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Thread: Anse Durand

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    Anse Durand

    Thread Title: Anse Durand

    Player: Anse will suffice for those who don't already know my secret identity as Bruce Wayne.
    Contact: I don't know that I can be held, but if contact is required, PM is best. Alternately I'm open to someone standing on their back porch and shouting my name until such time that I respond or perhaps such time that the authorities are called and they are reprimanded.

    Character Name: Anse Durand
    Character Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 31, Oct, 179
    Current Location: Lifford
    House: House Durand
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Originally written by Aloris] House Durand is a proud house, nestled in the city of White Coast. They’ve been around for a very long time and are well established in the port city and are well-known throughout Tuneric. Considering they were instrumental in the re-establishment of the Shellten monarchy, the Durand’s take their position in White Coast as a very real means of protection on the Tuneric water front.

    House Durand’s main source of income is derived from the taxes levied on products moving in and out of the port. Being staunch supporters of the Shellten monarchy, House Durand is usually the first to advise Hebron of new people or products that might pass through their jurisdiction.

    Denizens of House Durand pray to many gods, most notably Moreesa, Ruzbin, Swaren, Iubita and Vifor. They participate heavily in Washing Day and usually travel as a whole to Hebron to participate in Ruzbin’s Tournament. House Durand has, in the past, proudly produced Champions of Ruzbin. It is not uncommon for the head of House Durand to send envoys to represent their house at feasts and celebrations for other gods and goddesses as well.

    Even though House Durand is prominent on land, they are also well-known as seafarers. They have a fleet of ships, most of which are chartered out to merchants and explorers, with House Durand earning commissions off of anything sold or discovered. There are three ships in the fleet specifically reserved as cruise ships for the Durand’s and their guests. These ships have spared no expense and offer the finest quality of room and board that can be found on a ship.

    Played By/Face Claim: Eric Dane

    Appearance: Stout could be best used to describe Anse. He stands just under 6 foot tall and weighs just over 165 pounds. His jaw was firm and his eyes deep set and brown, Anse was considered somewhat sullen in appearance.

    Personality: Anse is a thoughtful, introspective man. He often thinks before taking any form of rash action that could land he or his house in any form of conflict or trouble. He seeks not justice through violence but through the proper channels. Primary in his belief system is that violence is a necessary tool, but thoughtless and unprovoked violence leads to nothing but trouble, war, and death.

    His spirit is that of a giving man, generous to a fault, his concern for the welfare and well being of those around him. He will share his last morsels of food with a hungry man, he will give his last drink of water to a parched woman, the common good of all is his way.

    Both these traits color perhaps the most noticable of all personality traits for Anse, his never ending desire to bring honor to his family. Anse epitomizes the word honor. Doing what is right for him is not a matter of choice, he spends no effort in making a decision because the only option that presents itself to him is that of doing what is right. The thought to do evil is not present within him as he currently exists. It is this simple trait that has forever lit the path upon which he walks.

    He is certainly not always a serious man, no, quite the contrary. Anse is oft times prone to contests of chicanery, not in the dishonorable sort of way but in the playful, jesting sort of way particularly as it related to sport amongst his brethren.

    Every word that parts his lips comes from a place of politeness and respect, unless driven to the point of anger in which case his tongue can be as sharp as his blade.

    Personal History:

    Anse Durand was born on a chilling autumn day in the city of White Coast. He was the youngest child to Aaron and Tatania Durand and as such spent much of his youth attempting to prove his worth to his father whilst fighting off the maternal instincts of Tatania to baby and protect him from the wiles of the kingdom and the world as a whole.

    The young dirty blonde child proved as he grew to be a natural physical work. He excelled in sport, besting others in his age group at tests of brawn and coordination such as gameball, hammer throwing, and archery to name but a few. His fathers pride swelled with each passing season as Anse outlasted and outsmarted any who gathered in the name of competition. These first glints of pride in the eye of Anse's father Aaron proved to be fuel for the young Durand. He sought the approval of his father in everything he did, seeing his sporting successes as a positive thing for their namesake. Anse was nowhere near in line to take over the house some day, but still his wins brought positive light, and honor to their great family name.


    Something Anse could take pride in with every passing day.


    Something Anse could strive for without changing who he was at his core.


    A word that would come to define Anse as he grew into a man.

    At eight years of age he left to train as a page. Being the son of Aaron he was entitled to train to become a knight. It was here that he received most of his education and learned most of his skills. During this time he learned not only the ways to fight with both a spear and a sword, but he also learned more civilized topics including the ability to speak foriegn languages. Likewise he was learned in dance and song and how to behave in the presence of nobility. As he graduated from page to squire he came to work with a knight, mastering the skills of a horseman and service to a knight.

    The knight to which he served was a man of great prestige, Ralfe Lor. From this man Anse learned more than books and the lady of the castle could ever teach someone. He learned grace, humility, and fealty. He learned that while many knights thought themselves more important than the King himself, a true knight knew he was the least important person in the room at a given moment. It was everyone else that the knight worked for, that they fought for, and without these other people, the knight had no purpose in life. If there were no serving girls, there was no need for the knight to defend. If there was no messenger, there was no word to protect. The knights role was to facilitate the well being of the castle, the city, the kingdom, and without these things the knight was nothing. Despite the generations of peace a knight still had a duty to uphold. Other knights might be lax, but a good and honorable knight would not allow complacency to seep into his regimen. It was with that in mind that Anse lived his life, in service to others.

    Upon his ascension to knighthood he returned home and began his service. He felt proud to serve, not pride in himself, but pride in his profession and family. It was during this time that he met and fell in love with a young woman named Magdelan 'Maggie' Cohan. Their romance was bright, brief, and intense as they married quickly and settled into a humble home. Within months she was pregnant and Anse was excited to be a father in his own right.

    His joy was quickly turned to sadness. Only a few months into her pregnancy Maggie experienced serious complications which led to severe hemmoraging and ultimately her death.

    Anse was overcome with grief and sadness. Why had the gods punished him so? Had he not been a faithful servant? Was he not devout enough in his faith? These were questions without answers and in his soul Anse knew this, but he had no control over these angered emotions. He wanted vengeance, but on whom? There was no one at fault, not the midwives, not the gods, no one.

    This was a burden that was his alone to carry.

    He buried his hurt down inside and lived life as normally as he could for a man in his position, silently seeking salvation.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Theodor Durand (94) -- Kaylee Thurmond(99)
         -Penelope Durand (118) -- Daniel Walden (113)
         -Henry Durand (121) -- Jocelyn Kade (123)
         -Talbot Durand (124) -- Laurie Gartens (129)
         -Camden Durand (128) -- Odette Ryan (130)
              -Guy Durand (151) -- Margaret Vaughan(155)
                   -Adabella Durand (175) – Aramis Shellten (?)
                        -Vivienne Shellten (194)
                        -Cailen Darius Shellten (196)
                        -Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Eric Durand (177) – Lucette Taylor(178)
                        -Austin Durand
                        -Camden Durand
                        -Celina Durand
                   -Hector Durand (179) – Georgina Bennett (180)
                        -Guy Durand (191)
                        -Aviana Rochelle Durand(198)
                        -Daughter Durand (?)
                   -Darien Durand (?) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Aaron Durand (155) -- Tatania Ayers (159)
                   -Lawrence Durand (176) -- Samantha Holland, Wife (179)**
                        -Female Cousin Durand (?)
                        -Female Cousin Durand (?)
                        -Jaime Durand (194)
                   + -- Unwed mystery woman
                        -Duncan Durand (196)
                   -Ashley Durand -- Jasper Lovelle
                        -Lorna Lovelle (197) -- Errol Remington (196)
                        -Arryck Lovelle (204)
                   -Anse Durand (179)

    Writing Sample: The misery known only inside burned like the hottest day in the sun, like the most raging bonfire in the night, and like the hottest irons in the forge. The inferno, ever present and never ending was his pain to bear. He could not sate it, he could not lessen it. It was, just was he was, eternal.

    "The day finds you well I trust?" The tone was simple and strong, just as all things within Anse. He bore no ill will towards his traveling companion, only a desire to save himself from the burning fears that raged inside him through simple conversation. Saving his mind from itself in the process so he did not wear himself into a sickened frenzy by fear of disappointing the family.

    Anse feared no man. He feared no god. Anse feared not pain. He feared but one thing, the loss of his honor.

    Around him day by day honor was discarded like the rinds from fruit by noble men and women in the pursuit of a larger purse, in the name of false gods, or in the heat of stolen passions. It disgusted Anse, yet it drove him to do more with himself and more for House Durand. It was that drive that brought him where he was at this moment as he traveled to Lifford to be at the bedside of a dying lord who owed their allegiance to his late sisters husband, to see to the affairs of his house, to assist a woman he'd barely known and even then only as a younger child. If his memory served she had been a younger shy child who barely spoke and who was ushered from the room at every opportunity by her father or one of his court. Children, or so it was said, were to be seen but not heard. It apepared with Liffy, Elizabeth he reminded himself, was to be neither seen nor heard.

    Anse took no special pride in his task, he did this for his sisters husband, and for the Durand name, not for himself. Lifford would be lost without proper direction and this young woman would be a complete failure without the guiding hand of someone like him, and more importantly they would be easily overtaken by another greedy house if it were known she was left to the wolves to fend for herself. Some unscrupulous type would marry her if but for the seat at the head of the table and the coffers within. Anse could not allow that to happen, he would not allow that to happen.
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