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    Nolana Gyrtner

    Player: Taia
    Contact: PM

    Character Name: Nolana Gyrtner
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March, 20 190
    Current Location: DevonShire, Orchid Palace
    House: House Gyrtner
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    Castle(s) (DoE Name, Actual Name): Orchid Palace, Drummond castle

    The Orchid Conservatory, Orchid Palace.
    Seat: Devonshire

    House Gyrtner has held the title of Tuneric's most honored botanists since the well before the island's cult invasion. No historian is quite sure when the Gyrtners first began their cultivation of Tuneric soil, but a Gyrtner has managed gardens for nearly every generation of noble family in the island’s history. Their skill and passion has been unmatched for centuries, no plant variety escapes them. Not only are they master planters, the Gyrtners are responsible for the only three glass conservatories on the island. Two are still in working order; one located at Orchid Palace, the seat of Gyrtner in Devonshire. And the second, with the single largest plant collection still in Hebron, to honor the royal family. The third was destroyed during the Mink-Asa invasion and was never fully restored to its glory.

    House Gyrtner’s most glorious era was shattered by the Mink-Asa inhabitation. Their skills were all but lost as decay swept over the land. A brave female Gyrtner, Wisteria, managed to bury what collection of hibernating seeds and bulbs the Gyrtners had. If it were not for her, the craft and Gyrtner’s legacy would have been lost. The wintered ground managed to preserve the hidden stash until Tuneric had been liberated. It was Wisteria’s youngest son, Amaranth, who discovered the stash upon his freedom from prison and the land’s release from Mink-Asa’s hold. He woke House Gynther from hibernation and established them once again as Tuneric’s Grand Botanists. Their seat moved to Devonshire during the kingdom’s restoration and it is there that they have made their livelihood ever so beautifully.

    Gyrtner worships both Vospa and Yuscat, to bless both their art and their growing seasons. They hold a small celebration in both spring and fall where their gardens are purely open for visitors, showcasing Tuneric’s artists in the spring, and the changing of the leaves in the fall.

    Played By/Face Claim: Amy Adams

    Appearance: Nolana is not a tall woman, she stands at a mere 5'4" and is small of frame. Her strawberry red hair runs down to the middle of her back, usually in light waves when it is not pulled back into a messy bun. Her blue eyes sparkle against her pale pink skin. She gained a love of fashion during her time in Hebron, which certainly reflects in both her work attire and social dress. Usually she can be found wearing short decorative dresses with plenty of pockets for her gardening utensils.

    Personality: Nolana can certainly be described as bubbly. Rarely is her mood sour or downtrodden (further noted below), and she typically as a smile on her lips. She practically lives in her gardens and that is where she typically is found regardless of the city she is currently visiting. Nolana especially loves orchid flowers, often bringing them as presents for hosts when she travels. Nolana loves courts and parties, often going to as many as possible when she can.

    Nolana can be easily distracted and rambles on and on about that which interests her. Travel times triple for the Gyrtner house thanks to her natural curiosity and cultivation of any new plant she finds along the way. But despite her love of her work, Nolana was brought up as a perfect lady. Her manners never fail and she is no stranger to Tuneric's society.

    Of course, Nolana has a fear of death that is quite a set back. It is not her own death that worries her particularly, but she takes any death of her plants harshly. That is partly the reason why she is in the garden for such great periods of time, tending to her plants. She has been known to cry for days over a single flower. Her mother was blamed for this trait. Of course, Nolana views seasons in a completely different light and is only minimally sad when her plants 'sleep' for the winter. She will always see them again in the spring and summer!

    Personal History: As customary in House Gyrtner, Nolana was named after her father's favorite flowering plant. She was born in the year 190, on the first day of spring, as is also customary for the first borns though not always carried out according to plan. She came into the world with bright strawberry hair and blue eyes.

    Nolana was raised in the Orchid Palace gardens, learning her family's magic before she could even walk. Her grandfather, father, and mother taught her everything she knew about plants and their secrets. She was given her first garden at the age of 5, traveled Tuneric to learn from the best architects beginning when she was 8 years old. Her mind wrapped around their delightful architectural designs which she incorporated into her landscaping, creating living bridges and breathing buildings.

    At the age of 15 she was sent to Hebron to learn from her uncle who tended to the Majestic Garden. She stayed with him for 4 years. Being in Hebron had it's perks as well. Not only was she introduced to an array of exotic plants that had been overflowing from foreign ships, Nolana was able to glimpse the Royal Court ever so often. She loved the glamor of it all and enjoyed the company of the other noble ladies. But Nolana found that she didn't quite fit in, and her love of the gardens continued to control her life.

    At 19, Nolana returned to Devonshire where she stayed, training new landscapers. and overseeing the gardens. She also traveled throughout Tuneric, tend to the House gardens when problems arose. When she was 26, Nolana took over as acting head of the Gyrtner House when her father's old age made it impossible for the completion of said tasks. He still oversees finances, but Nolana has been given acting control over all of the gardens, workers, and day to day activities of House Gyrtner.

    Family Genealogy:

    ----Unknown History
    -Wisteria Gyrtner - Unknown Husband
         -Amaranth Gyrtner -- Jasmine Dornish Gyrtner
         -Privet Gyrtner -- Janelle 'Marigold' Spicer Gyrtner
              -Camellia Gyrtner (92) -- Kalron Parker Gyrtner(95)
                   -Sotol Gyrtner (117) -- Kerria Gyrtner(125)
                        -Sumac Gyrtner
                        -Unnamed Child
                   -Filbert Gyrtner (115) – Unnamed wife
                        - Borage Gyrtner (158)
                        - Hemlock Gyrtner (140) - Seria Baker Gyrtner (168)
                             - Nolana Gyrtner (190)
                             - Aspen Gyrtner **
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