Game Rules:

1. Respect. It's important. Please respect your staff members as well as co-players. If you can't do that, then perhaps you should find yourself another place to game.

2. God-modding. There are 2 instances of god modding: #1) controlling another player's character without their explicit approval and #2) your character knowing it all, seeing it all, being all powerful. Neither is welcomed here. Please ensure your character has as many weaknesses, if not more, than strengths.

3. Rating. This game is rated L3, S3, V3 by L = Language, S = Sexual Content, V = Violence. This game is not a porn site, but explicit content is allowed if the thread title is marked accordingly. Language, sexual content and violence all happen and are a part of life in this game. If you plan on writing this type of thread, please ensure it's marked Mature. Also, we ask that any party that is expected to participate in the thread is comfortable with it.

4. Absence. If you plan on being gone, we need to be notified. Anything beyond a week is a necessity. Anything shorter than that is a courtesy. We don't need a novel about your departure, but it's helpful in planning plots and whatever else is necessary for the movement of the game around your character.

5. OOC drama. OOC (out of character) drama is not tolerated. Please don't engage in any. If IC information is made public, your character may not know about it IC (in character). Please don't get confused with OOC and IC.

6. Post and have fun. If you're here to explore the unknown, that's awesome! Don't forget to post. If you're here to have your character stay on the mainland and party, that's awesome too! Just don't forget to post. We love it when our members post, though we are also here to have fun. If the game has stopped being fun, we'd really appreciate it if you could contact us so we can see what we can do about changing that.

Character Rules:

Note: These are rules. For Character Creation Guidelines, please see the Character Workshop Forum.

1. No God-modding. It's so important that it made it on the rules twice.

2. PB's or Play Bys are a complete necessity. You must choose a real life person to represent your character. The PB may be an actor, a singer, a model, a sports star, anybody that pictures are readily found for. If your desired PB is already taken, sorry about that. If your desired PB has been used by a character that is dead...sorry about that too. If your desired PB is on the NPC reserve list...well, we might be willing to review that--PM us. Unfortunately, we do not allow duplicate PBs so once a PB is used, it's gone.

3. Relationships. Relationships in this game are what you make them. If your character hates so-and-so, then that's fine. If not, that's fine too. But don't let IC events influence your OOC behavior. If you hate so-and-so, that's fine. But we strictly prohibit your OOC behavior influencing your IC events.
a. The marriage of characters is favorable in this game. After all, how can any progress be made in life without it? However, if a player does not consent, then another match may be in order. If a character is not willing, and the player is--well, have at it! We just don't want to force any player into a writing situation that they will not enjoy, or even be willing to accept. Again, we're here to have fun.
b. Family relationships. It is possible for a child to be back-handed for mouthing off to his/her father. Of course, this depends on the father and the family dynamic. But it is not out of the realm of possibilities. Don't be surprised if your subordinate character isn't so subordinate.
c. Sex. If your character should choose to engage in sex, then please ensure to other player is willing and that the thread is marked accordingly. For anything we deem extreme, we may move your thread to a members-only forum.
d. Killing characters. If you want to kill your character, we ask that you please run it by us first. It's hard to add to a family tree and if somebody is willing to adopt a character, we'd rather have that scenario instead of a dead character.

4. Royal family. There is one crime punishable by death in Tuneric and that is being a traitor. Any attempt on the life of any member of the royal family will result in your character's immediate death and will not be tolerated. The monarchy is here to stay. If you wish to have your character die because you've become bored with him/her, please refer to rule 3d. The focus of this game is not to take over and rule the land. Rather, we wish to focus on exploration, relationships, enjoying the festivities and having fun.

5. Adoptables. Sometimes there are characters that have already been created and are no longer being played. These characters then become adoptable. To adopt a character, we ask that you use a PB that is close in appearance and keep the personality similar. If you wish to have a drastic personality change, then it needs to be justified (i.e. my character's older brother died and now this character behaves this way instead). History probably won't change and you're more than welcomed to simply credit the previous author for anything that wasn't changed in the new application. The writing sample must be yours entirely. If anybody chooses to leave the game, the character's fate will be in the hands of the staff. NOTE: There is a 2 PB limit per character. If you are the second person adopting a character, you must choose between one of the first 2 PBs assigned to him/her.

6. Multiple characters. At game start, we allow a max of 3 characters per person, only one may be a head of household (HOH). Once fifty (50) posts are made between the three, you may pick up/create additional characters.

Posting Rules:

1. English language. We believe in grammar and correct usage of punctuation, words and anything else that is required by the rules of the English language. We understand that everybody is human and mistakes are made, but we do not condone the usage of “texting” verbiage. “L8R” and “LOLZ” is not acceptable. Please ensure posts are written in coherent sentences.

2. Posting frequency. We ask that you post at least six times a month for every character, which averages out to 1.5 posts/week. If you are in an active thread, then we ask that you don't keep your co-players waiting longer than 5 days for a reply.

3. Thread titles. All threads will be designated with appropriate titles. Give your thread a name, a date, a time and who's supposed to appear, or a status if nobody is specified. For example: If You Say So, 2/15, afternoon, Stacey/Larry. OR Just As You Will Change, 2/16, Morning, Harriet/OPEN. Status can be interpreted as such:
OPEN: anybody is welcomed to join
CLOSED: Only those listed may join without approval from author by PM
SOLO: Only one character is posting a monologue. Nobody else may join.

4. Replies. We don't have a reply word-count here, but you must ensure when a post is replied to, can these three questions be answered with a yes?
a. Did you answer the previous post?
b. Did you leave something for your co-writer to respond to?
c. Did your post fulfill its purpose?
If you answered YES to all three questions, then you're good to go. If not, then please rethink your post and add what is necessary to fulfill the above requirements.