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    Kiirion Avayne

    Player: Jay

    Character Name: Kiirion Avayne
    Character Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 31, 192
    Current Location: Day's Death
    House: Avayne
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Credit to Mora creator of House Avayne

    Chapter 1: The Landing

    The isle of Day’s Death in the Great Grey Sea was named such for the fiery reds that took over the sky as though the sun was bleeding to death as it slipped down past the rocky landscape and cast a waving reflection of itself in its death throes o’er the seas. That was before there was even a King called Day. It didn’t seem like a prophecy in itself, then.

    During the age of exploration when nobles first flocked to claim their part of the island nation of Tuneric, a seafaring house called Soren decided to buck the trend of going to stake out their claim on the mainland. Instead, the young shipper saw an opportunity in claiming the much smaller island off to the east. For one, he could simply take the whole thing. Everyone seemed to discount the rocky isle, and many feared wrecking their ships on the unforgiving coastline which lacked the blankets of white sand. But he knew if he could claim it, it could be a seat of power, separated enough, foreboding enough that others would think twice of trying to wrest the seat from him. So, he set out to claim it after making seven separate sacrifices to Moreesa, over seven separate days, as he watched the signs in the morning sky that told him when to take his leave from his homeland.

    He did not know that the first mate of the ship in his trading fleet called Wind Song had planned a sacrifice of his own. To the dark goddess. The first night spent at sea, on the vessel that carried him, his family, the captain and his family, and that of the crew, the captain’s children fell ill. The clammy skin, the headaches, the vomiting were chalked up to seasickness. Until they didn’t wake up. It was thought, then, that someone had carried sickness on board the Wind Song. The rest of the Captain’s family was put into quarantine, but this didn’t dispel the worry that begun to spread among the non-sailors on board. The fear took root in the women first. Those worried about their children, and those worried about themselves. And their fears were justified. The Captain’s wife died next in quarantine, others had fallen ill, and the man at the bow had obviously become undone at the shocking losses he’d endured in no time at all. He ordered them to turn the ship around, against the higher authority of the Master of the fleet, Victor Soren. It was obvious they had not pleased Moreesa, he claimed, though it wasn’t the sea that had risen up to take his family from him . . . Some of the crewmen were inclined to agree.

    At the next moon rise, the mutiny happened. Lazare Avayne, first mate of the Wind Song led those loyal to Victor against the mad Captain, with the women and children stowed safely below decks. Blood soaked the wooden planks, and the final at sea burial took place when there were none left breathing who opposed the mission that brought them to sea in the first place. A handful of families had lost fathers or sons or both. Some prayed for the plague to return then, to take them where their loved ones had gone. But the mysterious disease that had started all this seemed to have fled.

    Thus Lazare Avayne, a man who came from nothing, and seemingly nowhere, became the Captain of the Wind Song. He was rewarded for his loyalty to Soren, and the close relationship between Avaynes and Sorens started with him. As all those who landed on the island in the Great Grey Sea watched the sun set on their former lives, the isle was given its name.

    Before his death Lazare Avayne had become the head of Soren’s fleet of trading vessels and the family was given the small keep of Overlook Tower which looked out at their western neighbor, the mainland of Tuneric.

    Chapter 2: From Day to Night
    The man who became King of Tuneric, including the isle that belonged to House Soren, was given the name Day from the God of Light himself. Not everyone on Day’s Death was overly happy about this, but Soren had willingly submitted, and he was in charge. The trade winds had treated them well, and brought them prosperity; the well-trained sailors had no fear of travel to foreign lands as they had grown up navigating the waters around the rocky island. Day’s Death traded with the mainland, as well as, the outside world, bringing in a variety of goods gathered from all over in single shipments.

    Smuggling wasn’t uncommon, as the number of rules and restrictions jumped with the new monarch. But the Sorens seemed largely unaware of such crimes. Until a captain from a prominent family that advised Lord Soren was caught in the act by one Branson Avayne. The smuggler was made an example of, hanged in the city center, and the family fell into disgrace, to the benefit of the Avaynes. Branson was given the responsbiity of enforcing the “no tolerance” policy for smuggling, allowing the Avayne shippers and their associates to continue unimpeded and gain a higher price for their wares.

    Over time the Avaynes power grew in money and power, men becoming the official advisors to the Lords of House Soren, and ladies becoming close confidantes to the women of the House. Their eyes and ears were everywhere, and money extended their reach wherever their blood was not. Families rose and fell in prominence on Day’s Death, but the Avaynes became a fixture, never failing to pass along the arts that had brought them up from nothing, and the belief system, as well. Day’s Death primarily worshipped Moreesa, as the sea gave them everything, but the Avaynes worshipped another more fiercely, the Lady who was in charge when the sun bled past the horizon and the moon rose. But they did not wear this faith on their sleeve, and the Dark Lady was content to commune with them in the Shadows. People lived and died every day, and it was called normal. Every once in a great long while, some person or other would think they could see a difference between death at the hand of man or nature, but majority would rule and suspicions would fall on deaf ears until forgotten. A second empire was built on that island bit by bit, a criminal enterprise that answered to its own king. People needed to be caught of course. People needed to pay. But those who took the fall for the ‘greater good’ did so by design.

    By order of the king, a great prison was built on the island the crown seemed to have little love for - except when taxes were collected, and those individuals not fit for the mainland were sent there, out of sight and mind of the capital. The petty thief to the debtor to those who had shed the blood of their countrymen found comfort in the teachings of Mink-Asa, from the priests who visited them while their families forsook them and tried to forget their existence. They were reborn and renamed at the full moon rise by the goddess’ minions, and the chains that held them were turned to nothing at a whisper from Mink-Asa. The prison built by Day’s men was nothing to her, she mocked it, she emptied it, and she took them across the sea in ships thought to be long dead to join the movement that had taken root on the mainland.

    The city of Day’s Death was ordered closed, the walls patrolled, after a breathless messenger brought news of the destruction of the prison on the south of the island and the escape of the prisoners. No one knew where they would turn up. But the story was dark and the people feared. At least, outwardly, they all did. Mink-Asa erected a new prison in place of the old. The guards set there by Day were nowhere to be found, and legend has it their blood was used to bless the structure and imbue it with the Dark Lady’s power. Soren ordered the dark thing destroyed but blades were broken on it, battering rams turned to kindling, and fire would not burn. A number of knights disappeared during these efforts, joining the fate of the old jailers. Whatever fate that was. No one knew.

    Those who remained went back to the city in defeat, the city walls closed behind them. The inhabitants of Day’s Death stuck to the north coast of the island, staying clear of the prison as darkness fell over the nation, and the cold winds blew. Their port was destroyed. The trade that had made them prosper ceased. From their point of view, Day’s Death was largely ignored as the cultists swept the mainland. Isolated across the sea, plague did not touch the island. Though people still lived. And died. Many of the Swarenite minority. And they called it normal. Survival was a struggle without the resources gathered from the mainland and Poltarus and the isles that dotted the great Grey Sea. Art and music were forgotten luxuries.

    The Soren family ruled in name. But their prayers to Moreesa seemed to fall on deaf ears. House Avayne held the true power, and their hands served the Goddess of the Stars. Day's Death needed no invasion. Many worshippers of Mink-Asa already called it home, back to the day when Lazare Avayne landed on the rocky shore.

    The black market flourished as basic items were in short supply. The empire in the shadows always seemed to have the right things for the right price. And sometimes buyers would end up dead, which was perfectly normal, and who knew they had bought anything anyway? Money was worth little, now. And who wasn’t buying? Mothers would give their right arm to feed their children. Everyone couldn’t be punished. They couldn’t kill hope like that.

    Chapter 3: A New Day

    Maybe amidst the storms and plague the people of Tuneric forgot Day’s Death existed. Maybe they didn’t care. But over the dark times Soren’s men had kept watch at the coastal outposts for any sign of a friend or foe to approach their island. The small ship was spotted making way for the southern coast where few had dared to venture since the first tales of supernatural intervention had reached the city. When news reached the Lord of the island, he sent scouts to find out more about the unknown visitors, and to ascertain whether they were just the beginning of a larger force. What they found instead, when they had made the journey, was that the dark prison had been emptied, doors were left open, and the flag of a king that hadn’t ruled in centuries was flying.

    As though the Days had conquered something. Part of an island that had been an afterthought. An island that had been cared for by Lord Soren. An island that had been used for Tuneric’s trash under Day’s orders.

    It was insulting to those who had eyes to see.

    But many took this as a great omen. The dark prison had been breached. The hold of darkness was waning. The city prepared itself for visitors. The wait was a long one. Two years. But the people had hope, and that hope helped get them through each day they spent rebuilding. Praise was issued to Moreesa, the goddess of the sea who had sustained them through everything and brought this ship safe passage. The isle largely brought itself out of darkness, as no military intervention took place. A few priests were arrested and executed. But this was done by Soren’s men. Not Day’s.

    They didn’t need Day. They never needed Day. And that prison brought up from the rubble of the old was supposed to be where Day died. Wasn’t it? Hadn’t that been the truth of it from the start? Hadn’t that been the meaning behind the island’s name, before ‘Day’ was even a surname?

    One hundred years later rule passed from Day to Shellten, but the blood lived on through marriage. Peace and prosperity had returned soon after the young child retook his birthright, and with the blessing of Moreesa, Day’s Death became a port of trade once more, exchanging goods with the mainland and bringing items to the ports that sprouted up on the Tunerican coastline. House Avayne was among the richest and most powerful houses, having gained much even in the dark times when money wasn’t anything. And their lust for power and money was never sated. As before, as it had always been, they made their money doing the dirty work others thought themselves too good for, in the dark where no one could see. Over time, the line of Soren sought to impress the Kings of Day and then Shellten. They began to worship Swaren along with Moreesa. But their land was known as less beautiful for lack of woods. And history repeated itself when people were sent to Day’s Death as punishment. The crown was spitting in their face, and the Sorens were kissing ass in return. And while the Avaynes were faithfully following their Lord’s affinities, they were unraveling their hold from the inside. Over many years, the small House of Soren became even smaller, eventually down only to the Lord, his Lady, their heir and the Lord's jealous brother.

    The Lord’s brother led an uprising against him, and brought like minded knights down on the castle. What good was the Shellten rule to them? They only insulted them. Water’s Edge castle ran red with blood over an internal battle that lasted three days. When the rebels breached the door to the room the dead Lord’s family had been hiding in, the knights loyal to Soren and the Avayne Sword sworn to protect the heir fought bravely, dropping one by one until it came down to a handful of people on either side. The Avayne Sword died in defense of the heir - who was sadly skewered anyway - but managed to take the remaining traitor down with him. Lady Soren and the Avayne Advisor remained.

    Thus, Lordship passed to the most powerful family in Day’s Death. Not unlike what the Shelltens had done, Magnus Avayne married the Lady Juliet Soren, for added legitimacy. Day’s Death was free to realize its true destiny.

    Chapter 4: A Profitable Present

    Day’s Death has become a destination for foreign traders to bring their goods and purchase a sampling of that which had been gathered from the mainland. The underworld of Day’s Death (run by House Avayne) is stronger than ever and the smuggling of ‘contraband’ with origins both local and foreign is known by a select few whose tongues are well kept in a tight grip. People live and die across Tuneric and most often it is called normal. But some know better. But precious few have an inkling of what really goes on in the depths of Water’s Edge Castle, or the older Avayne Houses of Overlook Tower and Stony Tide.

    The death of King Aramis reminded Tunericans what fear feels like, in case anyone forgot. And far too many had.

    But not everyone.

    For the master manipulators called Avayne thrived on arousing all manner of feeling in people. Down to the last sensations they’d ever feel. Not that those outside the most intimate inner circle would ever know it.

    Played By/Face Claim: Eugen Bauder

    Appearance: Upon first glance of Kiirion, most people tend not to notice his handsome face or the dark brown almost black hair that contrasts against his light skin tone, but rather they get drawn in by his piercing blue/green eyes. The sea colored orbs often times hold an intense, serious declare, even though more often than not he is spent celebrating and having a good time.

    Standing at a respectable 6'1" and weighing 180 pounds, Kiirion is not physically intimidating, though that is not to say that he doesn't stay in good shape. He tends to keep a more lean, sculpted build rather than having bulky muscles by all of the running and climbing he does around the city. Those lucky enough to become intimate with him have the pleasure of viewing his flawlessly cut body. For those not so lucky individuals, Kiirion is usually seen wearing the finest linens of his house colors of black and green, the only exception to this is when he is prowling around the city, then he tends to wear clothing of much cheaper materials.

    Personality: If you were to ask someone to describe Kiirion after a first impression a few words would most likely be loud, offensive, drunk, lazy, or even womanizer. However, if you were to approach him and ask if these descriptions were true he would deny most of them. He'd say that he was talking loudly enough so those around could hear, that he was only speaking the truth, that he wasn't that drunk, and with a body like his he couldn't possibly be lazy and what woman wouldn't want him? It is no secret that he does not act like a noble or a gentleman, but most of the time he defends the way he behaves by saying that he gets it from his father, that is unless of course he is around his mother. Then he says that he got his behavior from spending too much time with his bastard twin brothers as a child.

    He does not lack any sort of confidence in whatever it is that he chooses to pursue. In matters of love, he knows that he is very pleasant on the eyes, and since he knows that he is extremely good looking and in great shape he feels that he is gods gift to women. With such confidence, he can usually spark up a conversation easily with a girl and doesn't usually run out of things to say. His confidence also carries over to his ability in combat and at times has made him quite cocky. An exceptionally skilled swordsman and knife fighter, Kiirion's overconfidence has on more than one occassion caused him to make ridiculous wagers, such as trying to duel with kitchen utensils. He has lost more than one bout because of this.

    However, the way he acts in public is just a mask that he wears to hide the true, darker side of himself. The true Kiirion is cold, calculating, and lays out complex plans to carry out his actions. He is very precise, everything he does is done for a reason according to the plan that he lays out, and if a piece of the puzzle doesn't fit into his plan he simply scraps it and forms a new puzzle on the fly. Unfortunately, many of those that discover his true nature do so much too late.

    Personal History: Born on October 31st, Kiirion was fortunate enough to be born into the wealthy House Avayne to his parents Cade and Lillith. Growing up as a child, Kiirion wasn't spoiled per se, but he never went without anything. That is with the exception of his siblings. He did have two older brothers, but most of the time it was if they were non-existent in the family dynamic. The twins seemed to have their own unique bond and were older, so he had always felt like he didn't fit with them. Couple that with his mother always discouraging him from being around them and it made for quite the lonely childhood.

    For some reason his mother just didn't care for the twins. He had asked why once and all she had said was that they were not Cade's true children and shouldn't get what was his. Then one day out of nowhere they were sent away to live with one of their cousins. Kiirion had heard from Lillith that they had been out of control, but would never get a straight answer as to how, when he pressed the question. After that day, the house just seemed even more lonely. With his brothers not around to make noise and his father away on business all the time, the only person that paid him any mind was his mother.

    It was around this time, that he began sneaking out of his house, in order to have some sort of human contact. Kiirion was usually quiet enough that sneaking away was easy enough, whether it was just slipping through the house or climbing out his bedroom window, the young boy usually made his way to the yard where the knights practiced combat training. Every once in a while one would break down and show the child a few tricks before sending him on his way.

    At the age of 9, his brothers had returned to the house and they actually noticed him. However, it wasn't a good thing that they noticed him. Even though it was his mother that had made sure they were sent away from the house, they decided to take it out on him. At first he had tried to stand up to the twins, but two on one are never good odds especially when your opponents are both bigger and stronger than you are. It took a few beatings for him to realize it was better to run than to fight. He was quick on his feet and was a great climber, so most of the time he was able to get away, but there were still a couple of times he would get caught.

    This had actually went on a couple of years, before Lillith had actually become aware of what was going on between the boys, and that was only because she happened to be walking by at the right time. Needless to say, the boys were ousted from their home once again and Lillith made sure that Kiirion was trained in hand to hand combat. Her reasoning behind this being that he should not be bested by bastards.

    During his teenage years he entered a bit of a rebellious phase as he did not want to conform to what his mother thought a noble should be and act like, so much like when he was a child, he would sneak out of his home. Only this time he went exploring Day's Death, most of the time during the night. Kiirion sought thrills in the city by running, climbing, and jumping from whatever he could. He would slink through the different alley ways and climb across the roofs of the town, making the city his new playground. Over time though that had started to lose it's initial excitement and so he turned to pick pocketing. Only with no experience he was quickly caught and his father was contacted. While publicly Cade was outraged at his son's behavior, he wasn't really angered by his son's behavior. He was actually quite proud because he knew it was time to bring his son into the family business.

    At the age of 18, Kiirion was sent to the Avayne residence of Water's Edge so that he could be trained to enter the family business. During his training over the years, Kiirion picked up many skills, both combat related and for every day life. He picked up the sword quite easily, as well as daggers, and he was a decent shot with a bow as well. He had honed his running and climbing skills to the point where he was much more acrobatic. After training, training, and training even more, while carrying out missions that ranged from gathering intel to high profile assassinations, Kiirion now serves his house to his full potential the only way he knows eliminating any enemies that oppose them.

    Family Genealogy: 141
    Balthazar Avayne (b. 100 d. 157) -- Ivy Callis Avayne (b. 103 d. 159)
         -Magnus Avayne (b. 124 d. 180) -- Juliet Laurent Soren Avayne (b. 136 d. 187)
              -Constantine Avayne (b. 164 d. 212) -- First Wife Mariah Donelle Avayne (b.168 d. TBA), Second Wife Evalonne Gale Avayne (b. 175 d. 210)
                   -Sebastian Avayne (Year to be added)
                   -Selene Avayne (b. 194)
              -Rianne Avayne (b. 166 d. 189
         -Xander Avayne (b.126) -- Myranda Fiorelle Avayne (b. 128)
              -Lucian Avayne (b.141) -- Ciara Elindor Avayne (b. 145)
                   -Cade Avayne (b. 166) -- Lillith Torias Avayne (b.168)
                        -Andros Avayne (b. 188)
                        -Sandor Avayne (b. 188)
                        -Kiirion Avayne (b. 192)

                   -Leandra Avayne (b. 167, twin) -- Husband
                   -Willa Avayne (b. 167)
              -Lianna Avayne (b.143) -- Husband (b. 140)
              -Victor Avayne (b.144) -- Wife (b.146)
                   -Children (Bastard Children Possible)**
         -Thora Avayne (b. 127) -- Gavin Evers (b. 123)
              -Children and grandchildren**
         -Theo Avayne (b. 130 d. 163)

    Note: Many bastards from this area are called Fjord or Shore
    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample:

    The night was still young as it usually was when Kiirion retired early for the night. He had been quite drunk, or so he said, it had just been his usual ruse to get out of social obligations so that he could enjoy a night running around the back alleys and rooftops of Day's Death. Tonight had been an especially good night for that. The moon hung high overhead in a cloudless sky, illuminating the streets below, giving him an easy enough time to see in the dark as he leapt from roof to roof, his padded boots making little noise.

    As he moved silently through the night, his cloak billowed in the wind. Tonight he wasn't exactly dressed to run and jump around the city, but over the years this had become so second nature to him that it didn't seem to slow him down. On this night rather than wearing his house colors of black and green, Kiirion was wearing all white, with the exception of a pair of blue gloves and the blue mask that hid the lower half of his face. The reason was obvious enough. If he had to kill someone and there happened to be witnesses he didn't want to incriminate his family in any suspicious activity.

    But why wear mostly white while trying to move around the city rooftops without being noticed? The answer was simple enough. He wanted people to see him coming, wanted people to feel fear when he swooped in for his kill, and wanted them to put up a fight. Kiirion had become so arrogant on his fun nights that he grew reckless. So far it had not come back to bite him in the ass and it was beginning to look like it wouldn't on this night either.

    Kiirion peered into the alley below, perched atop the roof one of the many shops that could be found in the city. He watched and waited as two would be thieves were trying to break into an armor shop across the street from where he was at, unable to pick the lock with ease. The two argued and cursed eachother as they took turns fumbling with the lock, unable to notice that he was hiding above. Drawing two curved daggers from his belt, Kiirion took a leap off the edge of the roof, seeming to almost float as gravity took control of his body. The two men didn't even look up as he stabbed into both of their necks, using their bodies to cushion his fall.

    "Why do they never look up?" he muttered under his breath, disappointed at how easy the double kill had been. His amusement and the lack of challenge was unimportant though. The only thing that mattered was that their blood was draining from their lifeless corpses into the street. His dark goddess would be pleased this night.

    Secrets: PMed
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