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    Kivennah Caldoran

    Player: Amy
    Contact: G-Talk or PM

    Character Name: Kivennah Beth Caldoran
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: February 2, 196
    Current Location: Heather's Moor
    House: Caldoran
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    A house with its beginnings in its very name, the lordship was given to Almos Caldoran, and when allowed to name it, he chose the most lovely name he knew, that of his only heir, Heather. Called Heather's Moor, it passed to her, her spouse adopting the name Caldoran as a mark of favor and respect. Since that time, generations upon generations of Caldorans have added to the city of Heather's Moor, and castle that bear their banner, that of a lion, gold, on green and purple. Their House Motto, Action not words, ironically, speaks volumes to their manner. A House of focus and drive, they have forged out a goodly existence in the wilds of deep forests, with their Castle, Taldorach, a fantastical creation, spanning a small tributary, called Caldoran's Branch, of The Darnelle River. Never sacked, the castle is surrounded by walls, towers, a hunting park, and deep, large gardens, providing fall back positions as needed for defenders. The river has large movable iron gates both up and downstream, to prevent ships without proper passage rights, from getting too close. Also downriver is the town, where all trade ceases from moving upstream, as a rule. Pleasure barges, moderate sized supply boats, and small private craft are about all that can navigate Caldoran's Branch.

    Known for lumber and trade, their city, walled and fortified, is acknowledged for safe passage, and well tended architecture, a meeting ground of several trade routes, coin changes hands swiftly here, right alongside information and ideas. Largely insulated from the outside world by the thick deep forests, Heather's Moor is only reached by caravans or large numbers, by two main roads, or by the river.

    Called The Hospitable House as a nod to their famed hunting parties, the Castle Taldorach has many times hosted the elite of the kingdom for week long celebrations and engagements. Loyal to the crown, they are iron clad in their support of the crown.
    [Credit: Robin]

    In the most recent generations, House Caldoran’s fortunes seem to have flipped. Family tragedy on an unimaginable scale has taken their numbers down to just a handful, and those who are left are scattered over Tuneric. While it’s surely possible for the Caldorans of Taldorach to bounce back to their former glory, it will take a lot of work and no small amount of time, and perhaps some supernatural influence, as well.
    [Credit: Amy]

    Played By/Face Claim: Olivia Wilde


    Tall and slender, Kivennah has a graceful figure, with a long waist and shapely limbs. Her shape is more elegant than voluptuous, but that suits her just fine. Icy light blue eyes shine out from a face which is striking in its beauty, framed by brown hair that falls past her shoulders. Kivennah doesn’t put much time into adorning her appearance anymore; the lightest cosmetics, if she wears any at all, highlight her eyes or lips, and she never really has need to correct her complexion. Even her clothes and hair are simply styled, although always with care and attention. Where once she did her best to be on the crest of fashion, now her time and energy need to be directed elsewhere, and she settles for a simpler look.


    Tragedy has hardened Kivennah. The boating accident that took so many Caldoran lives in one terrible day shattered her, and it always seemed that just when the pieces were coming back together, someone else was taken. Gone was the girl with grand dreams of a life at court, gone were the hopes of romance and love. In their place is now a woman who feels she carries the weight of her noble house squarely on her slim shoulders, and who increasingly deals with the loss of her loved ones by closing herself off emotionally.

    One thing which has never left Kivennah was her drive toward perfection. It was never a completely positive character trait, but now it has turned toxic, although it is still solely unleashed upon herself. When her parents died, she felt she must be perfect to make them eternally proud; when the accident took Kieran and all the rest, the weight of their extinguished lives added to that pressure. With KJ now gone, too, there is no alternative. She must be the perfect Lady of Taldorach. Nothing else is an option.

    Somewhere, though, deep beneath the reserved and cold person Kivi has become, there still lurks the light and life that she once embodied. Her old self seems to emerge more when her family is near, but even then, it’s only a glimmer. Most of the time, with her twin Knight of Dawn cousins and her sister Karenna taking care of their responsibilities in Hebron, Kivennah is left alone in the castle that was once so full of life and love. Surrounded by the relics of so many lives lost, and the echoes of her own lost dreams and love, how can anyone blame her for how distant she has grown?

    Personal History:

    Sometimes - perhaps more often than she would admit - Kivennah wonders what her family did to deserve the fate the gods have wrought. How did they manage to displease the Dark Lady Mink-Asa so profoundly that she left them with only four living souls bearing the Caldoran name? Why so much violence, so much loss, so much tragedy? No answers ever come to her, no matter how often she asks.

    Kivennah’s early life, and the ease with which she moved through it, has been sharply contrasted with the life she leads now. Before, she was called the prettiest of the Caldoran sisters, and her only real concerns were maintaining that title. Her time was spent with close family and a best friend at her side, and she went through all the lessons, the adventures, and the trials that noble youth in Tuneric can all relate to. A life at court seemed a promise, and a blossoming friendship with the older of the two princesses only made it seem more sure.

    Then, the tragedies started. She lost her parents, survived the attacks during King Cailen’s coronation, lost much of the rest of her family to a boating accident. There was the hurricane, and the plague. It all left the Caldorans much reduced in number, with most of the ones that survived living and working in Hebron. And then, on top of everything, Dexter Remington seemed to rise from his very grave to make her life worse; he took her and her sister captive, lured their cousins down to the castle, and sought to wipe them all out in one fell swoop. Thankfully, all survived this time, but Taldorach itself is in sorry shape, half burned out after Dexter’s failed attack.

    Now Kivennah is left with even more of her world in rubble. Her home is in ruins, her family in tatters, and she’s even lost what she’d hoped was true love. Somehow, she needs to find a way out of this which doesn’t involve her giving in to the voices which seem to beckon her to the bottom of the river.

    Family Genealogy:

    Carwyn b. 131, d 199 -m- Constance Miyer, (Hunt winner, Local Girl)b. 130, d. 200
    Brendan b. 150, d. 208 -m- Therese McJennis b. 159
    Teruss b.177, d. 209 -m- Geneva Mayfleur b. 177, d. 209
    Keiren Ryon b. 194 -m- Skye Blue Pellen b. 198
    Camberlie Mai(Illegitimate, born prior to marriage to Skye) b. 213
    Kalissa Joanne b. 194
    Kivennah Beth Caldoran b. 196
    Kellavyn Ma'lee b. 198
    Kellan Anne b. 198
    Karenna Caldoran b. 199
    Kelwes John Caldoran b. 202
    Calla Elyse Caldoran Remington b. 178 -m- George Remington [b. 177]
    William Remington [b. 194 ] (22)
    Charlotte Remington [b. 195] (21)
    Callista Claire Remington [b. 197 ] (19)
    Laura Remington [b. 199 ] (17)
    John Remington [b. 202 ] (14)
    Melinda Remington [b. 205 ] (11)
    Arthur Remington [b.207 ] (9)
    Ellistra Genevieve b.180 -m- Raymon Riethert (b. 182)
    Daughter Riethert
    Carrence Robert b. 181 -m- Rosalita b. 180
    Lexington Giovanni Caldoran b. 196 (Twin)
    Larson Stylianos Caldoran b. 196 (Twin)
    Llewellyn Alonzo b. 199
    Liam Demetrios b. 200

    Writing Sample:

    Kivennah’s nightmares had always involved the river. Sometimes she would be thrust into the shipwreck, unable to pull anyone to the surface, unable to save her family. Sometimes she would be back in the hurricane, watching Percival dive in after that little girl, and in the worst dreams neither ever emerged again. But now, her demons had new fodder to throw at her in the dead of night. Now she dreamed of fires. Of being buried beneath wood and stone and ember.
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