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Thread: Taia "Jaelyn" Hunter

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    Taia "Jaelyn" Hunter

    Thread Title: Taia ‘Jaelyn’ Hunter

    Player: Taia
    Contact: Through PM is fine

    Character Name: Taia ‘Jaelyn’ Hunter
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September, 12 194
    Current Location: A brief hike from Stone Forge
    House: Hunter
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    (Created and written by Aloris! )

    House Hunter has only been established as nobility for the past 71 years, when the then king granted House Hunter land rights and officially established Huntstown. House Hunter collects taxes from all kinds of establishments, including but not limited to, inns, taverns, pubs, bathhouses and whore houses that service persons passing through Huntstown.

    Considering they are relatively new in the nobility circle, House Hunter has been looked down upon as the black sheep of the ritzy world. Of course, it doesn’t help that each and every child of House Hunter, including girls, is taught how to use a bow and a knife to obtain food from the forests that surround Huntstown. Who knows when this information might become useful?

    House Hunter participates heavily in celebrations to Silvica, who is the patron goddess of House Hunter. They host a large celebration to her, opening the invitation to all patrons of the goddess to attend as well for the Dawn of the Year.

    Played By/Face Claim: Lucy Griffiths

    Appearance: Standing at a slender height of 5 feet 6 inches, Taia Hunter is by no means a tall woman. Her blue eyes and dark brown hair are an exotic mix that captivates and portrays a visage of youthful innocence and naivety. But the eyes never lie, and Taia’s gaze holds a calculating wisdom that is hard to mistake. Her brown locks are typically pulled back into a bun or braid to free her eyes from the wind blown onslaught. Her lips always hold a small smile or smirk of some sort, as if she were laughing at an old joke or enjoying a memory. High cheekbones accentuate this feature handsomely.

    Taia typically sports commoner dresses in House Hunter’s blue and green hues. Hidden beneath are characteristically boots and breeches, the better to climb and hunt in, and much preferred by the wild female. In most cases, the skirt itself detaches from the dress to create an easy change when needed – a most convenient feature. Rarely does she wear court dresses, but when given the occasion or the dress anything is possible. Taia does like to travel in secret and often sports a hood and face mask while traveling, especially at night.

    Personality: Taia has many disguises, a different façade for each moment. Typically she is rather friendly and open, a friend to any passerby who offers a smile or a hello. But roads are typically dangerous and as a hunter, Taia can’t always contain the caution and attention to detail that has been engraved into her person. She is very patient, whether it be with a child learning to nock an arrow or on the hunt. The only thing that Taia has little patience for is overly intoxicated men (or women). She also doesn’t care for man pigs or annoying souls. She inherited that trait from her father. She also inherited his stubbornness and unwillingness to give in to defeat or a fight.

    Furthermore, Taia is very unladylike – a downside to her upbringing by a Master Swordsman. She dislikes dresses, prefers men’s style, and could care less about her appearance and manners. She regularly belches when in good company and snorts when she laughs. Mead is a vice, and while she dislikes drunkards, she had as habit of drinking too much of this honey wine when it is in her possession, which thankfully is not often.

    Personal History: The lone daughter of Derrick Hunter, Taia grew up in the shadow of an unproduced son and an absent mother, whom Taia knew next to nothing about. The absence of both was hard on her father and the disappointment haunted Taia in her adolescent years. She was raised mainly by chambermaids, many who never remained in her service for more than a few months at a time. It wasn’t until she turned 7 that Taia received a proper father figure in Wilard Angelo. The Sword Master and Master Archer of House Hunter was a good, skilled man. He took Taia under his wing and trained her to use both a sword and knife, but most importantly a bow. And it was under his training that Taia gained proficiency with the bow. She had one in hand wherever she went, which wasn’t far from norm for the rest of House Hunter.

    By the age of 14, Taia gained entry into the annual Running of the Boar competition, and much to her happiness, won. The requirements were simple – catch the largest boar released, kill it, skin it, and return the carcass and hide to the castle gates. Though not without a few cuts and bruises, Taia managed to deliver the carcass to the city gates in front of the Hunter house and her father. In a courageous move, Taia presented her father with the boar’s severed head, with two arrows piercing each of the boar’s eyes. “You’ve been blind, Father,” she had said, as she lay the bloody head at his feet. “I am better than any son you could have brought forth.”

    From that day on, Derrick had made an effort to be in his daughter’s life. And he was present, whether it be in hunting excursions, schooling, or plain fatherliness. But after only three years his time was cut short by a stroke.

    Taia, now 17, left Huntstown to escape her father’s memory, her grief and the dull castle that held little for her.

    She wandered the island from shore to shore, took refuge in small villages, brothels, and trees. She farmed what she could from the forests and sold the rest when coin was invaluable to her survival. But of all the adventures Taia partook in her favorite were the invaluable lessons she learned from various village elders. She listened to many tales from past the island shore and sat at many a fire on cold, rainy nights with a warm meal that was more often than not killed with her arrow; the game was the least she could do. She had become the wandering hunter and teacher who repeatedly shared the skill of survival and hunting to the children of commoners.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    -Jethroe Hunter (114) -- Janis Thatcher (120)
         -Keith Hunter (140) -- Elaine Falcon (141)
              -Lawrence Hunter (159) -- Kendra Brisbun (161)
                   -Hamilton Hunter (180) -- Katherine Woodson (179)
                        - Gwendolyn Hunter (198)
                        -Lawrence Hunter II (201)
                        - Sylvia Hunter (204)
                        + -- Sharon Remington (186)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II (208)
                        -Patrick Hunter (212)
                   -Richard Hunter (183) -– Unnamed Wife (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Charleton Hunter (189)
                   -Felton Hunter (191)
                   -Regina Hunter (197)
         -Carolyn Hunter (143) -- Unnamed Husband (?)**
         -Jason Hunter (146) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Dorin Hunter (166) -- Unnamed Wife (?)
                   -Dorin Hunter II (189)
                   -River's Girl (196)
                   -Unnamed Boy (198)
              -Derrick Hunter (168) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
                   -Taia “Jaelyn” Hunter (194)

    Writing Sample:

    ”Now… Line it up, that’s right. Arm at a right angle… don’t bend your back, it won’t fly straight if you do that…” Taia’s voice was gentle but commanding, just the way a teacher should be.

    She had been in this village for one month, a welcomed guest in the old crow’s thatched cottage. That’s what the village called her and boy did it fit. Her nose was literally a beak – long, thick and curved with a sharp point. It was no wonder the children were afraid of her and called her such names. Taia persuaded against such a title when it was spoken but her scolding was no use. No change would be made.

    The young boy in front of her was the worst offender. Perhaps that was why she had taken him under her wing. He was her latest project with the hope that a few lessons on survival and self-respect or rather self-reliance would teach him to respect others as well. Much to Taia’s amazement it was working so far.

    “Like this?” He asked in a meek but steady voice as he straightened and pulled back harder on the arrow.

    Taia nodded and smiled to his back so that he wouldn’t see. “Just like that… now focus, what are you aiming for, Zeke?”

    The boy took a moment and Taia could see his gaze moving back and forth at the tree line. “That crack, right above the branch. Do you see it?”

    She nodded and slowly moved to look down his sight. Very gently she reached under his left arm and moved it up an inch. “I see it, do you?”

    Zeke smiled widely and nodded once more. “Then let her go,” Taia commanded and after a moment’s hesitation, the arrow was loosened. A loud thunk proceeded followed by a delighted “Woooah! from the young dusty haired devil. He was only inches off his mark.

    ”Very good, Zeke. Now, keep practicing. I want you to hit that mark by tonight, understood?” The kid nodded twice and reached down for another arrow. Taia took the success as an escape and retreated to a worn wooden bench a few feet from the training yard. She enjoyed this, it reminded her so much of her childhood but without the harshness and constant pain that accompanied her training. Perhaps this was what she was made for, this nomadic way of teaching and living. But as she watched the next arrow fly Taia couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more, something bigger slowly creeping her way. The wind had shifted and with it was a new feeling that caused goose bumps to rise on the young woman’s arms. I suppose it’s time to be moving on, Taia thought to herself as she lifted her eyes to the clouds and watched as they floated by. That feeling was the sign; it was always the sign that a new journey should begin. And this time like always, Taia would be ready.
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    This looks fine, Taia. You need to edit it to credit Aloris for writing the history, just in parenthesis above the paragraph is fine.

    When that's done, you're approved by me. Stamp 1 of 2.

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