hohenschwangau Castle

    House History:

    House Hepburn is a relatively young house in the Woodland Reach city of Maple Glade. It was granted to Patrick Hepburn by Aramis Shellten in 194. Patrick, a noted cartographer and architect had been hired by King Aramis for multiple efforts, and through diligent work gained the favor of the crown. After he had completed construction of a commissioned hunting lodge for the the king in the winter of 193, Aramis Shellten was so impressed that he gifted the estate to Patrick, and promoted him to Master Royal Engineer.

    After moving his wife and son into the keep, Patrick spent most of his time in the capital. He would return home from time to time to spend winters with his family, only to be gone again in the spring. Delaney his wife raised the children, mostly with the help of servants, and spent most of her days withdrawn in her chambers, often too depressed to come to any gathering other than meals. The children learned to lean on each other, and have always been very close.

    By the time King Aramis passed away in August of 216, Patrick's children were full grown, and running Hepburn Castle themselves. When their father returned home in early August, he had decided to forgo the Coronation of young King Cailen, and sat in an odd kind of mourning for his lost monarch. Having been away so long, the older man was ill equipped for the responsibilities of his holdings, and eventually learned that the children he had sired were complete strangers to him.

    So it was that when a local trapper came to the keep seeking an audience to discuss one of Patrick's sons deflowering his daughter, the scandal spiked the man's blood pressure, and eventually led him to a heart attack a few days later. The children, immediately went about services for their father, to whom none of them were very close. The services kept them from attending the festival in Hebron, and together they made plans to attend the Harvest Festival and pledge their allegiance to the new king.

    *Played By/Face Claim*: Mary Steenburgen


    Delaney Stormshand Hepburn is a thin, but well toned woman in her mid forties. Her small frame would never betray that she gave birth to four children, and her well cared for skin is still rather smooth despite the often harsh winters of Maple Glade, and the stress of caring for three grown men and the loss of a husband. Her hair tends from brown to reddish-brown, and has always been naturally curly, though her maids generally straighten much of it in the morning, leaving only wavy locks where the curls usually are.

    In her youth, Delaney wore the dresses of a proper lady, even during the heavy snows of winter, and kept her appearance in line with noble fashion in order to please her husband. Since Patrick's passing, Delaney is content to wear riding gear if there is no reason for her to entertain company, or simpler dresses if she is in the company of her children. While she still owns an extensive collection of gowns, she rarely looks for occasion to wear them.


    Fiery and determined, Delaney has recently ascended to the position of matriarch of House Hepburn. While she had always been the mother of the heir, Delaney had been content to relinquish management of her house to her mother in law, Satrina Lallersby Hepburn. But when her grandsons were born, the older woman had begun to split her time between Stone Forge and Maple Glade, giving Delaney the opportunity to exert control over more of the day to day operations of her house. Part of her influence comes from the close relationship she has with her boys, and the fact that her daughter, with whom she always seemed to be at odds, was now departed from them.

    Delaney is compassionate and kind, generous to those in need. However, she is also high-spirited and combative with those who threaten her family or friends. She's an accomplished rider, as are all the women of Maple Glade, and she has become quite competent with the saber, the preferred weapons of the same women. Delaney is a talented musician, and an excellent card player. She is eager to teach any skills she possesses to others, and will do so without compensation, if time allows.


    Delaney Stormshand was born in the lowlands between Welch Run and Eddleton, the fifth daughter of a relatively talented potter. It was a dreary existence for the children, but the marsh stream beds banks were rich in clay, and their father was never a successful enough salesman to earn enough to move them closer to the cities. The family existed mostly on profits from regular customers and the occasional traveling caravan that had need of pitchers and washing basins.

    As a young girl, and out of necessity, Delaney was never shy about getting her hands dirty, even despite the fact that she was very strict about her own appearance. When the children had finished fetching clay for their father, Delaney always dallied behind to make sure that her hands and fingernails were clean. The daughters of the potter had no formal education, and Delaney would not actually learn to read until after she was engaged to her husband years later.

    Delaney met Patrick Hepburn along the side of her stream when the young cartographer was surveying the area for the crown, though the woman originally believed the man to be a charlatan who was simply looking to impress some naive girl from the countryside. Her father however, couldn't resist the temptation of a visitor from Hebron, and invited the man to stay with them, in hopes of winning some dream of a commission from the crown. Patrick Hepburn stayed with them for nearly three months as he charted the nearby tributaries, and slowly won over the stubborn girl.

    When the two of them returned to Hebron, Delaney found herself quickly out of place among the high ranking nobles, and at odds with Patrick's mother, who thought her son was a fool for entreating a commoner when he was handsome enough to marry into a more established noble family. But Patrick was smitten with the girl and forced a marriage without the old woman's approval.

    When Grant was born, some of the tensions eased in the house, and Patrick was quickly earning the favor of the King, eventually raising himself to a high peer without the benefit of marriage to another noble. Delaney was a capable mother, and resented the idea of Satrina's interference or the hiring of governesses. She was learning as she went, taking lessons in riding and swordplay as well as letters and arithmetic.

    Eventually, she had four children, all of whom who had become servants to the crown, with her daughter being a lady in waiting to Queen Adabella, and all three boys entering the knighthood. Since her husband's untimely death, Delaney has established herself as a sought after widow by some of the neighboring nobles, but has no interest in remarrying. She is content to play advisor to her children, and de facto mother to her niece and the young Lady Peregrine.

    _*Family Genealogy:*_

    - Alec Hepburn -- Helena Lindt
          - Patrick Hepburn -- Delaney Stormshand
              - Grant Hepburn
              - Maera Hepburn (22)
              - Bosleigh Hepburn (20)
              - Seamus Hepburn (19)
         - Allison Hepburn (died in infancy)
          - James Hepburn -- Mary Stuart
              - Maeker Hepburn(19)
              - Talia Hepburn (16)
              - Mary Hepburn (5)
         - Edgard Hepburn -- Tisha Airesbane
              - Gavin Hepburn (22)
              - male cousin Hepburn
              - Alec Hepburn (14)
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    @Amy to double check my history and timeline.

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    Looks good to me I think.

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