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Thread: Tulliara Delarose

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    Tulliara Delarose

    Player: Pern
    Contact: By hitting some coconuts together.

    Character Name: Tulliara Colette Delarose
    Character Age: 6
    Gender: Little lady
    Birthday: 212
    Current Location: Eddleton
    House: Delarose
    Crest Appearance:

    Played By/Face Claim: Maisie Williams

    Appearance: A short sprout. Tulla is 42 lbs of intellectual mischief. Much like any young girl she's quite tiny with little more to her than skin, meddle and bones. Her face is round and her hair the darkest shade of brown it can be without being black. It falls in long, windswept waves around her face and is usually loose and cowlicked by the eastern sea breeze. Her eyes are large and round, much like her mother's, and the color of the sky over the ocean on a clear, sunny day. She has a droll little smirk beneath a knob of a nose and thick brows made for expressing every little thought that crosses her mind.

    Personality: Extroverted, curious, and quite smart, Tulla's personality is often more than most can handle. She's a brave little thing that will often say exactly what's on her mind, even if it's not proper. Having grown with her twin brother, Tulla was by far the more competitive of the two, with a shorter temper than Arturo that often got her into trouble. The older she grows the more independent she becomes. Tulla's curiosity for the new and unexplored is only boosted by her bravado and apparent lack of fear. Her imagination knows few limits and can make her quite gullible to tall tales.

    Love for the sea is entrenched deep in her blood. Tulla's favorite way to travel is by boat and she makes quite an effort to help out. Much unlike her mother, Tulla also has an encompassing love for animals, though she is not allowed pets. She's quite adept at riding and can often be found in the stables playing with her pony, Seastar.

    Personal History: Having such a short lifespan thus far, there is little to say on events of Tulla's life. Born the older of her twin brother Arturo to the late Lord Artemis and Lady Aracella Delarose, the pair grew up without a father and a castle constantly full of visitors from all over the realm. The children were introduced to Lords, Ladies, Nobility and Royalty, Merchants and Knights, travelors and vagabonds and just about everything inbetween. This made them both quite sociable and accepting of people from all walks of life. Alongside her brother Tulla received and continues to take lessons in all manner of things from arithmetic and history to reading and writing as well as the common Ladyship things one would expect a young girl of her standing to learn. Her side ventures have allowed her to learn about ships and the sea and how to navigate by the stars. She's spent a good deal of time at the seaside merchant squares with her mother learning about trade and the value of money.

    Tulla and Arturo were cared for at home by the Lady Phelandra, their father's younger and barren sister. Phelandra administers the majority of Tulla's schooling and watches over her most the day while her mother tends to the needs of The Beacon. Often standing in as sort of a father figure, Tulla's Uncle Rolan was a great source of warmth and entertainment for her. Tulla enjoyed spending evenings with the old Knight listening to his stories.

    To date the most significant events in Tulla's memory were all fairly recent.

    The arrival of Corran Toorgood had been something of a curiosity to the girl, especially when he seemed to show a significant amount of interest in her mother. It wasn't until Corran began giving Arturo lessons that Tulla really made any attempt at getting to know him, having expected Torran to simply be another visitor that would leave at any time. She grew to like the man very much, and the two became fast friends, so it would be that she was disheartened when the man left for war.

    The death of her brother was by far severely traumatic for her. Arturo had come to help her when she'd been snatched by the strong under currents at the beach one day. Having been the better swimmer of the two, Tulla had told her brother not to come out, and that she would ride the current down the beach to the point, but he hadn't listened. Instead Arturo drowned. At first Tulla had blamed herself for his death and was deeply saddened by it. Over time she began to weave up stories of what happened rather than actually accept the truth, and when she came to verbal disagreement with her mother she finally snapped and placed all the blame on him. Tulla doesn't speak of her brother anymore, and when forced to she covers up her sadness with spite.

    When her Uncle Rolan succumbed to the plague Tulla watched her mother's personality slowly wilt away. Unable to understand why, Tulla turned to the two people that remained solidly in her life: Phelandra and Corran.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Eugene Delarose -- Cherie Belmen
    -Marie Delarose -- Husband
    -Julien Delarose -- Amelie Hayton
    -Erich Delarose -- Ruthanne Morris
    -Gerard Delarose -- Ellie Tulwin
    -Artemis Delarose(190) -- Aracella Costa (196)
    -*Arturo Benedict Delarose (212)
    -*Tulliara Colette Delarose (212)
    -Phelandra Delarose (198) -- unmarried/barren
    -Rolan Delarose -- unmarried
    -Lurenna Delarose -- Husband

    Writing Sample: Noh. |:<
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    Approved without a writing sample, by moi. 1/2. Also, I'll edit in the correct genealogy when I get home.

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