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Thread: Cecilia Armistead

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    Cecilia Armistead

    Player: Kel
    Contact: email.... smoke signals... whatever means necessary, but see Adrena del Castillo for more direct methods.

    Character Name: Cecilia Armistead
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: May 14, 190
    Current Location: Eaton
    House:Armistead by birth, widow
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: An ancient merchant family, the Armisteads rose to nobility after giving use of their extensive merchant fleet to a king in need, centuries before, or so family legend says. What is known is that they have been Lords of Eaton for hundreds of years and are reasonably wealthy. They have a trading empire set up in Eaton and the surrounding area. The family also has a long and storied tradition of serving the kings of Tuneric as knights and soldiers as well as merchants.

    For the last 30 years, the Armisteads had a tenuous alliance with the Redleaf family through a marriage between Gerald Armistead and Berniece Redleaf. The alliance did not die with the death of Gerald in 214. His younger brother Tythus took over the family business and when he died of plague in 216, Tythus' son Atlas took over. Atlast has decided that it's time to claim the Redleaf fortune and business for his own following the death of his distant "cousins," the Redleafs.

    ((HISTORY TAKEN FROM ATLAS' BIO -- Credit to Penny for the original))

    Played By/Face Claim: Tabrett Bethell

    Appearance: Standing at 5' 5" she is not the shortest, but also not the tallest of women. She has a lithe build, with curvaceous hips, and a full bust. Her legs are sleekly muscled from years of riding, sailing, and running. Her blue eyes were filled with light and mischief as she was growing up, but her relationship with her husband left her gaze dull, her eyes often filled with fear, or wariness. She has a 4-inch scar on her right hip from an accident as a child when she fell against a jagged rock.

    Now that her time of mourning is over, she usually wears shades of blue and aquamarine, teal, and off-whites, which are known to highlight her blue eyes. Her mid-back length blond locks are often pulled back into a braided bun, or a long plait down her back. Occasionally, her hair will be tied back from her face with combs, her hair hanging down in loose curls down her back.

    Personality: Cecilia is a woman who once was confident, stood tall, and proud. She was once a woman of poise, elegance, coy behaviors, and constant smiles... until she was married and spent time in her personal hell. She is now wary, untrusting, and her smiles are rare. She seems shy, but really it is more an unease with the opposite sex than anything else. Her hobbies involve sailing, horseback riding, drawing, painting, reading, and embroidery. When running her household she was very involved in all its matters, especially in the kitchen, as it always was filled with pleasant smells, and it was one of her most favorite places in the house.

    She is slow to trust, especially in regards to men, and is more defensive than angry. She dislikes long, arduous walks, creamed grains and vegetables, and hurting innocent animals, especially for sport, and hates hearing that men are going out on hunting trips. It doesn't mean she doesn't eat meat. She likes roast meat, especially with herbs and a dry rub and a wine sauce. She just... doesn't want to know how it got there.

    Though she keeps her hopes to herself, she does dream of actual love someday, even though she knows that her duties to her family and especially her brother, may not provide her with someone who will care about her for her, not for her title, a marriage alliance, or everything she represents. She also hopes to someday actually be able to bear a child. Additionally she is devoted to Vopsa especially, and Moreesa, and makes constant offerings to Iubita for a family.

    Personal History:Cecilia was born to Tythus and Mereille Armistead to be a lady. She understood, from an early age that she was going to be married to someone she might not necessarily love, and that no matter how much she wished otherwise, that's what was going to happen. So she grew up alongside her siblings and various cousins and aunts and uncles, trying her best to be a proper lady, and to learn how to manage a household, and household expenses. She also learned how to ride, to sail, and the basic understanding of maritime combat, as well as combat on land.

    When she was about 17 years old, she was betrothed, and subsequently married to, Tybalt Garamond, a vassal to the Armisteads, keeper of one of their estates with a quite promising future ahead of him in combat and trade himself. Their marriage was one of necessity, not necessarily emotion, and Tybalt, though skilled in fighting, was more at home on a ship or on the field, than with his wife. They tried, and failed a few times to give him an heir, and for some reason they couldn't understand why she couldn't fall with child. She was deemed by him to be a "cold, dead fish incapable of even the most basic duty a wife could perform" and thus he ignored her much of the time, preferring to keep the company of courtesans and whores to her own. So long as she ran his household with efficiency, he had no reason to speak with her. Though he wasn't particularly happy with her inability to bear children, he did seek out religious aid to help them conceive. A few nights a month, when the priestesses sent him message that it would be the most opportune time to conceive, he entered his wife's chambers, whether she wanted him to or not, and proceeded to once again have her beget an heir.

    Those were the nights of hell for her, as Cecilia didn't enjoy her husband's rough attentions, nor did she enjoy being humiliated thus. She was a Lady of Armistead, by the gods, and she deserved better! She tried to tell her mother once, but her mother told her that it was a wife's duty to lie with her husband and he had rights to her body. Cecilia hated it, and began, in her mind, to travel to far off lands, when her husbands attentions were on her. At last by some miracle, after four years, she managed to get with child. At last her husband's attempts could cease... if it was a boy. She prayed for a boy, but it seemed that fortune would not smile upon them, for it was barely 4 months into her pregnancy when she found her sheets a sodden mess of blood, and her baby lost. She never knew what could have been...

    Her husband was livid and had made his displeasure known with a slap to the face, a punch to the stomach that had once held his offspring, and blaming her for the loss, though she had been careful, entering her confinement early so that nothing could hurt her baby. The next two years were hell for her as her marriage worsened, and her husband's attempts at procreation became more frequent and less gentle. At the same time his pursuits outside of the marriage bed became more and more frequent, and even attempts at begetting a child through a whore or a courtesan were more numerous than before. But it seemed the women didn't want to bear his child, and the mistresses preferred to keep their figures than to swell with babe.

    Two years after her miscarriage, she received the news that her husband had been lost at sea while being the guard of one of her family's vessels. Due to not having an heir, the rights of the estate were handed to his cousin, and Cecilia was sent home to her family. It was a relief to her. It has been two years since her husband passed, and her time of mourning is over. She only hopes that her brother who is now the new head of her family will not be so hasty in remarrying her.

    Family Genealogy:
    Armistead (Birth Year)-
    -Brenden Armistead (94) -- Katrane Kugel(99)
         - -Rickard Armistead(118) -- Genera Abbotsford (113)
         --Anrel Armistead (121) -- Angelique Lamontagne (123)
         -Alecane Armistead (124) -- Cora Lamontagne (129)
         -Jacobian Armistead (128)
         -Brutian Armistead (130) -- Emryn Hightower (129)
                   -Tythus Armistead (166)Mereille Montescue (166)
                        -Atlas Armistead (188)
                        -Cecilia Armistead (190) --Tybalt Garamond (183)
                        -Torrence Armistead (193)
                   -Gerald Armistead (165) – Berniece Redleaf(170)
                        -Gemma Armiestead (189)
                        -Randal Armistead (191)
                        -Gerald Armistead II (192)

    ((GENO credit goes to Penny, I just borrowed from Atlas' bio and added Cecilia's late husband).

    Writing Sample:

    Cece looked up as her sister entered the room and gave her a grim smile. "He's decided to marry you off again." Cecilia's eyes flashed with fear and she shook her head. "He can't! He... he can't! I can't go through that again!" her voice had a trace of panic and fear as she dropped her embroidery and her hands gripped the armrests. She swallowed thickly and shook her head. "Do you know to whom?" Her sister shook her head in response and Cecilia couldn't help but notice the grim look on her face. That couldn't be good. One would think Atlas would have learned from her previous marriage. But then, men weren't exactly known to care about the womenfolk in their families when politics were involved.

    She took in a sharp breath and wrapped her arms around herself, feeling the cold dread creep up her spine despite the warmth from the hearth and looked at her sister. "I need to be alone." She stood and slowly made her way to the door of the library, trying to look brave despite the fear and sadness she felt. Her time of mourning had been one of relief. No courtship, no arrangements, no attempts made on her privacy. All that was gone, now, and she had to face duty once again. Out of habit her footsteps made nary a sound as she moved out of the room.
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