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Thread: Elizabeth Chelan

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    Elizabeth Chelan

    Thread Title: Elizabeth Chelan

    Player: Katie
    Contact: PM or Gmail:

    Character Name: Elizabeth Chelan
    Character Age: 39
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 26th
    Current Location: Royalport
    House: House Chelan
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House Chelan was among the earliest houses to settle Tuneric and of the oldest houses to bow before the king and pledge their unyielding servitude to the crown. Settling in Royalport and laying the bricks of their castle on its highest grounds, they set to work to build a town and an economy that they could be proud of, in the hopes that people from all areas of the land would flock to Royalport for goods.

    Beginning as a simple fishing community, they were able to stay afloat monetarily, but not for long. Other cities along the rivers were doing just as they were and if they were looking to get their name on a map fishing wasn’t going to help them get there. After months, that slowly turned to years of trial and error they came upon textiles. And that was when Royalport would be changed forever.

    Their business boomed, shops for tailoring and shops for the sales of raw materials popped up overnight making Royalport the center of fashion. Affluent women rushed to shops to pick out the newest and best in fabrics, and tailoring shops allowed ladies to create their own designs and a few catered to women who wanted to stay and assist in all stages of dress making, giving the average pauper an opportunity to rise up in the financial world. Models were hired to stand outside of shops and show off the newest designs and latest in patterns for fabrics.

    While the men of Royalport still fish, bend metals, and carve woods, the textile business is what really keeps everyone moving in and out of the city, and keeps the city on the map.

    Castle(s) (DoE Name, Actual Name): Rivers Bend, Moritzburg Castle.

    Played By/Face Claim: Danneel Ackles

    Appearance: Elizabeth or Lizzie to her family and her husband was not blessed with the height genetics from her family. Being the only child and a daughter no less, she was short like her mother around 5 ft 4 and often wears high heeled shoes to make up for it. She has long, curly, bright, red hair that no one can miss. She loves her red hair and tries to leave it down whenever she can. Whenever she’s in the castle alone with no obligations, it’s down. She has bright brown eyes that sparkle whenever she smiles and laughs which is a lot. Lizzie is very interested in the latest fashions that are in style in Hebron or the surrounding areas. She tends to dress up really fancy at events or balls yet in the privacy of her own castle, she dresses in gowns, but nothing fancy.

    Personality: Lizzie is a very kind, friendly, patient, loyal, out-going, dedicated person. Whatever Lizzie wants to do, she will do. She was raised to be the perfect daughter and eventually become the perfect wife and mother to her future husband. Hidden from her father’s wrath, she was also very sheltered from the world, becoming very book smart, but not very street smart. If any kind of defenseless situation, she would not know what to do except to freeze and protect her children if they were around. .She is the proper, perfect lady, wife and mother in public and in private; she is more relaxed and laid-back. She is not afraid to get her dresses dirty chasing the younger boys around and just having a good time with her children. She is loyal and loving to her husband Grayson or Gray as she affectionately calls him. When he’s away on business, she misses him more than anything and anxiously awaits his return. She also is a bit of a romantic to him as well. In any kind of spare time she has, she likes to read, shop, sew her own dresses, archery, horseback riding and help her children with whatever they want to learn.

    Personal History: Lizzie was born on June 26th 177 to her loving mother and disappointed father. She has always been the only child of her family and the child that her father never wanted. Lucas desired a son to take over for Lord of the House when he died. When Nadine, her loving, caring, dedicated mother failed to give him a heir, she took Lizzie under her wing and away from the drunkenness and wrath of her depressed, proud, stubborn father who looked at her as a disgrace. Lizzie blamed herself when she was younger and always wondered why the Gods never had her mother give birth to a son. Nadine wanted more children and to please her husband, but she has more miscarriages than what Lizzie could remember and eventually when the healers confirmed that Nadine no longer bleeded or could not have children anymore, Lucas simply turned his back on his wife and daughter ignoring them to drink and spend money on whores, gambling and often going to brothels. Lizzie never really knew her father and that in return gave her trust issues with men.

    However she continued her studies and when she got to the proper age, Lucas declared that he had fallen ill with pneumonia and there was nothing that the Healers could do for the proper treatment. He had liver damage from all of the years of drinking that could never be repaired with medicine. When she turned the age of 18, she was informed that a husband would be chosen for her whether she liked it or not. She was angry at first by the decision, but then after she talked to her mother, she realized that this was her opportunity to get out of her father’s grasp. Before she had the chance to stand up for herself to her father, he had died in his sleep from the sickness. Her mother was heartbroken at first and Lizzie felt angry that he had never apologized for any of his mistakes. For hurting her or her mother. As soon as she met her new soon to be husband, Grayson Shellten, she knew that he was nothing like her father or the other arrogant, perverted nobles that she had met prior to his arrival and prior to her father’s decision. She knew that he would be a decent man like him would be the perfect fit for the Lord Chelan and soon after they married in January, the King made Grayson, her new husband, the new Lord Chelan and soon after their wedding, Lizzie became pregnant.

    During her pregnancy, she realized just how much she and Grayson were opposites of one another. He was a kind man, but quiet and a bookworm. She wanted to love him as her husband and soul mate one day so she encouraged him to take romantic walks around the gardens or enjoy tea by the fireplace. The more time they spent together, the more they fell in love with one another and truly began to look at one another as husband and wife. When their first child, a son was born, Grayson was at her side and they named their son after him. Over the years she would give birth to two more sons, Benjamin or Ben for short and their youngest being Carlisle.

    Lizzie loves all of her boys the same, yet she longs for a daughter at one point. However with Grayson’s duties calling him away, it’s hard to find the time to do anything about it. She misses her husband like crazy and often writes with him just to try and hear his voice in her head.

    Family Genealogy:

    Chelan (Birth Year)
    -Leonard N. Chelan -- Saydien Cadogan
         - Jane Chelan -- Charles Hardwick
              -Nina May Hardwick
         - Leonard N. Chelan II -- Dinah Butcher
              -Winston L. Chelan -- Christina Maye
                   - Lucas Chelan (151) -- Nadine Elrod
                        - Elizabeth Chelan (177) -- Grayson Andreous Shellten
                             - Grayson Andreous Chelan (20)
                             - Benjamin Chelan (8)
                             - Carlisle Chelan (4)
                        - Thomas Chelan (178)
                        - Lorenna Chelan(179)
                        - Shae Chelan (180) -- Richard Hunter
                   - May Chelan(152) [MIA]
                   - Amelia Chelan(157)
              -Leyona Chelan (135) -- Norman Cagney
                   - Tanner Cagney (155)
                   - Anna Cagney (156)
         - Norma Chelan (114)

    Writing Sample: Got permission to use Grayson from Kiera.

    “Mama when is Daddy coming home?” A young boy asked his mother curiously as they settled down in the gardens on a beautiful spring day.

    “Soon Carlisle dear, I promise. Daddy’s just very busy with his work. Mama’s told you this before dear.” Lizzie told her son gently as she leaned over and kissed the top of his forehead. Days like this when Ben and Carlisle would often ask her where their father was, it was always hard for her to even think about. She loved her husband more than she loved herself on most days and the weeks where he could be gone, took it’s toll on both her and their boys. Grayson, their oldest was often busy with his studies that he had to learn more about taking over the House when he got older. He understood where his father was, but the younger boys understood as well, yet they missed him more.

    “I know Mama, but he’s been gone for almost a month!” Ben argued back with a sigh before hearing his brother yell a familiar name. Every head turned around and Lizzie smiled brightly as they watched her husband ran over to them and hugged his two youngest boys tightly.

    She slowly stood up and gave her husband a smile, letting out a gleeful laugh before running over to him and hugging him tightly. Feeling his arms wrap her body tighter, she couldn’t help, but smile. She held him in her arms feeling safer and warmer than ever. He pulled away to look at her with a grin ignoring the sounds of their boys going ‘Ewww’

    “Hello Lizzie darling.” He greeted her and she laughed and kissed him gently on the lips.

    “Hello my Gray, welcome back home.” She replied back as they kissed one more sealing their love and desire for one another, now and forever.

    Secrets: Sent to the Admins
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