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Thread: Beatrice Ripley

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    Beatrice Ripley

    Player: Amy
    Contact: It’s a secret to everybody

    Character Name: Beatrice Ripley
    Character Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 16, 197
    Current Location: Maple Glade
    House: Hepburn? I guess?
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The Ripleys are a lesser noble family of Maple Glade, but they have been on the land far longer than the Hepburns they serve. They have served as stewards of the Crown’s favorite hunting grounds for more than a few generations, and they still live in the small lodge they were granted for that purpose. Traditionally they’ve been leaders in the area, caring for not just the forest and the hunting stocks but for the people for whom the forest is home, but that role has been diminished with the appointment of the Hepburns as proper Lords of Maple Glade. However, they serve their lords and the crown loyally, with the Ripley lords sure to always be available to both their people and to their lord, should the need ever arise.

    Played By/Face Claim: Isolda Dychauk

    Appearance: Tall and slender, Beatrice holds herself with poise and confidence, but it was not always the case. As a child she was all knees and elbows, her large blue eyes looking too big for her freckled face. Now, her eyes fit pleasingly among delicate, pretty features and high cheekbones still peppered with freckles. Her coppery red hair falls in small waves around her shoulders, and as it did when she was a child has a tendency to do as it wishes when she leaves it loose.

    Her figure is feminine but not overly full, and she dresses more for practicality than for fashion, although she can turn out quite well when the occasion calls for it. She prefers to wear the colors of the forests of home, and the greens and blues set off her eyes to perfect effect.

    Personality: There is something in the land of Maple Glade that breeds fire into its women, and Beatrice was not spared its touch. She’s a sprightly girl, unafraid of a challenge and largely unhindered by expectation. She does what duty requires, of course, but she has never been a quiet, docile daughter. As a child she was almost always off getting into trouble with her brothers, and although she’s much more careful now, that zest for life and adventure has never let her. Beatrice loves little more than being outside, and there is a specific tree near her home which she long ago claimed as a haven, a crook in its branches perfect for some solitude with a good book.

    Active as she is, though, Beatrice isn’t necessarily brash or coarse. She has a gentle heart, and a personality suffused with such warmth that she almost always makes for pleasant company. Growing up with brothers has both toughened and sheltered her, but tease her as they would, they could never truly dampen her spirit. She does her best to face the world with open eyes and an open mind, taking things as they come and using every opportunity she can to learn something more.

    Personal History: As a child, Beatrice always seemed to be on the move. If she wasn’t following her brothers into trouble she was climbing trees on her own, or splashing in the stream that ran near the house, or singing songs to the fairies, or standing on a stool watching the cook making supper. She was endlessly curious, endlessly energetic, and it earned her a new connotation to her nickname: she was a busy little Bea, always buzzing to and fro.

    Growing up meant learning to focus her energy, and Bea rose to the challenge. Despite her penchant for tromping through the forest, she was learning to be a proper little lady, and she cleaned up fairly well when the family would attend festivals or on the odd trip to the Hepburn castle. Being something of a lanky child she never made much of an impression with her looks, but nobody could ever fault her manners or her demeanor.

    Although she never really lost the love of wandering the woods and making up stories, there did come an age when Beatrice could no longer really get away with as many of the frivolities of childhood. Her brothers were learning the skills they would need to take over for their father when the time came, and Beatrice was faced with the fact that she needed to learn how to keep a house and be a wife. It wasn’t something she necessarily relished, but with there being little chance she would have to marry outside of the Reach, she didn’t mind overmuch. And anyway, her parents didn’t stop her from doing everything else she loved, from riding and foraging in the woods to her unshakable habit of reading anything she could get her hands on, so it was just another thing to pour her energy into.

    Family Genealogy:

    Dad Ripley -- Mom
         - Sean (196)
         - Beatrice (197)
         - Ewan (198)

    I’m sure there’s more to this family but I’m going to be lazy and edit it in later if it becomes relevant.

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    @Amy, move this to Approved Profiles please. Rick approves.

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