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    Kalissa Caldoran

    Player: Kiera
    Contact: DiscoBiscuits22 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Character Name: Kalissa Joanne Caldoran
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 1st, 194
    Current Location: Heather's Moor, Castle Taldorach
    House: House Caldoran by birth, Costa by marriage (Widowed)
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Credit to Robin for the following description.]

    A House with it's beginnings in it's very name, the Duchy was given to Almos Caldoran, and when allowed to name it, he chose the most lovely name he knew, that of his only heir, Heather. Called Heather's Moor, it passed to her, her spouse adopting the name Caldoran as a mark of favor and respect. Since that time, generations upon generations of Caldorans have added to the city of Heather's Moor, and castle that bear their banner, that of a lion, gold, on green and purple. Their House Motto, Action not words, ironically, speaks volumes to their manner. A House of focus and drive, they have forged out a goodly existence in the wilds of deep forests, with their Castle, Taldorach, a fantastical creation, spanning a small tributary, called Caldoran's Branch, of The Darnelle River. Never sacked, the castle is surrounded by walls, towers, a hunting park, and deep, large gardens, providing fall back positions as needed for defenders. The river has large movable iron gates both up and downstream, to prevent ships without proper passage rights, from getting too close. Also downriver is the town, where all trade ceases from moving upstream, as a rule. Pleasure barges, moderate sized supply boats, and small private craft are about all that can navigate Caldoran's Branch.

    Known for lumber and trade, their city, walled and fortified, is acknowledged for safe passage, and well tended architecture, a meeting ground of several trade routes, coin changes hands swiftly here, right alongside information and ideas. Largely insulated from the outside world by the thick deep forests, Heather's Moor is only reached by caravans or large numbers, by two main roads, or by the river.

    Called The Hospitable House as a nod to their famed hunting parties, the Castle Taldorach has many times hosted the elite of the kingdom for week long celebrations and engagements. Loyal to the crown, they are iron clad in their support of the crown.

    Played By/Face Claim: Stana Katic

    Appearance: Only a few inches shorter than her twin brother Keiren, her slender figure and fair complexion set her apart from the others in her family. Always well dressed, without a hair out of place, Kalissa takes pride in her appearance and doesn't leave her room until she is sure that it's perfect. Any jewel, any pattern, any cut or length, Kalissa will look at anything that her local seamstresses and shops have to offer. Her perfect posture and grace always turns heads as she is, for lack of a better word, perfect.

    Personality: Outgoing, charming, ladylike, intelligent. Every word has been used to describe Kalissa, even some less than polite ones. She tends to say what's on her mind if it benefits her. If not then she allows other's to say whatever they wish even if they're making a fool of themselves. She has the ability to work the room, gather information, make new friends, or reconcile with old enemies.

    Beyond reading, Kalissa holds no desire for hobbies, she can dance, she can sing, she knows of politics, but doesn't need to learn to knit or sew to occupy her time. If she finds herself with free time one would always find her in a quiet corner with a book in her hand and three more on the side table.

    Personal History: Life as a twin is never easy especially if you're the twin to the Heir of Heather's Moor. Born moments after her brother, Kalissa had grown up with a great family life. Surrounded by sisters, eventually acquiring a second brother, she was always given love and support as well as encouragement to do her best in any and all endeavors. She was never told 'no' and she was never allowed to use the words 'I cannot'. Failure was not something that Caldoran women ever had to contend with.

    Taking lessons, just as the other girls did, she learned to be a lady. To pour tea, steer conversation, and to compliment. She'd always saved a particularly large part of her day and dedicated it to music. Singing, dancing, the piano, she loved it all. If they could not find Kalissa for dinner they would always know which parlor she'd be stashed away in, playing the piano, and learning to sing a new song.

    It had been a quiet day, though a bit cold, when she and two of her sisters decided to travel along with their parents. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to Kalissa at the age of fifteen. They had been chatting about dresses, obviously boring their father, but when the carriage rolled to it's side it came as a shock to them all. To this day she can't recount the incident, nor could she without some thought tell you which of her sisters were there with her. When her brother had asked her what happened the only thing she could picture were her mother's eyes. She'd hid under the body of a guard and it may have shielded the assassins from finding her but as her mother died all Kalissa could do was look at her mother and cry.

    If someone were to have said that the situation had changed the eldest Caldoran daughter, it would have been an understatement. Something deep within her had shifted the day she witnessed her mother and fathers murder. Family became important but so did the game that was the life around her. Political and social scenes were something she sought out to master as others around her buzzed, gossiped, and sniped. It was true that Kalissa had learned that life was short and brutal but she may not have taken away the same opinion from that lesson as the others around her.

    She helped Keiren steer their siblings in the right direction, with help of their grandmother, aunts, and uncles, but her smile never really reached her eyes. Their successes were hers and their failures were just little holes in the roads to their greatness. Or at least that's what she'd tell them. She'd always support and love her family but somewhere deep inside her there was a hole, an empty pit, that would never be filled.

    When she was married to Nathaniel Costa she smiled as she should but she was just another political match and she was well aware of what it meant. Her duty to her family came first and as the sister of Keiren Caldoran she was not allowed to put the wrong foot forward. It was a beautiful spring day in 214 when she was taken as a bride and left her family home to start her life with her husband. They seemed to get along well enough but after some time with romance but no heir it was decided that Kalissa must be barren and as a result lost the affections of her husband.

    Link here

    Family Genealogy:

    Carwyn b. 131, d 199 -m- Constance Miyer, (Hunt winner, Local Girl)b. 130, d. 200
          Brendan b. 150, d. 208 -m- Therese McJennis b. 159
               Teruss b.177, d. 209 -m- Geneva Mayfleur b. 177, d. 209
                    Keiren Ryon b. 194 -m- Skye Blue Pellen b. 198
                        Camberlie Mai(Illegitimate) b. 213
                    Kalissa Joanne b. 194 -m- Nathaniel Costa
                    Kivennah Beth b. 196
                    Kellavyn Ma'lee b. 198
                    Kellan Anne b. 198
                    Karenna b. 199
                    Kelwes John b. 202
              Calla Elyse Caldoran Remington b. 178 -m- George Remington [b. 177]
                     Charlotte Remington [b. 195] (21)
                     Callista Claire Remington [b. 197 ] (19)
                     William Remington [b. 197 ] (19)
                     Laura Remington [b. 199 ] (17)
                     John Remington [b. 202 ] (14)
                     Melinda Remington [b. 205 ] (11)
                     Arthur Remington [b.207 ] (9)
               Ellistra Genevieve b.180 -m- Raymon Riethert (b. 182)
                    Daughter Riethert
               Carrence Robert b. 181 -m- Rosalita b. 180
                    Lexington Giovanni b. 196 (Twin)
                    Larson Stylianos b. 196 (Twin)
                    Llewellyn Alonzo b. 199
                    Liam Demetrios b. 200

    Writing Sample:

    "Oh! This book is horrid!" Kalissa couldn't stop herself from tossing it to the couch across from her. The servant who had been placing more wood on the fire just looked up with lifted eyebrows in response to her outburst.

    He wouldn't understand, most of them cannot even read, though she then felt awful for thinking such a negative thing about another. "I've just always loved when a story is told in order. I can't handle that jumping in and out of the past nonsense."

    The servant smiled kindly and picked the book up off the floor, where it had landed after it hit the couch with some force, and set it on the side table next to her chair. 'If it fails as a book then it should be kindling.' With such a simple statement, the man left the room, and Kalissa was happy she'd not thought him to be simple.

    Charity is important, darling, remember that.
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